Both of my bodies woke up...

"Carine! I'm glad you're safe!"

"My Lady!"

"Feyt! You're awake!"

"Feyt!! Mom is worried you know!"

Both of my bodies were hugged by father and mom almost immediately.

Ouch, it kinda hurts though...

"M-My Lord, I believe it's best if you don't hug Lady Carine too much..."

"Dear, I know you're worried about Feyt, but don't hug him too hard"

"Oh... Forgive me Carine"
"Oh... Sorry Feyt"

Both of them released their hugs

I looked at both of my bodies, it's covered in bandages. What happened?

Oh right, I killed those bandits...

"Carine, and Feyt was it? I have a list of questions to ask to the both of you, but for now, both of you should rest"

"Yeah, both of you were beat up hard when we carried you out of the cave"

We nodded to them

"Rest well My Lady, I shall prepare some food"

"Hang on tight Feyt, I'll make you your favorite soup!"

The parents and Leila left the room.

Both of us are alone in a large room with a few white beds.

Is this the village's hospital? Must be.

Anyways, now that I have time to think, I wondered.

Am I really okay after killing people like that? I feel nauseated just thinking about it...

But I don't have a choice don't I? It's either us or them, but still, it's nauseating.

Hm? I hear a commotion outside of the room.


I heard dad's voice outside.

"Fait?! You're back?!"

"Fait?! Why so early? I thought you won't come back for another month"

"I heard what's going on from the gate keeper! Is Feyt okay?!"

"Yes, he's fine, he's in that ro-"


The door swung open, there stood a girl. She has long blonde hair like mom and blue soothing eyes. She's wearing what seems to be traveling gear with a leather waist bag. If Feyt's memory is correct, that's my big sister. Actually, she looks very identical to mom, the only difference being that she is slightly taller. As soon as I saw her, I feel the urge to hug her for some reason. But my body can't move since I'm stuck in this bed anyways.


She came running towards me and immediately jumped with her arms spread open.

Wait, this looks dangerous!

My body can't move!

As soon as she landed on top of me



If father and mom's hugs from before was a sheep, then this hug is that of a lion. It's so strong I feel like I'm breaking apart inside.

She released the hug

"You okay Feyt?! Did any of those bandits hurt you?"

"Ugh, I'm... fine... sis..."

I'm still recovering from the pain. What was that hug?!

My sister looked at Carine

"You protected Feyt right? Thank you!"

She expressed her thanks with a bow.

"I-I was only helping myself, really..."

It's true, I technically only helped myself that night.

"Don't be so modest! Actually, let me give you a hug too!"

A hug? Wait no-




After a few more painful hugs. Sis sat on a wooden chair next to my bed.

"Seriously, bandits kidnapping Feyt? Do they have no shame?"

My sister said that with a cute pouting face.

"Sis, when did you come back to the village?"

"Hm? Oh, I came back last nig- Ehem! This morning, I mean... ehehe..."

I remember that my sister always cough like that a lot whenever she talks with my parents or me.

"Why did you come back early? You usually go for about 2 months"

If my memories are correct, then Feyt's sister isn't supposed to come back until next month

"Hm? I finished things early of course!"


"You seriously don't know? Your birthday is in a few days right?"

Oh right, my birthday.

"Oh, right, I still have something to do, I'll leave for a bit okay? Call for sis if you need help!"

She said that with a cheery smile and left the room.


And after a while, father entered.

"Are you two okay now?"

Both of my bodies nodded

"If both of you are okay, then allow me to ask a few questions"

Father took a seat in between the both of my beds.

"Who killed those bandits?"

Father said that with an intimidating look.

"It-it was the both of us father"

"I see... That's true then..."

Father closed his eyes as he asked another question

"They were killed with what seems to be the Sareid Style... Carine, I understand, but you?"

Father looked at Feyt

"Where did you learn those techniques?"

I just pulled it out of Carine's memories, but I can't say that!

"Sh-she taught me while we were there!"

That's the only excuse I can think of right now.

"...I see... Next question, why did they kidnap the both of you?"

Ah, I overheard something like that

"I was kidnapped to be sold, they said that someone wants to buy my organs"

"And I was kidnapped because someone paid a huge sum of money for me, I don't know why though"

"heh... they really found out about it huh?"

Father lets out a small mumble

"All right then, final question, Feyt..."

Father looks at Feyt

"I have received permission from your father and mother, but your approval would be better"

Hm? What's this about?

"Will you learn the Sareid Style at my house when you reach the age of 13?"

Huh? Learn the Sareid Style? At the age of 13?

"I know that you're still thinking about it, so take your time and give me an answer tomorrow"

Right, tomorrow Carine and the others will head back home. I can't wait to get back to the mansion~

But learning the Sareid Style huh?

"Right, I'll be taking my leave now. Rest well you two."

Father left the room.



Learned it there? From Carine? What monster is that kid?!

Carine, I understand, she has a Unique Talent that has an effect that lets her learn anything she sees. But Feyt? Does he have something similar? I should ask his parents.

I found Leila and Teffa cooking together in the hospital's kitchen. Fayn is sitting on a table drinking coffee

"Hey Fayn, have you checked Feyt's Talents? I believe he has some hidden potential"

"No, I haven't, the scrolls are too expensive for us. But I do believe Feyt has [Enhanced Hearing]. Though, a bit stronger than other kids who has it. He said his ears hurts a lot in loud places"

That sounds similar to Carine's. Her [Enhanced Sight]'s effect stacked with the effect of her Unique Talent, thus making it stronger than other people's [Enhanced Sight]. My suspicion of Feyt's Talents is starting to come clear.

"I see, then would you like for me to buy you one? I'll get you a high grade one too"

"Wait really?! I would be grateful! But, isn't normal grade good enough?"

Normal grade can only check for Magic and normal Talents. I need a high grade to check for his Unique Talents.

"No no no, he's about to become my student, if he accepts my offer that is. I want the best for him so he could grow strong"

"I see, if that's what you want, I would like for you to buy us one"

"Alright, I'll send in a request to the alchemy board. It won't be ready for a few weeks, but I will tell you the results when I use it"

"Thank you, and I hope that you treat our son right when he's training there"

"Hahaha! You have nothing to worry about! We're friends aren't we!"

"Haha, that's true"

I've grown somewhat close to Fayn.

"Hey, want to go and get a drink on the pub tonight? It won't be as good as expensive liquor, but local pubs have charms to them you know?"

"I see, a pub huh? Sure! Why not! Hahaha!"


"Those two are getting real close huh..."

"You don't have anything to worry about Lady Teffa, Lord Sareid is unlike any other nobles"

"I know that, he wouldn't be here if he's like the rest of them"

Teffa smiled at the sight of her husband with his new found friend.

"I'm just glad my son is safe"

"I'm also glad that Lady Carine is safe... Lady Teffa, the soup is overheating..."

"Oh! I forgot!"



"Mom, I'm here again"

"Oh, Fait, what were you doing?"

Mom's cooking Feyt's favorite soup with a woman wearing a maid dress

"Nothing mom, just saying hi to some friends"

I lied, I was actually seeing if my treasure hoard behind the house is still safe. And it was, thankfully.

"Oh is that so? By the way Fait, how was your errands? You left early didn't you?"

"No worries mom! I finished it all!"

I handed her the money I earned from my errands, I also added a few extra from my adventuring.

"Wow, this is a lot! Thank you for working so hard Fait!"

"It's nothing mom!"

I used to do just errands across villages to earn money, and sometimes selling some of our harvest. But one day in a far away village, I came across a certain scroll in the middle of an empty alleyway. It was a high grade talent scroll! It could check for Magic, Talents, and Unique Talents! Did someone drop it?

I looked around and don't see anyone searching for it...

Might as well right?

I used the scroll on myself and





Magic : -


Talents :


[High Spear Mastery]

[Wind Reader]


Unique Talents : -




It was then I realized, I'm actually quite strong.

Ever since then, every time I travel to do a errand. I would always go adventuring to unknown places for fun in secret.

[Clairvoyance] lets me judge things I see based on what it will do in the future. Will this item sell for a lot? Will this guy betray me? Something like that. It isn't always accurate, but it's useful to see if there are any treasures or something worthwhile somewhere. It's one of the rarest Talents out there, but still not rare enough to be a Unique Talent.

[High Spear Mastery] is a higher form of [Spear Mastery]. I came across a lot of dangerous creatures when I was adventuring, like a flying kraken, a horde of vampires, and things like that. So I have this Talent to thank for making sure I'm still alive after encountering nightmares like that.

[Wind Reader] Let's me read the wind. This Talent saved me from getting lost in a huge forest by feeling where the wind is heading to find the exit, or letting me know if I should climb the mountain by hand or not by checking if the sky will rain. If it's going to rain, I shouldn't climb a steep mountain in fear of slipping. It's a common Talent actually.

In short, my Talent set is actually perfect for adventuring! So why not right? But my family doesn't know I'm doing it. If they knew, they would probably stop me from going outside in the first place. So, I kept it a secret from them, and also from Feyt. But I really wanna brag about it though~ So I decided to wrote some books about my adventures.

I've gone about seven adventures by now, from hidden plains to a lost city hidden inside a mountain. I found various treasures, bandits and creatures along the way. I write the books about my travel under a pen name. My first book "Periplus of the Green Sea" is selling REALLY well right now. The adventure I went through that was told in that book was so crazy, the readers started saying that the book is actually fiction. Oh, how I want to prove them wrong~ It's actually the least crazy!

"Lady Teffa, the soup is overheating again"

"Ahhhh! Uhh, Fait, go rest in the house okay?"

She gave me the key to the house

"Okay mom"


I entered the house, it's still the same as ever. I entered my room and laid down on the bed.

I pulled out a small iron bar from my waist bag, I pushed one of it's buttons.


It extends to a sharp diamond spear.

I fidget around the spear, spinning it between my fingers, balancing it on my forehead.

It's one of the treasures I found actually...

Bandits huh? To think that Feyt managed to kill them. Does he have some strong Talents too?

I killed thousands of bandits already, most of which screamed "I'll give you anything! Spare me!" when I'm about to kill them. Even the one from last night! How creative can they get?!

Well, I'm already home now, Feyt's birthday is soon, but what to do after that?

I heard a rumor about a floating island that has the remains of an ancient civilization somewhere in the north, that sounds interesting to explore. Or maybe that island that sinks ships that nears it? Surely there's some creature sinking the ships right? Wonder if I can kill it?

I'm getting excited just thinking about it!



"It would seem that Carine girl managed to escape the bandits..."

A man was reading a letter he received from his envoy.

"What? How?"

"She, and another kid, apparently killed all the bandits there. There's one who escaped, but he was struck down by a passerby"

"How? Isn't she just a kid? Or is her Unique Talent something that good?"

"We need more information about her, and that other kid too. Hey you, can you find her scroll in the archives again?"

"Forgive me sir! Due to our leak of my sneak in, they rearranged the archive's layout for safety reasons. I doubt I can find the specific scroll again sir!"

"Ugh... Our plan backfired huh..."



"It would seem that we need a hands on approach, can you do it?"


"Wait! Don't do it recklessly, if Sato gets caught and his Unique Talent gets exposed, we'll lose our heads."

"That's right. Sure, there are others like him on the main base, but he's the only one this branch got. We should be careful"


"Alright then... Sato, here's my plan"



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