"And your guards were wounded by Peyna, is that correct?"

"Yes, but as I've said before, she was controlled..."

"And as I've responded before, do you have any proof of this alleged "Control"?"

"This is ridiculous!"

Kyrat stands alone in the middle of the courtroom, across from him was the prosecutor hired by the Fareid family, and behind him are the judges and the jury. Behind Kyrat are an audience of mostly nobles, some of which came from the Fareid family.

"That is not an answer Sir Kyrat, if you do not have any answer to that, I suggest you keep quiet about the matter"

"Grrgh~ Your Honor! This is ludicrous! They set up a trial without warning me, not giving me enough time to hire an official! Isn't this illegal in the court law?!"

The judge gave Kyrat a cold look.

"...This is a urgent matter... If that sort of violence ever gets out on the street, I don't know what will happen to this kingdom, please cooperate Sir Kyrat, your resistance to tell the truth is only making things harder"

"But I AM telling the truth!!"

"Do not scream in the courtroom Sir Kyrat, please remain calm"

It was a one sided debate, with Kyrat on the losing end. The accusation towards Peyna are unfounded and don't make sense, yet the jury and judge accepts it.

So they choose to strengthen their relationship with the Fareid family instead of us... This is troubling...

The Fareid family has a huge influence in the kingdom due to their control over merchant stocks. The judge and the jury was promised a good relationship with the family and some money as bribe for this trial. The Fareid family isn't that fond of the Sareid family due to their constant complaints about their way of business which includes countless cases of smuggling and drug distribution.

After a few more back and forth between both teams, the jury declared it's decision.

"The jury has made it's decision Your Honor! We declare that Peyna Sareid is guilty of violence within the capital city borders!"

"Understood... Then I declare that Peyna Sareid's punishment is to be 10 years in the city's prison!"



"Please wait!!"

The courtroom door was slammed open. There, stood a girl with a luxurious white dress with long silver hair, behind her stood an androgynous person with short light brown hair accompanying her.

"Who dare to distur- Wait... That hair!"

Everyone in the courtroom immediately knew who she was the moment they see her hair. It has an unnatural silver color and reflects light as if it's made out of diamonds.

"P-P-Princess Munith! M-M-May I ask what brings you here to this courtroom? Shouldn't you be at Prince Key's side?"

Her name is Munith Alstrad, the first Princess of the kingdom of Ortensia. She was sent to the kingdom of Setus a few days ago to further her bonds with the first Prince of Setus, hoping that their marriage would start a healthy relationship between the two kingdoms.

"I am here to stop this unfair trial!!"

She pointed her right hand's finger at the judge while resting her left hand on her hips. Her face is that of a cute anger.

Kyrat had a shocked expression on his face, he didn't think that the princess from another kingdom would come to save him...

"But Princess! If you allow me to speak..."

"...You may prosecutor Alan"

"Y-You know my name?! E-Ehem! Peyna Sareid has done a crime, which is violence in the capital city's borders! She has-"

"But she's controlled no?"

"B-But there is no proof of this "Control"! Thus, we must tread carefully on this cas-"

"But do you have proof to show that she isn't controlled?"

"Li-Like I said Princess! As there is no proof of anything, we must tread carefully in this case!"


Princess Munith keeps glaring at the prosecutor, causing him to sweat a bit.

"All of you!"

Princess Munith points her finger at the jury, in which there are 10 of them. They all stood up straight immediately the moment the Princess pointed towards them.

"Why are you guys agreeing with this guy? He has no proof of anything!"


The jury sweated, trying to think up excuses.

"Say... Are you guys bribed?"

"N-No Princess!"

"Don't even think of lying, my friend here has [Truth Seeker]!"

Princess Munith gestured to her companion, their blank face staring straight at the jury.


The jury started to sweat even more.

After a few seconds of silence, the Princess drops her head in disappointment.

"Haaah~ This kingdom is corrupt isn't it? I think father won't like it if I got married here..."


The judge and jury started to sweat harder as they realized something, if this incident became the moment the Princess of Ortensia hated Setus, their heads will be chopped off for treason.

"N-N-Now wait a minute Princess!"


"I, the judge, declare Peyna Sareid as innocent! The incident from before was all a misunderstanding due to lack of information! H-Haha~"

"I-Is that so~ It was all a misunderstanding after all~"

The Princess said that with a wide smile, her companion still has a blank face.

Some of the audience glared at the judge, the judge looks away from them. They were the Fareid family members, the ones who bribed the judge and jury. But they know they can't do anything if it involves the Princess, so they dropped their glares in frustration.

"If things are settled here, I will leave now~ I don't want to leave Key for too long~"

"Y-Yes Princess! Safe travels!"

Princess Munith started to head towards the exit, that's when Kyrat called out to her.

"Princess Munith!"


Princess Munith turns her head towards Kyrat in a cute fashion.

"Thank you!"

Kyrat bowed deeply to express his gratitude, the girl in front of him practically just saved his entire family.

"It's nothing~ It was all a misunderstanding right?~ Bye now~"

She left the courtroom, leaving behind everyone inside the courtroom confused and flustered.



I'm eating Leila's soup on the bed in the medical room right now, I requested Leila to make warm soup instead of the usual steak due to me missing mom's soup back in the village. But after eating it... It's still good, I believe it can be served at some five star restaurant and what not. But mom's soup just have more... charm?

"Lady Carine, Sir Feyt, allow me to clean it"

"Thank you"

The bowls and utensils are taken away by the nurse, she then left the room, leaving both of me alone.

We were told that we would be able to get out of the medical room by tonight, but we should stay until tomorrow just in case... Just like last time...

The door opens, Leila walked in with her usual maid outfit, but she has bandages on her left arm. The nurse said that it was just a small injury that won't hinder her work, so she immediately went back to work instead of resting like the other guards mother attacked.

"My Lady, Sir Feyt, I hope my soup is enjoyable"

"It is Leila, it was wonderful"
"Yeah, it's delicious"

"That is a relief then..."

Leila took a seat between both of my beds.

"I have great news for the both of you"

"What is it?"

"Lord Kyrat has succeeded in avoiding Lady Peyna's punishments"

Huh? Punishments? This is the first time I've heard about that...

"You both may not know what I'm talking about, but it's concerning the trial for Lady Peyna's innocence in the incident yesterday"

Ah, I see... I guess it would make sense if we get a trial for that, but so soon? I thought trials have to be announced a few weeks in advance? That's what I read from the law book in the library anyway. Maybe it's an outdated book?

Speaking of books, I've always been curious about something... The library in this mansion doesn't contain anything about religion... Does god exist someway or another in this world? I don't recall such a thing in Carine's or Feyt's memories. I also don't remember any churches or shrines in the memories too.

"Either way, Lady Peyna was declared innocent, so the two of you don't have anything to worry about. Just focus on resting up okay?"

"Understood Leila"

"Alright, I will be leaving to do the laundry now, do you want anything My Lady?"

"I'm good... Wait, actually... Can you bring me a book?"

"Gladly My Lady... What book shall I bring you?"

"Something about religion"

"Well, that will certainly be a challenge, but it shall be done My Lady, please wait a moment..."

Why would that be a challenge? Is religion that niche?

"Excuse me then"

Leila bowed towards us and left the room.


Leila returned to the room with a small book.

"This is the only copy I managed to find My Lady, I hope you find it suitable"

"This is enough Leila, thank you!"

"That is a relief, I shall do the laundry then, scream my name if you need any help"

"I will Leila"

"Excuse me"

Leila left the room again, leaving both of me alone again.

I looked at the book Leila has given me, it's title said [The Eight Gods]. I opened it and started to read it's content, skimming through every page in seconds thanks to my [Enhanced Sight].


This book, is just mythology... I guess if I have to compare it to something in my original world, it would be similar to Greek gods...

The eight gods once ruled the world, each with their own strength and ruled their own lands. But one day, one of the gods defected and tried to steal all power for themselves. It didn't say which one of the gods defected, or whether they succeed or not, but they do describe the god's powers. Two of them caught my eye, Chin'ra and Thun'ra.




One of the daughters of Kin'ra. Her eyes are the sharpest among the gods and can see every single detail in the world. Her bow and arrow proficiency are unmatched, even in the darkest of nights. She once defeated a hydra by impaling three of it's head at once with a single shot from her bow. Despite her benevolent appearance, she isn't afraid to ridicule others, especially her enemies. Her passion is painting every scenery she deems beautiful, giving it more detail than the average eye can see.





One of the son of Tin'ra. No sound can escape his ears, he hears every sound, voice, steps, and secrets the world has to offer. His spear has pierced countless foes and he is unbeatable when he holds one, even if he is surrounded by thousands of foes. He once fought a medusa while blindfolding his eyes to avoid it's petrifying glare, relying only on his ears for coordination. His rough appearance often sold him as unapproachable, but he always wants to help others, but his shyness often stops him from doing anything. He has proficiency in music, able to replicate any song he hears even on instruments new to his hands.


I relate to these gods for some reason... Maybe it's because of my [Enhanced Sight] and [Enhanced Hearing] being very similar to both of their specialties? Who knows?

I enjoyed this book at least, gave me a similar feeling of reading mythology on the internet back in my original world. These gods might exist at some point in this world, or they might not, I'm not sure. What I'm sure of however, is that this world doesn't have a "mainstream" religion. There's a small one here and there I believe, but most of the citizens don't believe in any gods. I have that question answered I guess...

Anyways, I want to sleep again... Warm soup can make you sleepy no matter who made it...

I tucked my body into bed as i drift into sleep...

I recalled the moment I called mother as "Mother" using Feyt's body...

"I still don't accept you calling me "Mother" okay?"

Aaaaah~ Cringe cringe go awaaayyy~~



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