"Thank you for your work Leila"

"My pleasure My Lord, excuse me"

Leila closed the door as she lefts my office. She just brought me papers regarding the incident yesterday and things surrounding it.

Yesterday, after killing Sato, we rushed towards the house, fearing what Sato had ordered Peyna to do. A few guards stayed behind to inspect the building and carry Sato's body to the capital city to be identified. The parchment that Sato was holding was handed over to the kingdom's Alchemy division for investigation. It was unbreakable, if that thing can be replicated easily... It would be dangerous...

After we reached my house, I rushed with the guards to the dance hall, unconscious guards lay everywhere on the way. Once we reached the dance hall, I see them...

"Peyna! Carine! Feyt!"

I rushed towards them, Carine and Feyt arms are hugging Peyna as they are unconscious, probably due to their wounds. Peyna is resting on the wall, also unconscious with a wound on her forehead. I looked around, everyone I assigned to protect Carine and Feyt are unconscious too... Most likely because of Peyna.

"Men! Bring them all to the medical room!"


A day had passed since then, and here I am trying to make sense of it all... I guess I should look at the reports first. I took one of the papers Leila has laid out on my desk and started reading it.

One of the reports said that a group of merchants on the road to the capital city were murdered with a gaping hole on either their chest, or their stomach. Nearby trees were scorched, presumably from a Fire magic, but the wounds the merchants have is still a mystery. The guards inspected their carriage, and hidden carefully underneath it are stacks of weapons and parchments similar to what Sato used yesterday. We assumed that those merchants were actually the reinforcement Sato was waiting for, but someone killed them while they're on their way...

The permit those merchants have said that they came from the kingdom of Ortensia, the kingdom next to our borders. Maybe that's where their main base are? Or maybe their permit was forged? Either way, we need to investigate the legality of those merchants and see if they are connected to that group...

I skimmed through other reports, most are just re-telling of what happened yesterday from different guards perspectives. But then I noticed a letter between the stacks of reports that I have. I assume it's involved to the incident since it's bundled together with the reports. I opened it.


Tomorrow a trial is to be held for Peyna's punishment for violence in the city interior. I doubt they don't know about the fact that Peyna was controlled, so this must be Fareid family's doings. Trying to drag our name through the mud even at a time like this, have they no shame as nobles? I assume that the jury and judges were already bribed in advance, and they gave me no chance to hire a professional by having the trial done tomorrow... They really are scum...

*Knock* *Knock*

"Come in"

The door was opened and a guard came in.

"My Lord! Lady Peyna, Lady Carine, and Sir Feyt has woken up!"

"Is that so?! I'll go there immediately!"

Visiting them now is more important, I need to make sure they are alright...



Both of my bodies woke up... My bodies feel sore...

"!! Lady Carine and Sir Feyt has woken up!"

Grrgh~ I can't move my bodies... It's exactly like in the village when we got kidnapped...

"Ah! Lady Peyna has woken up too!"

"I will report this to Lord Kyrat!"

The female nurse is shouting at a guard who soon goes out of the room.

Wait! Mother! She was controlled wasn't she? Is she okay now?

I looked to my left, mother is rising up from her bed holding her head.

"Ow~ My head hurts~"

"Mother?! Are you alright?!"

"Huh? Carine? W-Why are you covered in bandages?! A-And Feyt too?! Ow!~"

"Lady Peyna! Don't move too much!"

"Ugh~ My head..."

The nurse is tending to mother. She only has bandages over her head, while we have bandages across our whole bodies.

After a while, mother calmed down.

"...I remember now... What was i..."

Tears started welling up in her eyes.

"Wh-Why... What was I trying to do..."

"It's alright Lady Peyna, you were controlled when you did that, you shouldn't blame yourself"

"It was still me! I hurt them with my own hands!!"

"Lady Peyna please calm down!"

"How can I stay calm after what I did?!"


"Peyna! Carine! Feyt!"

Father burst through the door and immediately rushed towards us. He hugged mother immediately.

"Thank god you're safe Peyna!!"

"Gah- D-Dear~!"

"L-Lord Kyrat! Please don't hug Lady Peyna too much!"

"No, I want to hold her longer..."



"I'm sorry... I've calmed down now"

"Yeah, you have nothing to worry about, I'm here..."

"Thanks dear~"

"Father, is mother really okay?"

"Yes Carine, she should be free from whatever control that man placed on her"

"I see..."

I see... Mother is now free huh? That's a relief. I don't want to lose her, I only started to enjoy my family life in this new world, I don't want it to end this quickly...

"Ah, Carine, Feyt~ I haven't hugged you both right?~"

Father spread his arms wide.

"We're fine thank you! There's no need for that Father!"
"That's alright! You don't need to Sir Sareid!!"

I don't want to experience the pain from hugs while being wounded again, I don't want to end my life that quickly either.


"Carine, Feyt... I'm sorry... I wounded the both of you..."

"I-It's nothing mother!"
"I-It's alright Madam Sareid!"

"No! It's still my fau-"

"Peyna, stop blaming yourself!"

"Gh- Y-yes..."

Mother started to wipe her tears.

"But...Madam huh... Now that I think about it..."

Mother ponders away, wonder what she is thinking about...

"Peyna, may I have a chance to speak with you privately?"

"Huh? Yes, of course dear, what is it?"

"Not here... Nurse, can Peyna leave the bed?"

"Well, yes... Since her head is the only injury and it isn't that bad, it shouldn't be a problem. But she will still be a little bit dizzy, the effects from the control had quite an impact..."

"Alright, Peyna, let's go to our room, I'll carry you on my back if you're too dizzy, just like old times..."

"I-I can move by myself thank you!~"

Mother gets up from her bed with a blushed face and starts heading towards the door with father.

"By the way Feyt..."

Mother called out to me with a cold face.


"I still don't accept you calling me "Mother" okay?"


"But, don't call me Madam... It's... Too formal..."

Mother leaves the room, father had a wide grin...

"You called her that huh?~ Hahaha~! Young love is too quick!!"

He soon left the room, still wearing a wide grin.


Did I call her mother as Feyt?! When?!

I recalled back the fight from yesterday.





I did... I seriously did...

It was a slip up though, I was so shocked that mother suddenly shook her head around while screaming. I hoped I could calm her down if I hug her, like how she did every time she hugs me and comforts me. While she did calm down, she passed out soon after, and both of my bodies followed suit while still hugging her.

But still, I called her "Mother" as Feyt.

Both of me blushed... This is embarrassing.

I don't know if I can show my face to mother again... It's like calling your teacher "Mother" while half asleep in class.

Aaaaa~ I just want to sleep this embarrassment away~

Cringe cringe go away~~

But... I really need to get stronger...

Even someone as strong as mother can get controlled. So what about the weak me? I can't even imagine being in that position...

I also don't want my family to be in danger again, I want to be strong to protect them from danger. I will protect mother and father, I'll also protect mom, dad, Fait and Ricent too.

Yes, that's my new goal in this world... To be strong enough to protect my family in this dangerous world, not just myselves anymore. And to live peacefully, i need strength. That's why i will train harder, harder than i ever before.

I sleep with a satisfied smile on my face, thinking about my new family.



In Kyrat and Peyna's bedroom. Peyna is sitting upright on her bed while Kyrat is sitting on a chair next to it.

"How is your head?"

"It's still blurry, and heavy too..."

"I see... I'm just glad you're okay..."

"Yeah~ Me too dear~"

"Sorry for asking this immediately, but do you have any information about the guy who controlled you?"

"...All I know is that he became a butler and controlled my thoughts by implementing suggestions"

"I see... Is that all?"

"I believe s- Wait!"

"What is it?!"

"He gave me an order! Something about delivering Carine and Feyt to a location!"

"!! Where is it?!"

"I believe it's... It's too hard to explain... Can I have a pen and paper?"

"Yes, wait a minute!"

After rummaging through his desk drawers, he gave Peyna a pen and paper. Peyna started drawing on it.

"...Done, here"

Peyna gave the paper to Kyrat, he looked at it carefully.

The drawing shows a tree in a back of an alleyway with a street name written on the bottom left. The tree has a marking of "P" on it and there's an arrow drawn next to it, saying that the tree needs to be pushed to the right. The drawing was very detailed, Peyna was an artist after all.

"When I received that order, I got that image planted inside my head"

"...This is near our house!"

"Yes, I believe so"

"This might just be a proxy site to collect Carine and Feyt, but it's still worth checking! I'll send guards there right away!"

Kyrat is about to leave the room to inform the guards about this discovery.

"Come back here when you're done~ Huaaahh~ Sorry about that~"

Peyna yawned.

"I will Peyna, I won't leave for long"

Kyrat leaves the room after giving Peyna a kiss on the cheeks.


After a while he returned to the bedroom, Peyna asleep on the bed.

"...You must be tired huh?"

Kyrat stood beside her side of the bed, watching her sleep peacefully.

"Sleep well Peyna..."

Kyrat gave her hair a stroke, he noticed that Peyna was smiling, something he hasn't seen in a while...

"I will protect that smile... Yours and Carine's..."

Kyrat left the room again, this time to prepare for the trial to decide Peyna's punishment tomorrow.



Yesterday, when Kyrat and his guards are entering Sato's dungeon with Tia by their sides. A group of merchants are walking across the forest carrying with them a carriage pulled by a horse.

"So... Should we prepare the parchments?"

"We only need to kill whoever enters the dungeon one of those guys set up right?"

"Shouldn't be hard... But ready those shield parchments just in case when we enter"

"But not now right?"

"Yes, you shouldn't hold it for too long..."

The merchants are chatting about their "Work". They have been sent from their main base to help a branch base at Setus with capturing two kids, specifically Carine and Feyt. They are only tasked with killing Kyrat Sareid and his guards however, as the capturing will be done by a "spy".

"Hm?! Get back!!"

The merchant on the front sensed something in front of them, suddenly...



A white lance appeared out of a magic circle in the air and stabbed one of the merchants chest from the back. The lance then disappeared immediately, leaving a gaping hole in his chest.


He died immediately.

"Who is it?!"

"I'll grab the parchments!!"

One of the merchants rushed towards the carriage, but...



He was stabbed in the stomach by the suddenly appearing lance, and dying shortly after.


"There! I see it!!"

One of the merchants noticed a woman in front of them, she started to rush towards them empty handed.

"[Pillars of Flame]!!"

One of the merchants chanted magic, it created two pillars of flame blocking the woman from approaching the merchants, the pillars of flame was so wide, it started to burn the trees around it.

"Brandish your weapons while she's occupied!"

"Got it!"

The four of them brandished swords and axes, ready to attack the woman the moment the pillars of flame come down, but...


The woman rushed past through the flames unscathed.


A lance suddenly appeared in her right hand, and she stabbed the person in front of her immediately.



The woman pulled the lance out and his body fell with a gaping hole in his chest.


"D-Do it now! While she can't use her lance!"

They hoped that since the white lance is in her hand right now, she won't be able to teleport it instantly.


Two of the merchants rushed with their axes, but suddenly.

*Schlack* *Schlack*


*Thump* *Thump*

Two more lances appeared in the air and stabbed them through their chest and stomach. The lances grazed the horse's ropes and set it free.


It ran off towards the forest.

The last merchant no longer has hope... He can only die, hoping the knowledge about the group to die with him before he gets interrogated.

"You know, I've been letting you guys do whatever you want~ Since our interest align and all..."


"But, this move was too reckless and stupid... I can't believe your boss allowed this plan... Guess I have to clean this up before things get too beyond repair..."

"A-Are you talking about the group?"

"Ah, sorry, forgot about you~ Now what to do~"

"D-Don't even think about capturing me! I won't give you information about the group!"

"Huh? I already know every single thing about your group idiot~ The Talusst group right?"

"Y-You know the name?! A-Are you a member?!"

"Hahaha~ Of course not~ That group sickens me~"

"Th-then how do you?!! W-wait... That hai-!"

"Ah~ I have business to attend to it seems~ I'll have to cut this conversation short, bye bye~"




The woman leaves the scene, leaving the merchants dead bodies behind on the road.



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