"So, it's true that Feyt has a Unique Talent too..."

I'm in darling's office right now, he informed me about Feyt's Unique Talent.

"Yes, it would seem that it's similar to Carine's too"

"I see, then that would mean we would need to increase the security for the both of them?"

"Yes, thankfully, Carine has Leila by her side, but even she has her weakness so I believe that a few extra guards wouldn't be bad. For Feyt, I shall assign a few guards to his room"

"I see, keeping them under surveillance all the time will help at least"

"Yeah, by the way Peyna"

Darling straightened his posture as he looks at me.

"Are you well these past few weeks?"

"What do you mean dear~?"

"...If you're sick, don't be afraid to tell me okay? I'll get the best doctors I can find"

"Huh?! No no no! I'm not sick or anything!"

"Haha! Your flustered face never changes~"

"Hmpf~ Don't tease me like that~" I pouted.

"Haha! I have nothing to worry about then, you may leave now Peyna"

"Well, alright then~ Good night dear~"

"Good night"

I left darling's room.

He always cared for me, even preparing to call doctors if I have a small flu or something, he always notices every single thing about me... I've fallen in love with him all over again...

Which is why doing this is hard...

No, I must do this... For the sake of the family...

I pulled out a communication parchment that butler gave me. I remembered my first meeting with him.


"Lady Peyna, I've heard the news about-"

"Cut the chit chat, clean this table immediately"

"I-I see, allow me then-"

"Mind your manners while speaking!"



He was rather rude, and his cleaning methods are atrocious, but the head maid sent him so I thought maybe there was a good reason... A few days after that, he would meet with me constantly, giving me random news with some convincing words... I can't remember those words though...

One day...


"Lady Peyna, a letter for you has arrived"

The butler handed me a letter. I ripped it open and read it.

"WH-WHAT?! Carine is kidnapped?!... Oh, she was saved by darling~ Thank god~"

I hold my chest with relief.

"Lady Peyna, may I?"

I stared at the butler for speaking out of order... But...

"...You may..."

I wanted to listen to him for some reason.

"After reading that letter, surely you think that your family is in danger right?"


"Then, I have a perfect plan to protect them! Would you like to listen to it?"


"Nice! Ehem- Follow my orders, that way you will be able to protect your family from any danger in this world"

"Follow... Your orders..."

"Yes, it's for the sake of your family!"

"For the sake... Of darling and Carine..."

"Yes!! Finally under my control!!"

The butler was fist bumping the air for some reason, his words didn't catch my ears.

"Now Peyna, tell me about Carine's Unique Talent!"

"Sorry, I can't do that"

If i did, I'll be practically giving Carine away to that mysterious group after all.


The butler held his chest and nose as he wobbles backwards. Blood starts to seep through his nose.

"Wh-what is this?! Is this the penalty?"



The butler wiped his nose bleed off and started talking again.

"For now, keep an eye on Carine, and take this"

He handed me a weird looking paper.

"Use that to contact me to report anything"



Yeah... Why did I follow his orders again? No, I have to. It's for Carine and darling's sake!

I headed to the left wing of the house, it's the least crowded space after all.

I placed the communication paper on my ear.

"Peyna here, I've been observing Feyt as well as my daughter Carine. And it has been confirmed that Feyt has a Unique Talent"



"Peyna here, I've been observing Feyt as well as my daughter Carine. And it has been confirmed that Feyt has a Unique Talent"

I'm receiving the report from Peyna, Carine's mother, using the communication parchment.

"Great! Can you tell me both of their Unique Talents now?"

"...Sorry, I can't do that, they might get hunted down if I did"

Gh! My chest hurts!

Another nose bleed...

I wiped it off with my arms.

It's not as bad as the last time...

"I-I see, continue observing them..."


"By the way Peyna"

"Yes, what is it Sato?"

"Don't use my name like that! But anyways, is anyone suspicious of you?"

"No, at least not that I knew of. Darling does look at me weird, but he just believed that I'm sick"

"Hmm, we should frame someone just in case... Any good candidates?"

"...There is Leila, Carine's personal maid"

"Good good! Plant evidences of her being a spy for me in her room or something"


"Remember, this is for the sake of your family"


The report ended.

"Sato? Why the nose bleed?"

"It's... a penalty..."

"A penalty? For what?"

"Whenever someone in my control refuses my order, I will receive a penalty based on how much they refused it"

"This is the first time I see that..."

"Yeah, she is the first one to do this to me..."

I remembered back to the first time I got control over her. It was painful...

"But don't worry, my control over her is growing. I asked her for Carine's Unique Talents last time and I got a bigger nose bleed"

"So, now that it's a smaller nose bleed, that means her refusal towards you is lowering?"

"Yes, we just need to wait a few days for complete control..."

"Good, then we will carry out my plan..."



Hmm? I hear footsteps outside of Feyt's room.

"Peyna here-"

Huh? Mother? Why is she in the left wing of the house? I thought she went to bed.

I exited my room and followed her voice out of curiosity.

"...Sorry, I can't do that, they might get hunted down if I did"

I looked from behind the wall, mother is holding a piece of paper on her ear... Just like that salesman/butler guy did...


Who is she talking to? That paper looks suspicious, I never seen anyone use a paper like that besides that salesman/butler guy and mother right now.

"Yes, what is it Sato?"

Sato? Who's that?

"No, at least not that I knew of. Darling does look at me weird, but he just believed that I'm sick"

What's that about?

"...There is Leila, Carine's personal maid"

Why is Leila brought up? This is getting more and more confusing...


She removed the piece of paper from her ear and hid it inside her dress.

"...Hah... This is tiring... But I have to..."

Mother left the hall, not noticing me...

Should I... tell father about this?

What if it's just a business conversation? I might get think of to be suspicious if I bring it up if that's the case...

But that paper is super suspicious...

Ugh~ I don't know what to do...



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