It's noon. Carine and Leila are boarding a luxurious looking carriage.

Father is still talking to the elder at the gate.

Behind the elder, are Feyt and my sister Fait

"Thank you for your hospitality elder"

"No no no! Your daughter was kidnapped here! We were powerless to stop the bandits"

"No no no! It wasn't your fault, it was mine for being too careless"

"No no no! It's my... Ehem! Forgive me, but it looks like we don't have much time for this conversation"

The coachman from the carriage were glaring at them, signaling that they don't have much time.

"Ah, then allow me to gift you"

Father pulls out a bag from his pocket.

"Wait no! Please, we can't accept gifts from-"

"Forgive me, but we don't have much time"

Father pushes the bag to the elder.

"If that's your wish..."

The elder takes the bag, he opened it

"Wh- We can't take this much money!"

"Use it... Fortify the village, I heard that there were bandits around the village. Though they haven't acted yet, you won't know when they will attack"

Fait seems proud after hearing that for some reason.

"I-I see... Thank you!"

"Haha! Don't need to be so tense, we'll visit again to pick up Feyt in a few weeks, so be sure to make the village more safe by then"

The elder bowed towards father.

"Thank you!"

"It's my pleasure"

Father leaves the gate and boarded the carriage.

The carriage soon sets off.

I waved at the carriage as Feyt and the Fait do the same.


Well, Feyt is going to be picked up in the next few weeks. But what should we do for the time?

I guess the usual? Working as Feyt and watching the practice as Carine.

I head home with Fait.

During our way back home, a man approached us.

He has a blonde hair and yellow eyes, his ears pierced with expensive looking metal rings. He looks like a delinquent.

"Hello, forgive me, but may I interest you in our product?"

The hell is he? A salesman? In this world?!

Sis glares at him suspiciously.

"Feyt, let's go"

Fait pulls me away from the delinquent.

"my clairvoyance says that he's dangerous..."

I heard my sister mumble that. What is she talking about?

"Hey hey wait!"

The delinquent stepped in front of us.

"You'll get rich quick if you use our product you know!"

That line sounds convincing for some reason...

But a salesman with that kind of line should never be trusted! Especially with that getup!

"Not interested"
"Not interested"

Both of me and my sister rejected him at the same time.


He looks shocked, we left him alone and head home.



Why?! Why didn't my [Natural Lies] work?!

I'm tasked on taking control of this kid. I'm told to do it in a non-suspicious way.

So I thought that a business deal would work.

Commoners want to get rich quick. So I just have to say things like "This will make you rich quick!" to make them fall into my [Natural Lies].

But it failed! How?!

The only reason they won't believe me is either that they are already rich, or they're suspicious of me!

I doubt they're rich, that must mean that they're suspicious of me!

Why though?

This metal ring looks expensive. So I planned on wearing it to look like my 'product' really made me rich. But if I wear it on my hand, they might not notice it. So I decided to wear it on my ear left ear instead.

Surely they took a look at it. Surely they believe I'm rich. Then why didn't they believe me?!

Ugh... This is bothering me.

I pressed a small piece of paper to my ear.

"Hello, Sato here, I failed on the first one..."

"Yes yes, I won't do it again... Just teleport me to their house so we can get this over with..."



I arrived at the Sareid's house thanks to my friend's teleportation magic. I've been pretending to be a butler here since last month.

I was the one who brainwashed those guards who acted as our spies in the Elie village kidnapping.

They were so easy to trick. All I had to say was "I believe Sir Sareid is getting weak, if he dies, you guys might be the successor!". Of course, it's nonsense, but they believed it anyway. Thus I managed to get control over them.

Working as a butler here is really stressful though...

I was originally planted here to observe the little girl and brainwash some guards to act like spies for us.

But now I was told to do a hands on approach.

I already have laid a few foundations to work on.

Ah, I see it. The little Carine girl with her maid walking down the hall towards the bath.

Going well so far.

I strutted out of the corner, wearing a butler's suit.

"Excuse me Young Lady!"

I bowed before her.

Yeah, bowing before a kid is really annoying, but it's necessary for the mission.

I looked up towards her face.

"I have received news of- Eh?"

The little girl is looking at me with fear and disgust...

Why?? I haven't even done anything worthy of that look!

I just walked up and prepared to give news to her about something random, inserting tiny suggestions along the way!

This is supposed to be a long term operation. Yet, she's already looking at me weird!

What did I do? My manner was perfect, my speech was perfect!

My disguise is perfect too! I worked for a full month here already! How did she notice me in just a few seconds?!

"Leila! This guy's suspicious!!"

She pointed at me while screaming.


The maid screamed too.

I hear several people running towards me.

Shit shit shit!

How did she know? Is it because of her Unique Talents or something?!

I can't get caught here, I need to run!

I pressed the paper piece to my ears again.

"Teleport me again! Now!!"


I appeared at the base.

"Sato! What happened?!"

"Th-those kids... Both of them..."

"What about them? You said you failed with the first one, but what happened with my plan with that Carine girl?"

"They both... Somehow blew my cover..."

"What!? We prepared the best disguises too!"

"Shit! I even had some mages cast [Deception] on those suits"

"Those kids, I believe we can no longer underestimate them..."

I feel like they see through me for some reason. Especially that Carine girl, I barely even talked to her and she immediately saw right through me. It's almost like she knew I'm not supposed to be there or something.

"It would seem they have some interesting Unique Talents. To see through both [Deception] and [Natural Lies], they're dangerous"

"All the more reason we should capture them then"

"We still have a few spies in that house, we can still monitor them"

"Should we contact the main base?"

"I believe so... Ugh, I don't want to be the envoy though..."



I arrived at Carine's house. It's night now, so I'm planning on returning to bed quickly after dinner.


Mother appeared out of the practice hall and immediately hugged me.

"I heard what happened from the letters! I'm glad you're okay!~"

Her hug feels comforting.

"I'm okay mother. How is dinner?"

"Yes, the head maid is making a feast to celebrate your return!"

"Oh~ I can't wait~"

"Alright, you should go take a bath first, it was a long journey right?"

"Understood mother!"

I left mother behind as she enters her practice room. It's empty, so I assume she's training by herself.

I walked towards the bath with Leila on my side.

Suddenly, out of the corner of the hall.

The salesman from before showed up?!! And he's wearing a butler's suit now?!

"Excuse me Young Lady!"

How is he here!!??

Is it a twin or something? The last one looked like a delinquent, but this one looks like a proper butler. Both of them are no doubt different, but I have a feeling that it's the same guy!

How did he get here? Am I imagining it? Are they twins? Or maybe he is an assassin sent to kill both Carine and Feyt?

I'm getting too scared here!

"I have received news of- Eh?"

"Leila! This guy is suspicious!!"

I blurted that out, I'm scared! I don't want to take any chances! If he's an assassin, he might kill me right here and now. But if it's just someone identical, then I just have to apologize to him.

Leila seemed shocked at my sudden screamed at first, but she immediately responded.


Several armed guards started rushing towards us.

The 'butler/salesman' guy is panicking.

He pulls out a small piece of paper and placed it on his ears.

"Teleport me again! Now!!"


He disappeared...

Leila looks shocked at what happened, the guards stood there wide eyed.

"Contact the head maid, The Lord, and The Lady immediately!!"

Leila started screaming towards the guards.

They saluted towards her.

"Yes ma'am!"

They started to run towards different directions.

"Forgive me My Lady, I won't be able to accompany you to the bath. For now, please wait in your room"


I headed towards my room alone, missing the bath time.



In a meeting room in the Sareid House. Five people are sitting around a round table.

"So... They managed to slip in a spy?"

Kyrat is resting his head on the palm of his right hand.

"Yes, but Lady Carine managed to spot him immediately"

Leila is sitting appropriately at the table.

"To think someone like that was in our house for a full month..."

Peyna is holding her head in a stressed manner.

"Forgive me! I didn't notice him at all!"

The head maid, a woman who is around 60 years of age, is sitting while looking distressed.

"We didn't even manage to catch up with him before he disappeared using that weird magic..."

A guard was also sitting on the table, the guards witnessed the incident happen, so Leila dragged one of them here for clarification.

"My Lord, if I may"

"You are permitted Leila"

"That man, he was already a butler in this house for a month, but only now does he seems to approach Lady Carine immediately. I believe he's assigned here as a spy at first, but something must've happened for them to approach Lady Carine directly"

"I see, anything else?"

"I also believe that he might have some mind altering Talents. The head maid and a few others immediately believes him when he said that he was hired by Lady Peyna herself, even though Lady Peyna never hires anyone. And I believe he was trying to control Carine using the same methods he used to enter this house"

Peyna listens to Leila's explanation worryingly.

"That is... Scary to hear..."

"!! So he's the one responsible for those guards!!"

Kyrat suddenly flared up his voice. The guard that was there asked him.

"Can you explain what you mean My Lord?"

"...Do you know about Likos, Tiurn, or any of the others I assign to watch over Carine when we visit the Elie village?"

"...Yes, My Lord... Likos was my best friend..."

"Do you think he's the type of guy to seek power? To seek it by trying to kill me?"

"No! He's an upstanding guy! He always wanted to grow stronger to protect people, but that's it!"

"I see... Does he act weird this past month?"

"... Last week. He kept mumbling about "He's weakened, he's weakened, he's weakened,-". I was worried and asked him what's wrong. He shrugged me off and acted normally after that"

"I see... My guess is correct then... I hope that you don't hold a grudge against me for killing him..."

"No! I would never My Lord!"

"Haha, thank you for your loyalty..."

Kyrat shifted his seating position. He looks directly at the head maid.

"Say, head maid Ronetta"

"What is it My Lord?"

"When you meet him, did he say something weird? Any words that he used that captivates you for some reason?"

"...I believe so My Lord. He said something about "I've been hired by Lady Peyna! Don't worry! I'll ease your work load!". And for some reason, I feel like that last line captivated me and the others. Ever since then, we thought he was a hard working guy trying his best trying to ease our work loads. But now that I think about it... He was just sitting around doing nothing"

"So... That kind of control huh... To make anyone believe his nonsense and lies... If Carine would to ever fall into that..."

"What should we do about this dear?"

"Ugh... He might have controlled a few other servants around here, do a background check of every servants in this house! Do it immediately! Check if they've been in contact with the spy! Even if it's slightly suspicious, bring the info to me!"

Leila, the head maid and the guard stood up and saluted

"Yes My Lord!"

The three of them left the room.

Leaving Kyrat and Peyna all alone.

So, they were capturing kids with Unique Talents to control them, I finally know what that group is doing... I doubt that the spy from earlier was their only card to control people. That means we can't even trust anyone, they might be controlled behind our backs.

Kyrat stares at the moon outside of his window.

What are their motives though? To use them in war? To strengthen their group? This is getting serious...

Kyrat remembers about Feyt.

I guess bringing him to our house will be for the best, he might have a Unique Talent too, and having him near us will make it easier for us to keep watch over him.

"Dear, I'm sorry but I'm going to bed early... This has been a crazy day..."

"Yes, Peyna, go ahead. I'll join you shortly"

"Okay, good night dear~"

"Good night"



I guess I should inform them about the servant's background checks...

I grab a piece of paper from my pocket and placed it on my ear.

"Hello, Peyna here. Yes, they're doing background checks for the servants. Be careful not to get found out"

"Yes, yes, I believe so. Thank you"

Hah... Betraying darling from behind his back is tiring...

Huh? Why do I want to betray him again?

Ugh... My head hurts... I really should get some sleep...



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