"All right, be quiet, got it?"

The other kids nodded silently

"Good, stay here for the moment"

I looked from the corner of the wall, the bandits are sitting around eating steaks. They haven't noticed us, thankfully.

I see a door to my left, it's design is similar to the door outside of Carine's cell. I opened it quietly and entered the room. There, I see myself inside the cell, and also me outside of the cell. I still need to get used seeing the two of me at the same time.

I see the key for the cell hanging just beside the door I entered from, I grabbed it quietly, hoping it won't clink. I inserted the key to the keyhole, and turn it to the left.



Did anyone hear that?!

I focused my ears on the bandits.


"You're really bad at making steaks boss"

"Shut up"


They haven't noticed, thank god. Well, they didn't notice their friend screaming when I stabbed him *there*. Maybe I'm being too careful about them.

I stepped out of the cell and grabbed the sword from Feyt's hands. Since Carine is from a sword focused family, she should be more familiar with it right? I hold it in my hand tightly.

We opened the door, the kids still there.


The sword collided with the door!

Did they notice?!


"What's taking him so long anyway?"

"Probably having fun screaming at them or something"


Thank god they're deaf!

"Hey, can I have that iron bar?"


The kid gave me the iron bar I used to stab the bandit from before.

Well, now that I got both of us out of our cells, how do we get out?

Behind the bandits, using Carine's eyes, I could see a set of stairs heading upwards. Is that the exit? If yes, we need to somehow sneak through the bandi-


A loud, but cute, sneeze came out of Carine.

"Who's there!?"

Damn it!

I brandished my sword as Carine and my iron bar as Feyt, preparing to fight with a pounding heart.

"Boss! It's the kids! They somehow managed to get out of their cells!"


I, alone, stepped upfront to fight the bandits, with legs shaking.

"Hoh, you want a sword fight girl?"

The guy with the bandana brandished his scimitar.

"Boss! We shouldn't hurt her, remember?"

"Forget it! If we lose her, we might as well cut off our own heads"

"Got it boss!"

All the bandits brandished their swords too. In total, there are 5 people I'm supposed to fight here.

It's alright! Carine has [Enhanced Sight], maybe I can use it to predict their sword swings or something!

Two of the bandits rushed towards me. One of them about to swing their sword.

I see it! He's swinging down! I dodged to the side and-

Immediately, I felt pain on my left arm


I managed to dodge the swing from the front, but the second bandit kicked me from the side, my eyes didn't see him. He was too quick.

My body fell down, landing on my right arm.

"Nice one! Your [Enhanced Agility] is something alright! Now tie her up!"

"Thanks boss! Will do!"

I rushed with my iron bar, hoping to thrust it into the bandit that hit me.


I thrust forward, but nothing was there

"Ck ck, kid, you think you can hit me?!"

The bandit is mocking me, but I can't get angry now. My life is in danger here!

The bandit rushed alone, disappearing from my eyes. Is he that quick!?

*thud thud*


I hear it! His footsteps!

I swing the iron bar to the direction of the sound.



I managed to hit him hard on the stomach.

He quickly stepped back while holding his stomach, dropping his sword in the process.

"What the hell!? Did you just lose to a kid?!"

"Sorry boss! He knows where I was going to attack him from somehow!"

"Kh! This kid's dangerous, kill him!"

"Got it boss!"

I immediately pick up the sword that the bandit dropped and brandished it.

Carine's body managed to stand up too, also brandishing a sword.

Again, two of them rushed forward, it was the two from before. The one that I hit with the iron bar was using a knife now.

He disappeared from both Carine and Feyt's sights again.

The other one was about to swing down on Carine.

I see it! He's aiming diagonally!

I hear it! He's behind us!

Both Carine and Feyt swing their swords. Carine, to counter the man in front of her. Feyt, to attack the man behind them. Both using a technique from the Sareid Style.





Both of the bandits fell, with a large diagonal slash wound on both of their abdomen.

It was then I realized, that the first thing I killed in this world wasn't a monster, or an animal. It was a human being.



"Boss! They killed them!"

"I know that! Grrgh! Kill those kids! We're not gonna lose like this!"

I have no time to think about things like that. The other three bandits started charging towards us.

They looked stronger than the other two from before.

Using Carine's eyes, I see one of them charging towards me, it's the one wearing a bandana. I dodged his attacks using my eyes.

But on Feyt's side, both of the bandits attacked him mercilessly. I managed to block and dodge them, barely. I can hear their footsteps, but it's not exactly helping! The only reason I'm doing well right now is because of Carine's memories of sword techniques. Apparently, even Feyt can use it.

I don't know if we can win this, we might die here.

If only there's something that can turn the tide...

I looked around the room for something to use. The center has a small campfire with steak hanging on top of it, the steak was burned and black smoke was starting to gather on top of the campfire. Around it were wooden chairs, tables, and drawers. The room was illuminated with candles on top of the tables and drawers...

That's it!

I ran towards the candles with both of my bodies.

"You're running away kid!?"

"Get them!"

I knocked over all the candles I could reach, the tables and drawers started to burn.

The bandits caught up with us and the cycle from before repeats. Carine dodging the guy with the bandana, while Feyt barely dodges the two bandits. But after a while, the room was filled with thick black smoke gathering on the higher parts of the room. The bandits stopped attacking as they cough. We didn't get affected too much, due to our small height. But it's still irritating on the nose.

"Hey! You guys! Quickly get out while you have the chance!"

I screamed as Feyt to the kids watching from the sides.


They started to head towards the stairs.

"Boss! Uhuk, I can barely see them through the smoke!"

"Me too, uhuk!"

"Graaagh! What the hell is this smoke!"

The bandits continue their attacks, but now with teary eyes from the smoke. I can dodge more easily as Feyt now, and I managed to put some counter attacks in.

As the smoke grew thicker, I managed to slip away from the bandits. The bandits are still swinging, thinking we're still there.

I can barely see as Feyt now, as I also start to get teary eyed from the smoke. Carine though, can see perfectly fine. [Enhanced Sight] is truly something. But we need to finish this quickly, we're starting to have a hard time breathing due to exhaustion and the smoke.

I can hear their footsteps using Feyt's ears, one of them is to the right. Carine's eyes spotted another, his back turned towards her. Both of us charged and stabbed at them.




Two more down... I feel nauseated knowing that I killed someone... But there's no time for that.


Both of us heard the last one, his scream was so loud it hurts Feyt's ears a lot.

He started charging towards us, using Carine's eyes, I grabbed the nearest chair, and threw it to the ground in front of him.


His legs tripped on it, but he's still standing. Still, it gave us an opening.

Both Feyt and Carine readied their sword and charged forward.


Both of our swords pierced his stomach.



His body fell backwards onto the floor.


We- We won... We actually won!

I'm alive! I'm still alive!

I felt so relieved, it feels like my mind is flying...

Oh... I feel a bit dizzy now...

The lack of oxygen is this room is starting to get to us...



I heard father and dad... Are they here to save us?

We're... fainting...




"So this is the cave?"

We're in front of the cave that Sir Sareid said was suspicious.

In front of the cave are a group of men, most of them fathers of the kidnapped children.

We're carrying torches and swords, ready to fight any bandits we came across, but the forest was empty so far.

"It looks empty to me, are you sure they're here Sir Sareid?"

"Yes, this cave looks suspiciously clean, there must be someone going in and out of here at least. Search the walls, look out for anything that is suspicious!"

"Got it!" The group responded


As we were exploring the cave, I noticed something

"Sir Sareid! There are smokes coming from that rubble!"

"?! There is! Quick! That must be the entrance!"

The group and I started to remove the rubble bit by bit, and after a while, we see a door.

We opened the door, and just as we opened it.

A swarm of kids came out of it

"!! Kyle!!"




The kids started to run towards their respective parents, but I don't see Feyt anywhere.

I decided to ask the kids.

"Hey, do you see any blonde boy with blue eyes?"

"And do you see any girl with black hair and green eyes?"

It would seem that Sir Sareid's daughter is also not here.

As we were asking question to the other kids, one of them ran up towards us.

"Help! Help! They're still down there!"

The kid pointed towards the stairs leading downwards behind the door. Smoke seeping out of it.

"Fayn, I believe our kids are still down there"

"Yeah, let's go!"

We started to march down the stairs.

As we descend further and further, the smoke starts getting thicker.

We reached the bottom of the stairs, we looked around the smoke.

There, in the middle of the room was Feyt and a little girl, stabbing both of their swords to a man wearing a bandana.



The man's body fell down to the ground.

As soon as that happened, both Feyt and the little girl started wobbling.




Both of them fell, covered in bruises and scars.

We ran towards them and carried their bodies on our backs.

"The smoke must have exhausted them of air!"

"Yes! We need to leave quickly!"

As we are about to leave, we noticed around four other dead bodies, two were slashed and the other two stabbed.

"Did Carine do this? No, did the two of them do this?"

I don't know what's going on anymore, but the first thing we need to do is get out of this room.



I woke up, the room is full of smoke for some reason.

Oh no! Was our base discovered?!

Argh! My *friend* hurt for some reason...

Anyways, I need to get out of here.

I used the secret back door hidden behind one of the walls. I climbed up the ladder in front of me and soon reached the forest.

Hidden behind some bushes were horses with mouths gagged to prevent them from making any noise.

I removed the gag and got up the saddle of one of the horses, and as I sat down.


I remember now, I was stabbed *there* by that blindfolded kid.

"Grrrgh, I'll get revenge someday! You'll see!"

I started to run away from the cave with the horse.


During my escape, I felt a chill down my spine.


The horse came to a screeching halt.

In front of the horse, was a blonde woman holding a spear.

"Get out of the way!"

I screamed at her but she refuses to budge

"I had a feeling that Feyt was in trouble, so I came here as fast as I could..."


What's she talking about?

"But to think that he would deal with the problem himself, he's growing up isn't he?"


Is this lady crazy?

"The horse is innocent, shoo"



The horse started to run immediately, I wasn't holding tight so I fell.



"I guess I need to deal with his leftovers, my brother can be surprisingly picky sometimes..."

She pointed the tip of the spear towards my neck.

I started to fear that I might actually die here.

"W-wait a sec! I-I-I can give you money! Yes, money! Treasures! Anything!"

"That's boring! I've heard that thousands of times already"

She's really crazy isn't she!

I need to run! Quickly! But my legs won't stop shaking!



The last thing I saw, was my headless body pissing itself...



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