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Apocalypse Tamer is now available on Kindle and Audible!

“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Table of Contents
36 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Man vs Wild ago
Chapter 2: Man vs Goblin ago
Chapter 3: Man vs Menu ago
Apocalypse Tamer will go to KU and Audible - Removal of Volume I in Mid-November ago
Apocalypse Tamer Volume I is now up on Amazon and Audible! ago
Chapter 39: Man vs Funeral ago
Chapter 40: Man vs Castle ago
Chapter 41: Man vs Man ago
Chapter 42: Interlude: The Cats of Tunis ago
Chapter 43: Man vs Guild ago
Chapter 44: Man vs Planning ago
Chapter 45: Man vs Mystery ago
Chapter 46: Man vs Hand ago
Chapter 47: Man vs Halloween ago
Chapter 48: Man vs Prizes ago
Chapter 49: Man vs Investigation ago
Chapter 50: Man vs Wine ago
Chapter 51: Man vs Bridge ago
Chapter 52: Man vs Cheat ago
Chapter 53: Man vs Fraud ago
Chapter 54: Man vs General ago
Chapter 55: Man vs Date ago
Chapter 56: Man vs Baguette ago
Chapter 57: Man vs Highroad ago
Chapter 58: Man vs Chase ago
Chapter 59: Man vs Mirror ago
Chapter 60: Man vs Camping ago
Chapter 61: Man vs Snow ago
Chapter 62: Man vs Bar ago
Chapter 63: Man vs Dance ago
Chapter 64: Man vs Soul ago
Chapter 65: Interlude: Horsemen of the Apocalypse ago
Chapter 66: Man vs Tiger ago
Chapter 67: Man vs Paris ago
Chapter 68: Man vs Coffee ago
Chapter 69: Man vs Catacombs ago

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Aster Loka

Apocalypse + Tamer... Love It!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Man vs Wild

I've always loved stories where the main character gathers an army of creatures and monsters around him, and now we've got one from one of the most prolific writers on RR, so we can be confident that it'll be finished and have a proper conclusion!

So far there's only the one chapter out, but it's got plenty of character and fun, setting up the situation very cleanly and setting a light tone for what could easily be a very grim premise.

Basil is a funny character, and his companions are equally amusing. I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Better than what the title suggested

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Man vs Bomb

This isn't your ordinary System Apocalypse story.

MC is a society dropout, and tries not to rely on people - yet somehow is convinced that the police and military are going to quickly solve the end of the world.

He is slow to take on the benefits of levelling up, but reluctantly does so so his ever increasing number of tamed pets can increase their survivability.

While not super-relateable, the MC is the 'straight man' to his pets, and it's those interactions that make the story fun.


review of apocalypse tamer

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Man vs Garden

I love your book. Basil is so fun to read about and Plato as his best friend is great. I feel like the lant needs more character work but otherw ise this my favorite book right now. I hope you write mree books like this. Could you take a look at my book by the way? I was inspired by your books.


I love everything about this. The MC is solid, the system is sassy, the cat is chaos, the flower is adorable and the clam mimic with huge cannons is brilliance crystallized.


I'm very much looking forward to what happens in this beautiful amalgamation of tropes turned on their heads.


Can't wait for Basil to meet up with other survivors in his bathrobe, coffees while the survivors are reenacting some apocalypse movie.

It will be glorious!


I'm not one for fancy reviews, this is sit on a couch in the early morning with cereal as a kid on a Saturday waiting for Cartoons level of addictive. Maybe more so then the cereal is.. it's a toss up. Either way. Give it a chance, I don't regret it.


Well written but not that interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 36: Man vs Fire

It's a very decent system apocalypse and introduces the concept of a multiverse very very early. The main character has no clear motivation and for me that makes it hard to care about what he does. MC is a passive character and that just doesnt interest me. 

But otherwise is a very well written novel. Grammar is good and the world building is interesting enough with enough fresh concepts to make it feel like a worthy addition to the genre. 

Glass Man

Absolutely, beautiful storytelling. It's a slow, steady burn that keeps getting better with each arc and chapter. I also just realized the connection between this novel and my personal favorite of Void Herald's, Magik Online. (Unless I'm reading too deeply) Overall, read this story, please. The only people who have an issue with the pacing either aren't in it for the nice long haul, or have had their brains rotted out by quick to the point litRPG series.


You know, I've been quietly reading this author's books without leaving a review for a while. Each of his stories is unique. Each is, in its own right, appealing. We even get some continuity between the books, with old characters getting brought up. However, there is one good reason why I always read his stuff sparingly in spite of its writing quality: it's like going through a slow descent into madness. The story, and characters, somehow always grow more... eldritch, might be the word? Especially in his more whimsical books. It's like "The Colour Out of Space", as things just keep ramping up. Even in his more serious stories, the main character slowly has their humanity chipped away, bit by bit, and we actually get to witness just what a steady progresison towards Godhood actually does to you. I love it. I hate it. I always need a lie down after reading one of his volumes in one sitting. By the end, everyone is so unhinged you just gotta ask yourself: am I the weird one? Consider yourselves warned. Enjoy the story.

Father Grim

The Neighbourhood Watch Apokalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 67: Man vs Paris

At this point I have to admit that me and VoidHerald don't jive well together. I loved Vainqueur and Never Die Twice but all his later works just don't click with me. 

It's a shame, because this story gets so many things so right, but there's something missing. Let's see what that is.


The Good

Worldbuilding is excellent. It's plain old Earth getting a system, but we delve into the french countryside, we learn a lot about Basil and Rene and their backstory. There's even an explanation for why the system apocalypse is happening. Cool stuff really.

Characters. Some people dislike Basil and it's true, he's breezing through this apocalypse, he isn't really challenged - but we'll get to that later. The base ingredients are incredible. A vivid backstory, unique voice and feel to the character, believable interactions. This isn't a self-insert and you can feel it.

The System. A lot of thought went into this. There are so many different classes, evolutions, perks and interactions that it feels much more life-like than any game. There's so many choices and they do matter, though many of them are incredibly broken. Easy access to teleportation for example. The system giveth and it taketh away, but so far the latter part has been absent. 


The Bad

Willing Suspension of Disbelief is hard. Storytelling is a kind of magic. You sink into the moment and forget that you're reading and that everything happens in your imagination. It becomes real. Only here it doesn't. The characters are two-dimensional. Well crafted, no doubt, but you can see the tropes at work. The arcs feel like formulaic, even some characters are - Shellgirl is a walking joke, nothing more. 
It doesn't help that this story tries to be realistic with an inherently unrealistic premisse. Systems Apocalypses aren't made to be deconstruced it seems, at least this realistic take doesn't work out.

No challenges. That's something that worked well in Void's earlier works but what drove me away from Kairos and does the same for me here. Basil isn't challenged. He wins all the time. Fight's are a foregone conclusion. There'll be confrontations that will be hyped up as super dangerous and threatening but at this point it's a bluff and it's easy to call it.
This isn't just about fights - Basil is never wrong, he is surrounded by an army of well disguised yes-men that will still agree with everything he says and does. He isn't wrong and if something bad happens it's mostly outside of his control. He isn't human, he's just a well crafted characters trying to be appear like one - and failing.


The Ugly 

I should stop structuring my reviews like that. I always feel bad following up the Bad with the Ugly, but this isn't about the deadly sins of this story. It less about what went wrong and more about what didn't go right.

Apocalypse Tamer is a copy of a hundred other stories. A book inspired by other books. The inspiration here was to take a few tropes and play with them. If that was the goal of this whole story, than well done. It's clever and creative and uses this genre a whole lot better than most webnovel authors ever could. 

But it has no fire and neither any passion. The main flaw of System Apocalypse stories was always that at their heart they were murderhobo fairytales were getting stronger was its own reward. This story doesn't subert it as much as it simply avoids this issue. 

Basil wants a peaceful life and when the apocalypse destroyed his idyllic life he set out to take revenge for it. It reads like it's an annoyance on a larger scale. Is it a terrible war fought for the survival of humanity or the crusade of the homeowners association against these dastardly rascals kicking up a racket early on sunday morning? 

I think it's the latter. That's why Apocalypse Tamer is well written, but ultimately boring. Because it has no stakes. It's a harmless story dressed up as an exciting one, but this too is a bluff. If you're buying it, this story is still very enjoyable. If you're calling it, this isn't for you. 


I just love this story! It is a fun, fast-paced adventure with engaging, well-fleshed-out fantasy characters and locales. One sees towns of our present day through the filter of this post-apocalyptic world and characters who perhaps externally differ from what we are familiar with but who still have emotions and traits we can find within ourselves.  Every chapter is greatly anticipated and then too quickly finished.