It's night, both of my bodies can walk again, but we were told to stay in the hospital until tomorrow morning, just in case.

I'm getting some shut eye as Carine, but mom and dad is still talking to Feyt.

"The Sareid's house is in the capital city right?"

"Yeah, it's not that far actually, so you can visit us anytime!"

"Mom, dad, I already said that I will visit once in a while..."

"Yes, we know! But you have to promise alright! Mom's worried you might forget us!"

"Yes mom, I promise..."

Mom and dad is discussing about my training in the Sareid's house, or rather, Carine's house.

I'm supposed to give to answer to father if I want to accept his offer or not, and I decided to accept the offer.

Last night, I almost died. So I want to train, even if it's just a little bit. I know that Carine will be practicing the same style and I can just grab the techniques from her memories. But it wouldn't hurt giving this body some physical training.

But knowing that I will leave mom, dad and sis for a while. It's upsetting to be honest. I only know them from past Feyt's memories, and I technically only met them last week when I reincarnated. But, I don't want to leave them behind... I have to though, I have to train myself if I want to survive in this world. The bandits from last night is probably nothing compared to other dangers in this world where monsters and demi-humans exists. People with Unique Talents also exists, and if someone like that became my enemy, I wouldn't stand a chance.

"Sleep tight Feyt. Mom and dad's going home for now"

"Okay mom"

Mom and dad left the hospital room, leaving me behind with Carine, who is sleeping.

I guess I should sleep too...



We entered our house. The house was empty, even though Fait was supposed to be here.

Hm? There's a paper on the table



Going to a friend's house, will be back by midnight!



That girl, seriously...

Ever since I gave birth to Fait 16 years ago, she was always curious about things. Whenever we went outside, she would ask things like

"Mom! Mom! What's that?"

"That's a horse dear"


It was cute, and I hoped that she would grow up smart. But once she reached 14 years old, she volunteered to run errands across villages. She said it's to help with our money problems. But deep down I know, she just wants to travel around, seeing sights along the way. Fayn agreed immediately, saying "Our daughter's always curious, let her explore once in a while". It would seem Fayn also knows of Fait's secret intention.

But to be honest, I was still scared of bandits and monsters she might encounter on the road. I reluctantly agreed for her to run errands, but under the condition that she can only travel in groups. Either hitchhike with a merchant, or go together with some knights. As long as she isn't alone while traveling, she should be safe. She promised me that, and went off on her own anyways... That girl, seriously...

Two years later, here we are now. She seems more energetic than before, and she even made some friends in the village. I'm proud of my daughter, I wonder what kind of sights have she seen while running errands? Perhaps, the view from on top of a mountain? Maybe the beautiful blue sea? I guess I should ask her to tell me about her travel sometimes.



Far away from the village, Fait is laying down on the wide grass fields.

I wonder if that floating island rumor is true though... Also, how would I pay for a ship to approach that mysterious island? I doubt sailors want to go near there...

She's enjoying the night sky and the cold wind while thinking about her future adventures.

She sneaked out of the village in secret of course, saying that she's visiting her friend to her parents.

Should I tell them about my hobby? I feel bad lying to them all the time...

"Oi Oi Oi! This girl's looking great!"


A sudden voice interrupted Fait's thoughts. A group of bandits cloaked in red appeared out of the forests, there were about 25 of them.

"Ey! Wanna come play with us?"

Fait looks at them, annoyed.

"Don't you see I'm relaxing here?"

"You got a big mouth huh? Are you from the Elie village?"

That caught Fait's ears. She stood up and faced the bandits.

"...Yeah, what of it?"

"Hahaha, we're gonna raid the village tonight! If you want your families spared you shoul- Urk!"

A diamond spear, that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, pierced the bandit in the stomach.



The spear was pulled out of the bandit's stomach smoothly and his body fell face first to the ground.


"W-who are you?!"

Fait swings her spears to the side, throwing off any blood from her spear.

"Well, I was actually waiting for you guys"

Every time she returned from her errand, she would scout around the village for any monsters or creatures that might be dangerous, in fear that her family might be attacked. She feels it's her duty as the strongest in the family to protect them, even if it's in secret. Most of the time though, she would just meet bandits.

"Well, ready to get started?"

She said that with a grin while brandishing her spear.

The thing about Fait is that, she really REALLY hates bandits. They were everywhere, and they would always disturb her adventures. One time she found a rare artifact, while she was admiring it, a random bandit appeared out of nowhere trying to steal it while saying things like "A kid like you is no-Urk!", he was stabbed and died immediately. Most of them are weak they could only be considered annoyances. They didn't add to the thrill of the adventure like fighting a strong monster, they were just there to stop the pace, it annoys her. And yesterday, some of them had the nerve to kidnap her beloved brother. Her hatred for bandits only grows over time.

What about these bandits that just threatened to raid the village her family was in? Yeah, they're basically dead...

Not that Fait would let them go if they're not raiding though.

Five of the bandits charged towards her while holding long swords.

The bandits were expecting her to fall back to gain distance, that's what most spear wielders do, so the bandits were using a formation to deal with that. But Fait charged forwards instead of falling back, this caught the bandits off guard.



A wide horizontal swing sliced the bodies of the five bandits and they fell to the ground.

"Why do I feel like everyone uses the same tactic?"

She said that while looking disappointed.

"Wh-what happened?!"

The bandits were shocked after seeing 5 people killed that easily, they weren't able to gain back their composure to form a formation, and a massacre ensues.



The bandit that was kneeling in front of Fait was stabbed on the chest.

"Again? Seriously?"

The grass plains was filled with splattered blood and screams that night.



Morning came, and both of my bodies are already up.

Breakfast for today is soup and salad, a combination of Mom's and Leila's cooking, nice!

After we finished our breakfast, father enters the room.

"Good morning Carine, Feyt..."

He sat down on the same chair he sat on yesterday.

"Feyt, I believe you are ready to answer my offer?"


"I see... Then what is your answer?"

"I want to train in your house"

"Ah, that's a relief. Then I will craft you into the strongest you can be. I hope that you look forward to it"

I nodded as Feyt towards him.

"Ah right, today we're going to leave the village huh? Carine..."

"Yes father?"

"Would you like to take a walk before we go home? I believe we haven't observed the village yet because of the incident yesterday"

Ah that's right, I was supposed to look how commoners live in this village. But I was kidnapped before I have any chance to do so.

"The doctors have already given permission for your leave, would you like to go now Carine?"

"Understood father"

I already know about how commoners live thanks to Feyt's perspective. But I should just say yes to father to avoid any suspicion.

"Alright then, Feyt, would you like to join us?"



We're walking around the village, Feyt and Carine are walking side by side at the front, while father walked closely behind us.

He said that he didn't want what happened last time to happen again, so if someone bumps into us, he would still see us. But still, it feels awkward walking alongside myself.

I have to walk carefully, if both of my bodies walked the same way, father might think it's suspicious!

After a short time filled only with crowd noises... Father's voice broke our silence.

"Why aren't you two talking? Come on! Be friends!" Father while laughing

Oh right, I guess I haven't talked to myself...

Wait, how DO you talk to yourself?

Do I introduce myself? Do I say a joke? What should I talk about?!

I need to say something at least! It might look too suspicious if I stay silent for too long!

"I...I hope we can be friends... Fe-Feyt..."

"S-same to you... C-Carine..."

It's awkward! I feel like I'm blushing from embarrassment.

Oh, we ARE blushing!

Now that I think about it, I never noticed how cute Carine looked. I looked at her from Feyt's perspective, her skin looked bright with no flaws, and while she's wearing a plain gray dress due to the damaged state of her main dress, she still looks cute in it. Her black hair looks smooth, and her green eyes makes me feel like my heart would melt.

It's the same for Feyt too, I looked at him from Carine's perspective. I never noticed how cool he looks sometimes. His blonde hair swayed by the wind with his blue bright eyes captivating anyone who looks at it, it just felt so-



I immediately looked away from both of my faces.

What did I just think about?!

Did I just call the both of myself "Cute" and "Handsome"?!

"Cute" I would understand!

But "Handsome"?! Really??!!!



I'm taking a walk with my daughter and Feyt. I brought Feyt along because I felt like Carine and Feyt would make great friends. But they have been silent this whole time... Not a single word of exchange between them.

We continue to walk, observing the surroundings in silence...

I had enough of the silence, so I decided to try to force a conversation

"Why aren't you two talking? Come on! Be friends!" I said that while laughing.

I hope that this will lift the mood for them to talk a little.

Hmm, they're still silent? They're looking at each other for some time now...

"I...I hope we can be friends... Fe-Feyt..."

"S-same to you... C-Carine..."

That exchange was awkward...

Actually, they've been acting awkward ever since we got out to walk. Even the way they walk looks weird.

They looked at each other, blushing. After some time, they pulled their gazes away from each other, blushing even more...



This is...

Blushing, gazing at each other, couple that with awkward conversations and actions...



I see...

Is that so?

This makes much sense now...

I guess it's true that being in a life-threatening situation together can strengthen your bonds. But, to see it firsthand...

"hehehe, HWAHAHAHA!"

I let out a loud hearty laugh.

"Wh-what is it father?!"

To think my daughter would fall in love while being this young!

Even I'm shocked! And I've seen dragons and other mystical creatures in front of me!

Still, it might just be young love, but it might develop into more.

If they both truly love each other, their road ahead is going to be hard. Carine is a noble after all. But I would support them to the best of my abilities if that day ever comes.

"Si-Sir Sareid? Are you all right?"

"Hahaha, nothing my dear Feyt! Let's continue the walk! Hahaha!"

I'm can't hold my laughter... I felt happy...



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