“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)

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Litrpg-apocalypse from RR's most prolific writer!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Man vs Wild

Voidherald aka Maxime J. Durand does it again! Why is void so good? What's the secret to his focus? What immense dedication must it take to actually complete books on RR! Only void can be so persistent, blessing us with lovely, finished, long, high-quality novels again and again!

As I helped with making parts of this book's cover a while ago, I have been granted the advanced chapters of this tasty novel, so feel free to ignore the chapter number this advanced review was left at. 

Now onto the review meats:

Apocalypse Tamer is about a chill countryside dude named Basil who lives with his cat in France. The comedy parts of this book is that Basil choses the "tamer" profession, which allows him to chat with various apocalyptic monsters and adopt them akin to pokemon. Basil's first "pokemon" is his cat and thus a cat-human relationship is born, allowing for plentiful feline jabs at the human's expense.

Like in Maxime J. Durand's other books, the reader can enjoy an immensely complex, unique and fun litrpg system in which our intrepid heroes evolve their skills from level zero to one hundred.

The descriptions of the monsters, dungeoneering and the French countryside life are simply sublime and no spelling mistakes are seen anywhere.

Keep it up Maxime! You rock!


I am a massive fan of Void's work. This one feels a little flat in comparison with many of his other ones. Perhaps it's just a slow burn and will get better, but over 20 chapters in and I'm very meh every chapter release. The characters are fine. Basil is annoying and a little to good at everything. Plato is fine but generic. I do enjoy Vasi and Shellgirl so far so perhaps the story will pickup now.

The plot overall doesn't seem like it matters. The stakes are supposedly really high but the laxadasical attitude of Basil and co don't make it feel that way. Every enemy they face is either so much weaker it doesn't matter or is so overwhelming they just avoid them. And if they can't avoid them, they win by something that trivializes the fight taking the tension out of it. I am not saying it doesn't feel earned, it just makes me not care about the next fight because Basil will just win. Once again, it's still early and that may change, but in comparison to other works by Void I don't feel the weight of the stroy. 

System is fine. I don't really care about it I guess? It's to unpreditable to say if it makes sense or if Basil is making a good or bad choice. Like it seems their isn't a limit on classes, and all classes seem too be front loaded so taking one level in everything seems as viable as focusing down one path. Also for a story with Tamer in the title, Basil has very few Tamer levels. It's so few, with such a massive payoff, I don't get why anyone wouldn't take Tamer as an option given its potential for such little commitment.    


Cosing thoughts: I don't think it's bad. I think I might be a little to early to judge, but as of this point everything is very underwhelming. I have hope that this will change as I legitmately believe Void is on of the best authors on the site, but if he wasn't the one writing it I probably would of dropped this until it was done. 


Probably overly harsh. Not a good genre combo.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Man vs Merchant

One of the main pulls of the LitRpg apocalypse/apotheosis is the quick action and stakes. 
While an innovative blend of genres Maxine J. Durand has done the equivalent of using nunchucks to paddle a kayak. A calm slice of life pacing with tame conflict fights directly against the other half of the genre. A man attempting Kung fu to float on a calm lake. It isn't working.

I find that the absurdist humour doesn't land, as the apocalyptic setting allows for the more absurd turning the humour into mundane contrivance. The setting this time stretches too wide a net to allow for Maxime J. Durand's brand of humour to land and there been little to nothing else occurring so far in this story. 

I wanted to enjoy this story, due to how much I enjoyed Durand's other works but this time it's just not happening.


A Man and A Dwarf Panther Against the Apocalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 4: Man vs Otter

Basil (and his cat/dwarf panther) finds out that the world has changed while he was asleep and that now there is a system, all humans have classes, there are dungeons, there are monsters, and he can understand what his pet cat, Plato (who insists he is a dwarf panther) is saying. Oh, and there is the tiny matter of how the first creature on Earth to reach level 100 becomes the Overgod of their planet. With levels being gained by, amongst other things, killing monsters and other humans. So fun times for everyone.

The characters are interesting so far and include a sapient cat and centipede who knows gaming terminology and seem to know more about what is going on than Basil does. The writing style is clear and engaging and the plot pace seems fine so far, but there are only four chapters out for now. The spelling and grammar are also generally very good. There are very rarely a few minor errors, but most of them seem to have been found and mentioned in the comments and corrected by the author.

It is a promising beginning by an author who has a track record of writing popular and enjoyable stories on this site. And for completing books that he starts.

As I am actively following this story, and the author has a history of regular and frequent uploads of new chapters, I will update this review as more chapters come in. 


Splendid Subversion of the Sys-apoc Genre!

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Man vs Menu

This story is an amazing satirical-esque take of the typical LitRPG Apocalypse stories where the Earth is overtaken by a System and everyone is given Classes and Levels. The premise itself is pretty straightforward, but it's done in such a unique and different way of tackling these types of stories. This would be very hard for any other author to pull off, but this is Void we're talking about.

Apocalypse Tamer is a slice of life comedy at heart, poking fun and exaggerating the various tropes that are present in the aforementioned genre. The protagonist, Basil Bohen-- which is a fantastic name, by the way-- 'tames' the apocalypse by pretty much adopting the monsters that are awakened and given sentience around his home and refusing to play by the rules of the system.

Again, it's a subversion. Not really a satire, although it can lean towards that aspect by a little bit. 

A fun story, great grammar as always, good satirical style, and lovable characters. This is not considering the fact that VoidHerald is Royal Road's most consistent author with the quality of the content he puts out, and has a proven track record of maintaining it throughout his works while always finishing them. Seriously, I highly recommend this story. All in all, a 5/5

Miner Knight

Overall I think this one is not for me. Particularly the MC and his internal logic.
If you just want silly and don't immediately hate the MC I'm sure you'll enjoy the fiction.

I have neither love nor hate for the style.

The grammar and actual writing is fine. There weren't any big mistakes that grabbed me.

Guy just wants to sit in his house thinking he's in a coma/dreaming/crazy. I only read the first couple chapters so I'm sure there is plenty that happens later but I'll never find out.

This is the low point for me. Basil acts, thinks, and is written annoyingly.
- His cat starts talking to him and he thinks "Well seems I've had a psychotic break, I'll have to speak to a doctor about the at some point"
- Then Magic screens pop up and he says the same thing.
- Fights a giant centipede that wants to kill and eat him. Meanwhile is yelling about "property damage."  He spares the bug and just puts him to work.
- Fights some goblins. Tries to get them to just be peaceful. After he kills all of them we cut away to him roasting them in his oven like that's fine. This really got me because he's acting like it's a normal and reasonable thing to cook and eat human-like sentient creatures but the idea that the magic screens are real is insane.


Tamer Ol' McDonald Meets System Apoc

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Man vs Goblin

City life aint for this MC. Hes relaxing / retired in the country side with his wit, his cat, and the rest of the forest is against him.

Classic witty banter dialogue is as expected. System is fairly standard. 

Unknown what plot direction this is going to go. I don't see this guy going to the dungeon, but almost expect a base builder type story where everything keeps coming for his patch of wilderness.


First and foremost, this story is a well-crafted system apocalypse. The overarching plot direction is quite simple; whoever reaches level 100 first, human or monster, will become the Overgod of Earth. The main character is very unique, with a mix of slight mental derangement, and stubborn self-centeredness, which extends to what he considers his, like his house or cat. This trait is powerful enough to compel him into engaging in an arms race with the nearby monsters as a preventative measure, which is an fitting way to acknowledge and circumvent the protagonist's preference for non-interference. And of course, a description of Basil wouldn't be complete without mentioning his class, [Tamer]. Able to recruit monsters to join him, most of the main cast in this story is made up of these creatures. Personally, I'm very happy to read an apocalypse-themed story with a main character who isn't constantly alone, it adds a fleeting 'slice-of-life' feel which helps relieve the constant tension.

In terms of the actual writing, it is a wonderful treat. Stylistically, the blend of dialogue between the tamer and his bonded animals with tense action and adventure results in superb pacing. Subplots with relevance to the story are executed well, while grammar and formatting are near-flawless. Specifically, the system tables are quite thorough and interesting, with a consistent structure. 

I've been enjoying this story greatly, and I believe that it is worth reading for anyone not averse to LitRPG elements. I hope this review helps convince potential readers to take the plunge into this amazing work! 


Pokemon meets the End of the World

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Man vs Do-It-Yourself

Really good history, its like a Pokemon using the RPG rules of the world of Vainqueor. Really interesting history, it has a fast paced narrative and interesting characters, the only dowside i think is that the personalities of the said characters are really predictable. 

The take on the apocalypse of Void Herald is not really a new one, but still a good one to be explored. It is still early in the history but you can already see some pieces of clues about why the apocalypse is hapenning and who is behind it, dont know how he will make is progress or how it will be resolved yet. At least in all his books the end are all well done. 

My favorite character is the Rosemarine, the only sane one among the Protagonist party.  



As an avid reader of Voidherald fictions, i can say that this new one is quite good.

My only problem for now it's that the characters between his novels are quite similar. The MC has the same situation and that's why is quite easy to connect with him, after all, i already read about him before, only with a different history, even some banters with the characters are similar.  

I will be following this new fiction until the end. I love litrpg!