At night, the carriage Feyt was riding arrived at the Sareid House.

Me and the guards stepped down from the carriage.

We walked to the big front door, two butlers opened it for us.

A maid was inside, bowing towards me.

"I shall show you to your room, follow me"

The maid started walking to the left, I followed her.

The guards that were following me went to a different direction.

After a short walk, we reached our destination.

"Here is your room Sir Feyt. Please don't hesitate to call us for any assistance. Now, if you excuse me"

The maid left after that.

I am in the left wing of the mansion right now, in front of me is a dark wooden door with a golden handle.

This is going to be my room for a few years from now...

I opened the door to my room.

It's huge...

Not as big or luxurious as Carine's room, but still huge...

The room was illuminated with a lantern, and I can see my bed to the right, a table at the corner, a few drawers, and a body length mirror beside the bed.

I laid down in the bed, ready to rest for the night.

That maid called me Sir Feyt didn't she?

Why? I thought the maids and butlers calls father's students as just "Students". At least that's what I remember from Carine's perspective.

"Aaaaah~haaaaa" I yawned.

I'm sleepy...

Carine is already asleep, so I should sleep too.

My training starts tomorrow, I need to rest a lot.



Morning came, I woke up as Carine.

"Good morning My Lady"

"Good morning Leila~"

I rubbed off my sleepy eyes and started to head toward the bathroom to wash my face.

After that, Leila assisted me with changing me out of my pajamas to a training suit.

Today, Carine will be participating in training too, since she's 13 years old now.

"All done My Lady, shall we head to breakfast?"


I headed off towards the dining room with Leila.


*Knock Knock*

Feyt woke up from the sounds of knocking.

"Sir Feyt? Your breakfast is ready"

"Huh? Uh, sure!"

I rubbed off my sleepy eyes and rushed towards the door to open it.

There, the maid from yesterday is holding a tray of food.

"Here you go Sir Feyt"

She crouched down to hand me the tray.

The tray consists of salad, soup, a medium sized steak, and a cup of warm tea.

"Once you're done eating, please inform me, I shall stand by in front of your room"

"Huh? Uhm... Sure"

"Excuse me"

The maid closed the door, I can see her shadows from below the door.

She's really waiting for me to finish eating huh?

That is pressuring...

I need to finish this breakfast fast! Making her wait will be awkward...


"Carine, you are 13 years old now, you are qualified to train our sword style. Let's go to the training hall once we finish breakfast, Feyt will also be there"

"Yes father!"

I started eating the usual diet breakfast.

"Carine dear~ Why the rush? Eat slowly"

"Huh? Oh, yes mother!"

I didn't realize I also rushed my eating as Carine...


So she wants to meet Feyt that badly huh? Hehe~ Young love sure is something~

Kyrat is mumbling to himself as he eat his salad.



I finished Feyt's breakfast.

Carine is still eating though since I rushed as Feyt.

Father finished his breakfast early and stood up from his seat.

"Meet me in the training hall later Carine"

"Understood father"

Father left the dining room.

I continue to eat my breakfast as Carine.


I opened the door with the empty tray in my hand.

"I'm done eating!"

"Sir Feyt, you may leave the tray in your room. Maids will come to clean your room regularly"

Huh? If I remember correctly, father and mother always scold their students who don't clean their rooms. Why am I an exception?

I decided to comply with the maid for now and placed the empty tray on a nearby drawer.

"Allow me to enter Sir Feyt"

"Huh? Sure"

The maid enters my room.

"Allow me to help you get changed"

The maid started to strip me...

Wait wait wait!

"I-I can do this by myself!!"

"I see, if that's what you want Sir Feyt. Here's your training suit, please wear it. I shall wait outside"

The maid left and closed the door.

I've been changed by maids as Carine all the time, but being changed by one of them as Feyt feels wrong.

Anyways, I wear the training suit which consists of a white undershirt, a brown leather vest, and a short dark blue pants.

I opened the door, the maid standing there.

"I'm done!"

"Sir Feyt, I shall accompany you to the training hall. Lord Kyrat is expecting you there"


Being called Sir Feyt sure feels weird.

We started to head towards the training hall.

I know where it is since this is technically my house. But it would be weird if the new kid suddenly knows where everything is despite only arriving. So I followed the maid to the right wing of the house.

After a while.

"This is the training hall Sir Feyt, I hope that you have memorized the route and can reach here without my assistance next time"

"Yes, I can go here alone next time!"

"I see, then excuse me Sir Feyt"

The maid left.

In front of me is a light colored door with a sign saying "Training Hall" above it.

I opened the door.


A wooden sword fell from above the door I just opened, it landed perfectly in my hands.




I hear a sword swing from my left!

I hold the sword that fell into my hands to the direction of that sound.


The sound of wooden swords clashing reverberated across the room.


I managed to block it, but I got knocked back from the sheer force of the swing and fell on my butt.

"Hahaha! You're amazing Feyt! I've done that to every new student and you're the first one to block it!"

Standing there is father, holding a wooden sword.

"Ouch ouch ouch, my back..."

"Oh? I didn't go too rough didn't I?"

"N-No, Sir Sareid..."

That attack surprised me, thank god for my [Enhanced Hearing].

It appears that this is why father left breakfast early, to surprise me.

"hmm, so you have something similar to Carine after all..."

Father mumbled something, what is he talking about? Me being similar to Carine?

I stood up.

"Alright Feyt! Welcome to the Sareid house! I hope your training will be fruitful!"

"Understood fa- Ehem! Sir Sareid!"

I almost called him father there...


Was he about to call me father there?! Is he thinking about marrying Carine already?! Young love is way too quick!

Kyrat ponders that while flustered.



I was told to wait in the training hall for mother and other students to arrive, so I'm sitting on the floor right now.

Several other students arrived, and they too sat down on the floor.

The training hall is mostly empty. There are no tables, chairs, or any furniture like that. The only things that are in the room are wooden swords hanged on the wall, a black board at the front, the windows with curtains, and a few gold decorations on the walls. It looks like your typical Dojo with a medieval nobility twist.

Soon, mother and Carine entered the room.

I usually sit at the side as Carine to watch, but now I'm participating in the training too, so I can't sit on the sides anymore.

I don't know where to sit though... Most students sit with their friends and talk to each other, it would be awkward if I join them. It was easy as Feyt because the room was empty when I entered... Only one person is available I guess... I went and sat beside myself, trying my best not to act weird.

"Alright students! We have two new students to teach, say hello to my daughter Carine and my personal choice Feyt!"

The students gazed at both of us, a commotion ensues between them.

"Personal choice?! That kid?"

"He looks weak as heck, why is he chosen?!"

"He's just a commoner isn't he?"

"I thought that I was going to be chosen... Why him?"

"He stole that title from me?! How dare he!!"

They whispered to each other, but Feyt's ears can hear it perfectly.

Some of them are glaring at me, It's kind of scary...

So I was father's personal choice? What does that mean?



Father's scream silenced the students.

"Now, let us start the training. Peyna, if you would?"

Mother is staring at Feyt.

The blank stare is actually creeping me out. Did I do something wrong?


"Huh? Oh, of course dear~"


Father looks confusingly at mother.

"Today we will be practicing the technique called [Mid-slash attack]"

Ah, I remember that technique. Father demonstrated it last week, it was the one that the students have a hard time doing.

"As you know, we constantly re-learn already taught techniques. This is to further your proficiency on said techniques, and give new students a chance to learn it. So, dear Carine and Feyt, you don't have to worry about falling behind~ Okay?"

"Yes mother"

"Understood Madam Sareid"

"Alright, I will explain the basics of this technique"


I somehow learned a lot just from hearing mother explain it. I usually have to wait for father to demonstrate it to understand what the technique is about, but this is the first time I understand just from explanation. I feel like Feyt can replicate the move more easily now that I understand the gist of it.

Father soon demonstrate it, and yes, it's still the same technique from last week. But I felt like it can be improved...

"Alright, it's time to practice it. Find your training partner and practice that technique. Feyt, you're with me. Carine, you're with Peyna"

Huh? I'm practicing with mother and father?

"Yes father"

"Understood Sir Sareid!"

Both of me hold our swords up, father and mother in front of me.

"Alright Carine, use that technique you just been taught"

"Understood mother!"

I rushed towards her, I swung the sword vertically, mother is preparing to block it. I stopped midway and pulled the sword out, I followed with a set of diagonal swings, which comes from another Sareid Technique. Mother blocked it of course.

"Good Carine! You even used one of our other techniques in the end there! Most just stab the stomach after they pull their swords out. Good job my dear!"

Mother patted me in the head.


It was comforting.

On Feyt's side however.

"Alright Feyt! Show me that technique"


After hearing mother's explanation of the technique, I feel like it can be improved a bit. I try putting my theory into test.

I swung the sword vertically, father preparing to block it.


My sword made contact with father's sword.

"Ah, Feyt, that's wrong, you should-"

I didn't stop there however, I pushed the sword down with force, letting it slide out of father's block. The sword is now at the side of father, and then I strike from there.


I managed to hit father on the sides of his stomach.

"Wh-What was that?!"

Did I do it wrong?! I got cocky again didn't I?

"Uh... I just went pass the block to attack... Did I do it wrong?"

"N-No... That might be a new technique in and out of itself... Feyt!"

"Y-Yes Sir Sareid?!"

"Well done! But you should still learn the proper way we taught it, understand?"

"Huh? Uh... Sure!"

"Good, now do it, properly this time"


It's sunset, we trained a few more techniques.

Both of my bodies are tired. But it's nothing compared to the fight with those bandits back at the village.

Father approached both of us.

"Feyt, I would like to see you in my office later tonight. Carine, show him the way"

"Understood father"

"Understood Sir Sareid"

"Good, now rest up you two. Talk with each other for a bit, Hahaha!"

Father left while laughing, was he teasing us about how awkward the way we talked before was?

Oh right, the necklace. I almost forgot.

I pulled the red gem necklace out of my pocket, I grabbed it with Carine's hand and put it on.

Yep, it looks cool, I like it.



Night came, I'm walking with myself to father's office. It's weird because I'm basically showing the way to myself...

I opened the doors to Father's office, the maids that used to open the door for people to enter is nowhere to be found. I assume it's because of lack of man power.

Both of me entered the room.

"Hello Carine and Feyt"

"Good evening father"

"Good evening Sir Sareid"

"Feyt, I called you here to check your Talents"

Oh~ That's interesting~

I know I have [Enhanced Hearing], but maybe there's more I don't know about.

"Carine, you may go to your room now"

"Understood father"

I left the room as Carine and started to head towards my room.

"Alright Feyt, this scroll will let me check your Talents, hold out your hand"

I hold out my hands.

Father took a knife and pricked a small bit from my index finger.


He then stamped my index finger onto the scroll, leaving a bloody fingerprint. The scroll then glows of white light.

After a while, the light faded and father started to read it.

"Hmm... Hmm... HMM?!"

He seemed shocked all of a sudden.

"What is it Sir Sareid?"

"Eh-Ehem! Your Talents are..."

Here it comes... I'm shaking from excitement from it!

"...[Enhanced Hearing]..."



What was the reason for my excitement then?!

"I only have that?"

"-Ye-yes, but it's a good one you know?"

That's a lie, I know [Enhanced Hearing] is one of the most common Talents. Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

"I see... Then I shall return to my room if this is done Sir Sareid"

"Yes yes, go ahead!"

I left the father's office and started to head to my room.

Man... That was disappointing...

I thought I might have a secret overpowered Talent or something, just like in those novels I read. Oh well...



Kyrat is in his office, stressed.

"How?! That's just ridiculous!!"

He's reading the scroll over and over again, making sure that he didn't read it wrong.




Magic : -


Talents :

[Enhanced Hearing]


Unique Talents :

[Ears of Thun'ra]


No doubt about it, he has a Unique Talent. But that wasn't the one that shocked him, Kyrat already suspected that Feyt has a Unique Talent after all. No, the one that shocked him was the name of the Unique Talent itself.

He pulls out another scroll from his drawers.


Carine Sareid


Magic : -


Talents :

[Enhanced Sight]


Unique Talents :

[Eyes of Chin'ra]



"What does this mean?? Eyes and Ears of the eight gods?"

That night, Kyrat didn't get much sleep due to stress.



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