“Whoever will reach level 100 first shall become Earth’s new Overgod.” So said the screen as dungeons summoned invaders from alternate realities, woke up ancient gods slumbering beneath the earth, and empowered humans with levels and classes. A battle royale of worldwide proportions begins as the world descends into anarchy. 

But Basil Bohen doesn’t give a crap about the apocalypse.

He would rather live in the woods with his monster pets, but people just won't leave him alone...

Cover by @Dinovoila_arts and Vitaly. Updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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I am, quite simply, loving this story. After reading countless LitRPG and Prog Fantasy books with the same angsty heroes and existential pathos, it's refreshing to read a story about a guy who actually wants to be left alone. Who doesn't want to be the hero but is absolutely ok wreaking revenge. Who searches out friends and support without a lengthy backstory of betrayal and despair. 

Basil Bohen is a man who makes a choice to reject society to take care of an old man. Basil is not discovering himself or in awe of the system. The world which did not make much sense to him before the apocalypse, makes even less sense now. He's a great character to read. The humour is by parts deadpan and in-your-face and I find it enjoyable.

I love the interplay between Basil and Plato. Plato is a very pithy example of a cat and I love the way he is written. Kudos to Void for brilliant writing.


Great apocalyptic-litrpg from our favourite Voidy!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Man vs Army

Story of a crazy his cat, and others! Greatly written and the characters eccentricity is pulled of nicely. None of the characters or chapters really grate on you nerves. You feel like the chapters never come fast enough and I am always hungry for more!

If you like Void's other books like Vainqueur The Dragon or Perfect Run then you are definitely (most probably) going to enjoy this little gem!


~80% solid

I felt that each chapter not link to something that a sensible person would know cannot be summed up in a small amount of time is wrapped up completeing at least one solid point that should be covered. That is to say that I did not really feel that massivly hateful cliffhanger sensation; even if for example 5 things really stand out that needed addressing all five were covered or you got at the very least one out of the way.


There are points that are held onto for a bit of time but they tend not to be things that drive you into a state of nagging with when they will come/'be answered'.

As for people mentioning negatives on the MC, I do not get it. I am not going to be negative of them, we obviously disagree. I just wonder if they missed some of the MCs perspective (that does take a bit to unfold) [ he has been on the bad end of very negative types of people] - is it a lack of empathy or did they just not ask themselves: What could have been done differently. It is one thing to not like a personality type and another altogether to mock and insult you do not personally enjoy it. 


Be good, if you can't do that be neutral, and if you can not do that...

But I do hope you are doing well today, have a good one.


As usual for Void Herald, he knows exactly how to hook someone on the first chapter and leave them salivating for more. The first chapter gives you more than enough context to figure out the general situation our friend Basil is now in, and he adapts fairly quickly to it. Excited for the next chapter, and can't wait to see how this goes!

Aster Loka

Apocalypse + Tamer... Love It!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Man vs Wild

I've always loved stories where the main character gathers an army of creatures and monsters around him, and now we've got one from one of the most prolific writers on RR, so we can be confident that it'll be finished and have a proper conclusion!

So far there's only the one chapter out, but it's got plenty of character and fun, setting up the situation very cleanly and setting a light tone for what could easily be a very grim premise.

Basil is a funny character, and his companions are equally amusing. I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Praise the Void Herald´s return!

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Man vs Wild

I´ve been a loyal subject and follower to our Lord and Herald of the Void since Vainqueur (Vainqueur, best Dragon!) was still fresh on Royal Road.
He has proven time and again that he can protrait basically anything with a System and make it seem perfectly reasonable.
You can expect a story closer to Kairos in vibe, with lots of humor and Pop culture references reminiscent to Vainqueur and Perfect Run, but not as serious as Never Die twice.
This time, he tackles one of many peoples favorites: Apocalypse/Post-Apocalypse Lit-RPG!
Enter Basil Bohen, a guy who, instead of fighting the apocalypse and the forces of destruction to liberate the world, couldn´t think of anything better than living in seclusion with his cat and just laze about, while doing some light gardening and diy.
But Ragnarok doesn´t wait for no-one!
So have a look how Basil, slowly realising and coming to grasp that the apocalypse is very much a thing, and his army of monsters faces the End of the World in a typically Void Herald-y, hilarious fashion!
The multiverse of madness has nothing on what Void Herald leads you to explore. See what opened its maw and try not to go crazy! XD

hakatri gin

Teaching manners to the apocalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Man vs Menu

Initially this looks like an apocalypse litrpg well done, the usual tropes of status screeens and the outlining of a class and team development, its in chapter 3 when it all finally comes together and shows us how hillarious it can be

For you see, the MC is not some dude willing to tear a path for power, with blood and steel, nope, he is a grounded man who wants to live a peaceful life in the woods, so, what does he does when the apocalypse comes for him?

HE DRAGS THE APOCALYPSE TO HIS LEVEL, and forces it to behave in a civilized way

Not current civilization, mind you, the MC is a mixture of modern social values and an "old coutry" type of decisive action man

He has no problem in killing his enemies or preparing for violence, not because he is a modern person who realizes the need for violence, but because his values are still rooten in older traditions that declare violence as a necesesity of life

Basically, take a 18th century dude, give him modern knowledge and throw the apocalypse at him, and he will treat it as another instance of having to crush the savagery of the world, in order to pursue civilization

And its kind of epic and funny

The comedy reminds me of Malcom In The Middle, where the MCs were very extreme people trying to live a civilized life, except that is a berserker and his tamed beasts trying to be civilized when murdering their enemies



Lots of fun right out the gate. Came in with some expectation and each chapter is better than the last.

Reviews must be at least 50 words long, and I sure could write a huge one about how good this is. Going to wait until there's a bit more to chew through though.


Voidherald aka Maxime J. Durand aka The Only Royal Worth The Title has returned. To anyone who read the adventures of Ryan 'Quicksave' Romano in 'The Perfect Run', Vainqueur or Kairos and was left with two wolves of satisfaction-for-what-has-been-had and insatiable-hunger-for-more then all you need to know is that


Im gonna talk about whats been written so far but i dont know how much is spoiler and how much was in the synopsis above so:

Mind you its only the first chapter, but the characters we've already been introduced to feel real and act in a reasonable manner unlike many other adventure tales. Our MC Basil, a Nintendoswitch player, decides to say stfu to the apocolypse and leave the fighting to the army, prefering to bunk down and stay home.

a reasonable aproach to this conudrum. and as that one news anchor in despicable me says: "what will he do next???!!".


Cheers Void, I cant wait to see how this unravels.


Better than what the title suggested

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Man vs Bomb

This isn't your ordinary System Apocalypse story.

MC is a society dropout, and tries not to rely on people - yet somehow is convinced that the police and military are going to quickly solve the end of the world.

He is slow to take on the benefits of levelling up, but reluctantly does so so his ever increasing number of tamed pets can increase their survivability.

While not super-relateable, the MC is the 'straight man' to his pets, and it's those interactions that make the story fun.