"The plan was a success! Kyrat decided to assign guards for the travel!"

"Heh, leaking the info about the sneak in was right after all, he's too paranoid"

"Our spy guards would gather the info of where they are, and then we'll leave it to the bandits to capture her whenever she is alone"

"Now all we need to do is wait for that bandit group to deliver the girl to us"

"Yeah, we'll be counting on you Sato"

"Sure! I won't fail you guys!"

"Hey, how's the negotiation with the bandits?"

"Forgive me! It went well sir!"

"Dude, I know that you just joined this branch, but you should really loosen up, stop calling us 'Sir'"

"Forgive me sir!"




I'm sitting in a luxurious carriage, across from me is my father and beside me is Leila. We're currently on our way to a village, the purpose is for me to observe the life of a normal commoner. I don't need it though, since I have Feyt's perspective, but I can't exactly say that to father unless I want him to call me crazy. So I decided to comply with father, and rode on a carriage to the village.

"We're nearing the village Carine, the scenery is beautiful, you should see it"

I looked outside the window, and father was right, it's beautiful.


Wide green fields complete with flowers scattered around, hills and forests are also in abundance. It's really relaxing. Those hills and forest looked familiar though... I feel like I've seen them somewhere before.

"My Lady, your hair is scrambled, allow me"

Ah, my hair flew around due to the wind. I'm a noble girl now, so I need to at least keep up my appearance, so I pulled my head back in the carriage. Leila combed my messy shoulder length hair straight. The carriage bumps around a lot due to the road, so her managing to carefully comb me in this situation is amazing in my opinion.


After a short while, we reached the village. Father stepped out of the carriage and thanked the coachman in front of the carriage. Me and Leila stepped out of the carriage too and followed father to the village gate. I noticed that behind our carriage was a wooden carriage. Through the gaps of the cloth blocking the inside of the carriage, I could see a few people inside, I feel like I've seen their faces inside the mansion before.

"Carine? Where are you going? The gate is over there"

"Oh, nothing father"

[Enhanced Sight] is really something huh, I can spot someone's face from a small gap like that from far away, what a Talent!

We approached the gate, and after a few talks, the gate keeper opened the gate for us


We entered the village, it looks very familiar.

"We should inform the elder about our arrival first, his house should be at the center of the village, let's go"

I looked around the village, it really feels familiar, but I don't know if I ever saw it before. My mind is saying that I've been here before, but my brain is saying that this is the first time I've stepped foot in this place. Weird explanation I know, but it's weird because what I'm feeling right now IS weird.

I decided to put it aside for now, I don't want to get left behind. I followed father and Leila walking through the crowds, the road is filled with people, some kids playing, some parents watching and washing clothes. Things you normally see in a village, but blending well in the crowds, are a few people that I noticed from the wooden carriage that was behind ours. I really feel like I've seen them before, in the mansion. I feel like I've seen some of them guard the front doors and the garden, and now they're here watching us from afar.

"Carine, walk faster, don't get left behind"

"Y-Yes father!"

We soon reached the market place of the village. Stalls selling various things are open here, and it's more crowded than before. I followed father and Leila closely, hoping that I wouldn't get lost.

As I was walking with father and Leila, one of the villagers approached father. He whispered something to father's ears

"Geh! Leila! Keep a close watch on Carine! Go to the elder's house, we'll meet there!"

"Understood My Lord!"

Father ran off with the villager to somewhere.

"Come on My Lady, stick close to me"


I stick close to Leila as we walk through the market.

A villager bumps into me, I stumbled back and fell on my butt.


I stood up immediately and looked in front of me, Leila's not there...


Did we get separated? I should go fast to catch up with her then.

I ran forward, hoping to find Leila, what I find instead, is my reflection.

"Who the heck placed a mirror here?"
"Who the heck placed a mirror here?"






Mom told me to get some tomatoes from the market, a shame since I was enjoying the view from the carriage in Carine's perspective.

I didn't really like going to the market all that much, it hurts my ears a bit due to constant screaming of "Low prices! Low prices!" or "Apples here! Get your apples here!". So I should just leave quickly once I've done my business.

So I walked to the market, bought some tomatoes and as I started to leave. I saw a little girl falling over after getting bumped over by someone. That scene felt familiar...

I walked there to check if the girl is fine or not, but what I find instead, is my reflection.

"Who the heck placed a mirror here?"
"Who the heck placed a mirror here?"





That's Carine!

That's Feyt!

We met each other!!

I'm looking at the both of me from both of my perspectives!

That would explain why the scenery around here looks familiar! This is where Feyt lives!

What should I do?! I never expected this to happen!

I take a closer look at the both of me, just in case I'm just hallucinating.

The girl in front of me has black shoulder length hair, green emerald eyes, and a beautifully woven dark blue dress.

The boy in front of me has short blonde hair, cerulean blue eyes, and a simple gray shirt with brown shorts.

The girl looks cute.

The boy looks handsome.


Alright, alright, I need to calm down... I still need to find Leila, I don't want to get lost...

Wait, Feyt knows where the elder's house is right? I can just use his knowledge to get there...

Alright, now that I know where to go, I just have to-


I heard something, a loud running noise that sounds like a horse's running.

Feyt's ears picked up the general direction of where the sound came from, and both of my bodies looked to the source of the sound. Using Carine's eyes, I can see that there are 3 horses running with men in black cloaks riding them. They pushed through the crowds, knocking people and stands as they pass. How rude, don't they know running a horse in the market is illegal?

They're approaching us, their speed non-slowing. As we are about walk to the sides to let them through, two of them jumped from their horses. They ran towards us...

Wait, this looks dangerous...

Are they bandits?!

I need to run!

Both of my bodies started to run from them, but due to our childish stature, they caught up in no time.

"He- Ghgghhk"

The two bandits that caught us shoved some cloth to our mouth as I was about to scream for help. Some of the villagers ran towards us to stop them, but all of them got knocked down by the third bandit. The two of us were tied up, blindfolded, and then hoisted up to what I assume are their horses.

The horses started running


"Lady Carine?!"

I heard the voice of father and Leila passing by, but I can't hear them after that.

Am I- No, are we, getting kidnapped?!!



One of the guards I assigned said that they caught a group of bandits in one of the alleyways, he said that they confessed that they were hired to kidnap Carine. If that's true, that means that the mysterious group already knew of Carine's Unique Talent. I need to interrogate them immediately!

"Geh! Leila! Keep a close watch on Carine! Go to the elder's house, we'll meet there!"

I left the two of them behind and instruct the other guards to tighten up their defenses.


I reached the alleyway, I walked up front with the guard behind me.

"Where are they?"

"Well sir, they're here..."


I immediately pulled my sword and parried the sword swing aimed at the back of my head.

"You?! What is the meaning of this?!"

"Your [Spatial Awareness] is really annoying old man!"

The guard swings his sword towards me again, I took a step back and avoided it.

I then immediately stepped forward and sliced his throat.


He dropped his sword and immediately covered his throat wounds, hoping to stop the bleeding.

"What's the meaning of this! Tell me!"

"Th, TheY TolD mE yoU WerE... WeAKen,ed..."


His eyes were wide opened as he lay down on the dirty floor.

Wait, if he lured me here... Then that must mean!


I immediately ran towards the market, where I hope Carine and Leila would be.



"Hah... Hah..."

I was out of breath, I ran here as fast as I could, but my old age has it's limits.

I don't see any signs of Carine, is she not here yet?

Wait, that's Leila! She looks frantic.

"Leila! Where's Carine!"

"My Lord! Forgive me! I lost her when someone bumped into me!"

"Quick! We must look for her!"

As I said that, three horses with black cloaked riders passed by us, with two tied up children on their backs.


"Lady Carine?!"

I was too late!!



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