A stack of books can be seen on Lady Carine's desk, she is currently reading a book titled "Academy Guide". Is she preparing to enter the academy two years in advance? She's very diligent as expected. Sir Feyt on the other hand tried to read some books, but gave up halfway. That would be understandable since he's only 13 years old, Lady Carine is an exception.

Sir Feyt is sitting idly across from Lady Carine, watching her skim through countless books. I've heard from Lord Kyrat that Lady Carine and Sir Feyt loved each other after getting through a life or death situation together. It was quite romantic, I would like to see this young love grow into something more, which is why I brought the two of them for a walk together. I also invited Sir Feyt to the walk to make him more familiar with this city, and that's the purpose of this walk on paper, but deepening their relationship is my and Lord Kyrat's main goal.

Lady Carine closed her book and looked towards me.

"Leila, I'm done reading, can we go somewhere else?"

Ah, did she notice that Sir Feyt might be bored? How perceptive of her, as expected.

"As you wish My Lady, where do you wish to go?"

"Somewhere... Fun?"

"...The central square then"


"[Flying Flames]!!"


A ball of fire floated above the mage's right hand, if it was larger, his oversized black cloak might get burned. Crowds cheer for the spectacle of fire magic right in front of them. The central square are a common place for entertainments. There are sometimes portable theaters made out of carriages presenting dramatic plays, sometimes there are musicians playing a piece of music. But today, there seems to be a mage from the royal guard showing off his magic in front of a audience. His name is Kuine Talion, one of the nobles that live in this city. Though I never met him once, I'm surprised that a noble can look so... rough...


"Mages are awesome!!"

The crowds seems to be enjoying it a lot, and I was too. It was rare to see a mage's magic up close. Apparently, this mage is one of the royal guard's top candidate for the top spot for the magic division. Having him here showing off his magic to the public is something you won't see often. There's a wooden box filled with coins on the floor in front of him, I assume that's for donations.


Both Lady Carine and Sir Feyt looked confusingly at the mage.

"What is it Lady Carine, Sir Feyt?"

"Leila... Is magic supposed to come out of pipes?"

"And are they supposed to have weird sounds?"

"...What do you mean by that?"

Magic comes out of the user's mana, it will conjure up if the user wills it. I've seen a fair share of mages casting magic before and I'm sure they conjure up magic out of air or magic circles, not pipes... Neither do they produce "weird" sounds.

"There, behind his sleeves, there's a pipe blowing out fire. Is that how mages do magic?"

"And I also hear a click every time he does magic, is that supposed to happen?"

"No, that's not how magic is supposed to work..."

Lord Kyrat has informed me that Sir Feyt has a Talent that is comparable to Carine's eyesight, but for his hearing instead. Since Lady Carine's eyes can see even the smallest of dust in the middle of the night, that means that Sir Feyt's ears can hear every single sound even in loudest of crowds. Ignoring their accusations will be stupid, I decided to test things out. I walked up to the mage and asked him a question.

"Excuse me, I want to see other spells"

The mage took a look at me and immediately went wide eyed.

"Hoho~ A fair lady like you asked for such a thing? How can I refuse?~"

The man pulls down his left hand and raised his right hand. I focused my attention solely on his movements, singling him out of everything in my eyes and ears.


"[Flame Haze]!!"


A wave of fire came out of his right hand.

I heard it, a click, though only barely. Under his right sleeve, I can barely see a small metal object obscured by his black cloak. There's no doubt about it, he's faking his magic. I doubt he's a part of the royal guard, which means this is a felony for identity theft.

"Now that you've seen my magic, mind if we talk for a little while miss?~"

"Sorry, I'll be leaving..."

"Wha- Hey wait a minute! At least give some donations!"

I signaled to some of the guards hiding in the crowds to contact the city guards to apprehend the "mage". Soon, armed guards came and surrounded the "mage", they immediately restrained him.

"Wh-What's the meaning of this?!"

The "mage" is struggling to get out of the guards grip, but failed to do so. One of the guards stepped right in front of him, he must be the captain of the squad.

"We've heard the report that you were faking your magic"

"Wh-What!? T-That's not true! I'm one of the top candidates for the royal guards! Why would I fake my magic?!"

"Wait, are you Kuine Talion?!"

"Y-Yes! That's my name!"

"Oh, forgive me then, sorry for bothering you..."

The guards released him as soon as they heard his name.

"...Eh, haha, n-no problem~ I-I'll leave now~"

"By the way, how is your love life going? I heard you proposed to your girlfriend from the academy yes?"

"Y-Yes! I'm just glad she accepted~ Haha~"

"Well that's weird, Kuine used to always cry on my shoulders about not getting any girls..."


The guards held his hand tightly again. Turns out, the captain of the squad is a good friend of Kuine Talion. What a bad luck for that "mage"

"I-It was a mistake! I'm really a mage at the royal guard, I just don't want to use my name!"

"That means, you can use magic?"

"Yes! Yes I can!"

"Well, explain this then?"

The guard ripped his sleeves open, his right arm has a black pipe, while his left arm is filled with strings. The strings must be how the machine was activated then.

"I-It's for my arm disability..."

"Hmm? Is that so... Well, let me try this..."

"...What are you doing? W-W-Wait! Don't!"

The guard pulls one of the strings on his left arm.



A ball of fire appeared right in front of the pipe, it's the same ball of fire as his "magic" from before.

"...I-I can explai-"

"You'll be taken in custody for identity theft and lying to city officials, take him away men!"


"P-P-Please! Let me go! How did you even found out?!"

The "mage" and the guards soon left the central, his pleas to be let go continues as his voice fade into the crowd. The crowd were gasping at the scene that just took place in front of them.

These kind of crimes, when criminals pretend to be nobility in order to get quick money, appear to be on the rise lately. I might need to inform Lord Kyrat about this.

Lady Carine saw the pipe and Sir Feyt heard the device's clicks, those two pieces of information may not be very useful on their own. However, when you combine them, the result is a strong case. If they ever work together in the future, is this their potential? If the answer is yes, then they have already surpassed me in that area and no spies can even come close to matching them in terms of information gathering.

Lady Carine and Sir Feyt... They are both scary, especially if they work together... I found new admiration for the both of them. Maybe one day, they'll both grow to outshine even Lord Kyrat and Lady Peyna in combat. Their powers are limitless...

"Leila, let's take a look around more!"

"As you wish My Lady"

But until that day comes, I'll enjoy seeing them grow.



"Sato died, the reinforcement from the main base were found dead, and our proxy site was discovered... How much worse can this get..."

The remaining 6 members of the Setus branch were in the usual meeting room, looking distressed.

"Who killed the reinforcements?! They had a mage capable of high fire magic!"

"I don't know, but this is looking bad... The boss isn't going to like this..."

"Ugh... I don't want to report this to him... The boss will definitely kill us..."

"What do we do..."

*Knock* *Knock*

The metal door leading out of the room was knocked, this shocked the members inside the room.


"Wait, were we expecting any envoy or something?"

"N-No, envoys are supposed to go to the proxy site near the gate..."

"And the only other person who knows this place is Sato..."

"Hey~ You guys are not opening this?~"

A girly voice can be heard from behind the metal door.

"Wh-Who are you?!"

"Not opening?~ Okay then~ Rene, if you would~"

"Understood Your Majesty"

Another voice was heard, this time it sounded slightly masculine.


The metal door suddenly flew at great speed to the table in the middle of the room, the members saw this and immediately backed off from the table.


The wooden table was smashed to pieces by the metal door, it's debris flew everywhere.

"Excuse us~ Sorry if Rene's kick was too hard~"

Two people walked in from the empty doorway, one was a girl with long silver hair, while the other was someone with a short light brown hair, it would seem that their kick was the one that broke the door.

"Pull out your weapons!!"

All 6 of them pulled out their weapons and aimed them at the two intruders.

Some of them used a long sword, while some used a two handed axe.

"Who are you?! And why are you here?!"

"You already know who I am no?~"

One of the members looked at the girl with silver hair.

"...That hair... Princess Munith..."

"What?! The Princess?! What is she doing here?!"

"I have come here to capture you guys~ So we came here to fight!"

"...What? Fight us?"

"I-If we capture her, then the boss might forgive us for the blunder from before!"

"Don't be so quick! That girl right beside her seems to be strong"

"Then we need to take care of her before we capture the Princess"

"Considering that they managed to locate our base, it is likely that they have guards waiting for us at the exit"

"Stop talking and fight us already~"

"Heheh, Princess Munith, it seems you're too naive... If it's a fight you want, we'll take that girl on anytime~"

"Ah wait~ Before the fight, I want to clarify somethings first"


"First, Rene here isn't a girl"

"I wouldn't mind being called one, it's good for keeping my identity a secret"

"If people already know your name, what's the point in hiding your gender?~"

"...Fair point"

The members looked confused, wondering if the Princess has any sense of the danger she is in. Even though Rene is powerful, the members doubt she or rather he, can defend the Princess on his own. After all, the members here have been selected as representative for the Setus branch due to their strength.

"Well anyways~ Second! Rest assured that there's no one at the exit~! No guards or anything~!"


"Yes, we came here on our own with the pretense of going shopping and visiting the library"

The members are much more confused than before, are these two TRYING to get kidnapped? They thought.

"And lastly, Third~! I never said that Rene is the one you're going to fight~"

The Princess raised her right hand, it started to glow.

"So you can do mag- GUHAKKK!!"

One of the members had his back pierced by a massive white lance, as the lance was pulled back, his body slumped.



"Attack immediately!"

The remaining 5 rushed towards the Princess and Rene immediately, not wasting a single second to comprehend the attack from before.

The Princess raised her hands.


Five dead bodies were lying around the room, the walls around the room are splattered with their blood. Princess Munith, Rene, and one of the members who is crouched against a wall on his knees are the only people in this room at this time.

"Y-You can't get information from me!"

"I don't need information~ I'm just trying to send a message to Viklan"

"Y-You know the boss's name?!"

"Anyways, can you send this to Viklan? Thanks~"

The Princess gave him a envelope, it was sealed with red wax.

"Go now please~ Chop chop!"

"L-Like hell!"

"...Need I remind you of my weapons?"

A white lance appeared behind the princess and appeared to be following her hand movements as she moves her glowing hand around.


The way she moves the lance, it was terrifying him. All of his comrades died from that lance in seconds, leaving a gaping hole on their chests.

The Princess soon lowers her hand, the lance disappeared after.

"Besides, I only need you to hand that letter, I'll leave you alone after that~"

"...Gh! Fine!"

He stood up and prepared to leave the room in a hurry, scared of what might happen if he stayed longer. Following her orders gives him the highest chance of surviving, even if she lied.

"Good~ Don't read the letter by the way, it's for Viklan only!"

Her voice soon disappeared from his ears as he runs upstairs towards the exit with tears of fear in his eyes.


"All this huh? I didn't even need to raise a hand..."

Rene looked around the room astonished.

"Well~ I'm just blessed with this Talent, that's all~ By the way, how is the royal archive digging?"

"...When they restructured the archives, I had to read everything over again just to make sure I didn't miss a single thing, it was very tedious"

"Not that, any information?~"

"I don't believe so, other than political and economical affairs around the kingdom"

"I already know all of those, so I don't need it~"

"Of course you would know... Hah... I'll continue looking, it shouldn't be long until I read through everything. It would be convenient if I have a Talent that lets me read faster"

"Well, if you have [Eyes of Chir'na], you can read faster than you can ever imagine~"

"Heh, if that Talent exists that is..."

"It exists!~"

"Yeah yeah..."

"...It has to exists... Otherwise, I'll be alone..."

The Princess looked at her hand with sad eyes.

"...Let's go back to the castle, Key might be worried if we return late"

"...Yes, we should head back for now"

"Ah, Princess, your clothes"

The Princess's dress was covered in blood.

"Don't worry~ I brought change of clothes~"

"...Prepared as always..."



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