A few days had passed, and today is Fifth day of the Second month, which means...



Both of my birthdays are being celebrated in the morning.

Feyt's party is modest, and attended only by mom, dad, Fait, and Ricent.

The cake was baked by mom, and they all have gifts for me.

I opened mom's gift, it was a shirt.

"I thought you might bored with gray shirts all the time. So I asked my friends if they can make one for you!"

The shirt was dark red instead of the usual bland gray I see all the time.

"Thanks mom!"

I opened dad's gift, the box was surprisingly heavy

Inside, there's a stone dumbbell.

"I made that myself you know! Use it well Feyt! Haha!" He laughs proudly.

"Uhm... Thanks... Dad...?"

"You're welcome! I can't wait till you're muscular, hahaha!"

I decided to move on to the next gift, it was from Ricent

"Come on! Come on! Open it!"

Ricent sure looks excited...

I opened his gift, it was a wooden flute

"Your music skills were awesome! Mother said you might like this, so I bought it! It's called a flute! Do you know that only 10 people in the kingdom knows how to play it? Come on! Come on! Try it! Try it!"

Yeah... He seems waaaay too excited.

Wait, since when were my "Music skills" were awesome? I was just tapping away the piano keys with no damn given at that time. Ricent must have a bad taste in music...

"Thanks Ricent! I'll play it later"

"Aww man~ I want to hear it now~"

"I'll. Play. It. Later"

"Keeh! Uhh, okay!"

I don't want to embarrass myself playing this in front of my family...

The last gift, was from sis.

"Come on! Open it up!"

She said that with a pure smile.

I opened the box.

Inside, there were two necklaces. One with a red gem, and another with a blue gem.

"I heard you have a girl you like now!"

Huh? The heck she's talking about?

"So, I decided to gift you two necklaces! Give the other one to your loved one okaay~?"

She said that teasingly with a wide grin across her face.

"I, don't have any girls I like though"

"Oh~ Don't be shy~ Haha~ I might tease you more if you do that"

Her grin grows wider.

Yeah, maybe I should ignore her for a bit.

I took the blue gem necklace, and wore it on my neck.

"man, those were the first treasures I found... brings back memories~"

Sis mumbled again, sometimes she would mumble the strangest things.

Who do I give the red necklace though?

Hmm, might as well give it to Carine whenever I met her I guess...


While Feyt's party was that of a modest celebration.

Carine's party was basically a banquet... I don't think I can count how many people are in this room...

45 people, there were exactly 45 people attending this party...

Oh, did I just count them instantly?! [Enhanced Sight] is scary...

Mother and father are attending the party too of course. I'm sitting on a throne with Leila beside me...

Yes, a throne...

Apparently it's to mark me "Being able to shoulder responsibilities" now.

In front of me is a cake so big, I don't think even the 45 people attending this party will be able to eat it all.

To the right side I see mountains of gifts. Most of them were accessories like diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, etc. And there's also a big one containing a diamond chandelier of all things...

Servants are scattered across the room, doing things like taking the orders from the attendees, cleaning any spilled drink, etc.

They're rushing around to do stuff though, the servants that are in this room isn't enough to cover the whole banquet after all. Since father fired a few servants a few days ago, man power in this house has seen better days...

A few nobles attending the party came up to me.


"Lady Carine, we are from the house of Curleid, here's my son, Fanture Curleid"

"Nice to meet you Lady Carine"

"Nice to meet you too"


"Lady Carine, we are from the house of Marleid, here's my son, Trony Marleid"

"Nice to meet you Lady Carine"

"Nice to meet you too"


"Lady Carine, we are from the house of Jureid, here's my son, Lionne Jureid"

"Nice to meet you Lady Carine"

"Nice to meet you too"


This goes on for quite some time, by the way...

After a while, the nobles who introduced themselves and their sons stopped coming.

By the way, I have a question to you people...

How many of you have"-Eid" in your family names?!!

Hah... I feel like it's less of a birthday party, and more like people offering their sons to be wed to me...

Yeah, that's exactly what's going on here...

Life as noble is hard... I just want to relax...

A modest party like Feyt's is a thousand times better than this...



"So, is it true that my dear Carine is in love with that boy named Feyt?"

Peyna asked this curiously at Kyrat

"Yeah, I've seen it myself! Young love is refreshing to watch~"

"Hmm, I don't approve of him though..."

"You haven't met him and you already disapprove? How strict of a mother can you be haha! Feyt's gonna have it rough!"

"I don't want my daughter to marry strangers I don't know~"

She pouted cutely.

"Well, no worries then, Feyt will be here in a few days. You will meet him soon enough"

Peyna ears perked up, her pouting face replaced with a happy face with a wide smile.

The change was so sudden, it's almost like a switch was flipped inside of her.

"Oh~ Is that so~ I would love to meet him~"


Kyrat was curious about the sudden change in emotions on Peyna, but he didn't think much about it.

Maybe she had too much to drink He thought.



"Dammit! All of our spies were weeded out!"

"Ugh~ My hard work controlling them all is going to waste..."

"No worries Sato, you managed to control Carine's mother right?"

"Yeah~ But she's hard to control really... I can only make her do simple things, like lead Carine to the bath so I can meet her or something"

"Well, the control will grow slowly right?"

"Yeah, it will. But it'll take quite some time though, her mental is strong..."

"What did you say to her anyways? I don't believe she would fall for "Get rich quick" lies"

"{Your family is in danger, you must follow my orders to save them}. It's more complicated than that, but I simplified things to that sentence for you guys..."

"Damn, you're using her family's safety to make her betray her family? You're sick..."

"But we got a valuable spy inside the house at least"

"Hey, greedy people are easier to control for you right Sato?"

"Yes, why?"

"Then make Carine's mother teach Carine a few bad things and make her greedy or something"

"Oh, that's interesting, if that worked, then we wouldn't even need to give Carine to the boss! We can just have Sato control her for us!"

"Alright, I'll try sending in the command"



Mother approached me.

"Happy birthday my dear Carine~"

She hugs me, again, it feels comforting...

"Thank you mother~"

Maybe this party isn't too bad.

"So, what do you think of the gifts Carine?"

"I appreciate them, but I don't like the diamonds"

Seriously, can you guys be more creative with your gifts?

"No no no! As a noble daughter, you must at least enjoy diamonds!"

"Huh? Really?"

Is this some unwritten noble rule I didn't know about?

"Yes! Really! Now, want to install that diamond chandelier to your room?! It'll look fantastic!"

"Uhh, no"

If a golden chandelier is enough to burn my eyes in the morning, what would a diamond one do?

"Whaaaat~ Come on~ Be more greedy~ Ask for a pool in the garden or something~"

Who the hell would ask for that?! That's a funny joke though.

"Haha! Funny joke mother"

"Hmph~ It's not a joke~" Mother pouted cutely

Mother leaves me, still pouting.

What is she trying to do? Is she trying to spoil me or something? I guess there comes a day where parents do that I guess...

Mother's acting weird though, she's not the type to talk about diamonds and stuff, she in fact usually opposes it.



"Peyna here, she rejected it"

She reported to me using the communication parchment I lent her, the plan was a failure.

"Ahh~ It didn't work then?"

"Yeah! I know I raised my daughter right! She couldn't be swayed by the power of greed!"

She brags about her daughter instead?!

"Anyways, be prepared to receive more orders from me. Remember, this is for the sake of your family"


The communication ended.

"Well guys, it didn't work. She bragged about her daughter being righteous instead..."

"Grrrgh, they really raised their daughter right huh?"

"But, I could feel my control over her is starting to grow"

"Say Sato, you can order anyone into doing anything as long as you have enough control of them right?"


"Alright then... I have a plan"



A few days had passed after my birthday.

It was afternoon, the sun is starting to set.

I'm standing at the village gate, wearing a red shirt while carrying a bag filled with stuff.

In front of me I can see a carriage, it's the same one that Carine rode last week. Inside, I can see a few armored guards.

"Feyt! Be safe out there!"

"Don't forget to train your muscles!"

"Don't go forgetting your sis kay?!"

"Come back anytime Feyt!"

I looked behind me. Mom, dad, sis, and Ricent were there seeing me off.

I guess I'm leaving them for now. Sure I can visit them anytime, but...

Leaving them behind still feels sad...

You know what... I'm a kid, let me be spoiled for a bit.

I dropped the bag in the carriage, then I ran towards mom and dad.

I gave the both of them a hug.

"Oh~ Feyt~"

"Haha! My son's growing up huh"

I let go of the hug and ran back to the carriage.

I waved at them as I board it.

"I'll visit once in a while! Bye-bye!"

"Bye-bye Feyt" Mom said that with tears in her eyes.

"Grow strong okay?" Dad said that while fist bumping the air.

"Make sure to give the necklace to you know who!" Sis is still teasing me.

"Come back and let me hear you play the flute Feyt!" Ricent waves while jumping at me.

The carriage soon sets off, I can still see them waving from far away.

As I watch the sunset from the carriage window, I feel... sad...

It's weird...

They're not even my real family or friends... Yet why do I feel...


My eyes feel blurred for some reason. And i could feel a warm liquid seeping through my eyes...

Am I crying?



I guess they are my real family now huh?

I watched the sunset again, this time with a smile.

This second chance in life... I'll cherish it.



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