After the baths, Feyt is supposed to help with field work, but...

"No, you told me yourself that he might still be dizzy! Sure, there might not be any problems now, but what if he faints?!" Mom said with a pouting face.

"He needs to move around at least! If not, when is he gonna get muscles like mine?!"

Mom and dad are arguing over if I should work or not. I'm fine really, mom's worrying too much. But dad's incessant rambling about me building muscles is a bit annoying to be honest. If I recall, mom and dad always argue about my work. Mom usually does the planting and watering, while dad tills the field almost every day, and if there's no work to be done, he's chopping fire woods. Feyt usually helps with the planting, harvesting, and checking for pests. But lately, dad has been pushing for Feyt to till the fields too. And that sparked arguments between mom and dad almost everyday.

"I'm okay mom, I want to work!"

"See! Even he's okay with it! Let's go Feyt, you'll build muscles like mine when you grow up, hahaha!" My dad said proudly

"But I don't want heavy work, can I help with watering instead?"

"What?! You need to till the fields to build muscles you know? You know, back in my day-"

Mom interrupted "Feyt, you shouldn't work right now, your scar is still not completely healed, what if you fall?"

"No no no, he NEEDS to work! I don't want my son to be frail like a stick!"

"If you want to train him, not now! He's still-"




Both mom and dad are silent after hearing my scream. Their arguing is starting to hurt my ears, literally. I feel like my ears are sensitive now for some reason, their voices felt loud even though they don't seem to be yelling and it hurts my ears. Either way, I don't want to hear arguments for some time, so the only thing that can stop this argument, is child selfishness...

"I want to help with watering! I want to work! But I don't want to till the fields yet!"

I'm still 12 years old after all, surely they will forgive me for acting selfish once in a while right?



They seemed to be looking at me, shocked. Wait, did I go too far? They aren't mad are they? Wait wait wait, it's logical if they ARE mad right? I just screamed at them after all...



Yep they're mad... This is the end of my relaxing life as Feyt huh? Well, it was a good while it last-

"Fine..." said dad

"If that's what you want..." said mom

Huh? They aren't mad? I'm confused.

"We'll work in a bit, why don't you go to your room for now?"

Mom told me to go to my room. I'm still confused, so I decided to comply for now.

As I was leaving the dining room, I see the both of them sitting across each other, looking dejected.



"Our Feyt... talked back to us..."

"He's... growing up... huh..."

Both Teffa and Fayn are depressed after their son talked back. This is the first time Feyt ever said no to either of them.


Both of them released a heavy sigh...



I'm in my room as Feyt, I'm still confused about mom and dad, so I decided to focus on Carine for now.

I'm currently watching father and mother train the students their sword style. Mother would explain the basics of techniques while father would do a practical demonstration. After that, the students would practice the techniques, either with a partner, or with father. Anyone who failed to do the technique is reprimanded heavily by mother. Looking around, all of them are actually older than me. The youngest seems to be 13 years old, while the oldest seems to be 20 years old.

I'm not participating in the lesson, I'm just watching them from the sides. Leila is not with me at the moment, she's cleaning my room, so I'm alone. The duels that the students were having looked cool, so I watched it intensely. Even though father and mother already taught them how to do the technique, most are still having trouble with it. Why? Looks easy to me, or was there something else to the technique?

After a while, the students took a short break, and one of them approached me.

"Excuse me, is your head okay? I'm sorry about last time"

This is the guy that hit me in the head yesterday, though if I recall, it's not his fault. Wanting to watch more closely, Carine walked a bit too close to the students, and WHAM. Headshot... You need to be more careful past Carine...

"It's alright, it's my fault that I walked too close while watching"

"No no, it's my fault for not noticing you behind me. If you were an enemy, I would be dead by then"

"No no no, it's my fault for-"

While we were having this back and forth conversation, mother approached us.

"Oh, you're that kid that hit my dear Carine in the head... I hope you learned your lesson?" Mother said while having a scary stare.


He ran away. Apparently, he got quite a yelling by mother after the incident, and has been scared of her since, poor guy.

Oh, since mother is here, might as well ask.

"Mother, can I swing a sword for a bit? I'm bored"

While in break, most students just sit around and relaxed their bodies. So no duels or anything to watch, it's boring.

"Hm? Sure, why not. If it's just swinging, you can train your arms a bit"

She handed me one of the practice sword.

I held the sword in one hand and started swinging aimlessly...

I swung it a bit more... A bit of vertical and some horizontal...

It's boring...

I want to try the techniques that father and mother was teaching, it looked cool!

I tried mimicking the movements of the technique. I did it a couple of more times and more after that. Yep, it's easy! Then why are the students having a hard time with it? Or maybe there's more to it than I thought and I'm doing it wrong. As I think that, both father and mother are looking at me, wide eyed. Damn, I did it wrong didn't I? Are they disappointed at me? Am I that bad?! I decided to put down the sword for now to avoid any further embarrassment. This is what i get for being cocky.

After a while, the student's break is over, and I continue to watch them practice.



"Dear, Carine, she did it perfectly!" whispered Peyna, looking shocked.

"Yeah, I saw that. If she can do that just from watching us, then her Talent is growing terrifyingly quickly..."

They looked at Carine sitting in the corner, watching the student's duel intently.

"We mustn't let the others know of her Unique Talent for now. If she asks for a sword to train with, reject it"

"Alright, I'll instruct Leila to do the same"

After their conversation, they went back to teaching the students.



"Feyt, it's time to work!"

Dad's voice echoed through the house.

I switched my focus from Carine to Feyt and headed outside.

Behind the house, there's a wide empty field of soil. If Feyt's memories serves right, last week we harvested all of the crops, thus the empty field.

"Here you go Feyt" Mom said while giving me a watering can and a bucket full of water.

"If you see any pest, make sure to call me"

Pests like rats are dangerous for the crops, so if spotted, it should be dealt with immediately.

"Okay dad!"


We started the farm work. Dad is tilling the field a couple of steps ahead, and Mom who's beside him would plant the seeds on the tilled field. I would water the planted seeds and then move on to the next one. Whenever my watering can is empty, I would fill it with the bucket of water. This work is kind of relaxing. Breathing in the fresh air, with green hills and forest in the background. Definitely better than my previous life's stressful job. We did this until evening, where the fields are fully planted with seeds.

While I was looking at the fully planted field, I heard something. Footsteps, but very soft footsteps. I looked at where the sound is coming from and saw a small rat a few meters away.

"Dad! There's a rat!"

"Huh? Where?"

"There!" I pointed

"Ah, I see it!"

Dad ran up to it and managed to "deal" with it immediately with his hoe.

It was grotesque, the rat was split in half.

"Please clean the hoe when you're done Dear..." Said mom while disgusted.

"Yeah... Didn't think it would be this bloody" said dad.

"How did you spot it anyway? It's almost dark, and you're pretty far from the rat" Dad asked me.

"I heard it's footsteps"


Both of my parents said confusingly.



It's night now, after dinner, both Feyt and Carine went to their bedrooms.

"Sweet dreams My Lady"

"Thank you Leila"

Leila closed the door on her way out. Carine's room is now cleaner than yesterday, thanks to Leila I presume.

Now that both me and me are alone again. I want to try something.

I focused hard, harder than I ever focused in my life.

I raised my left arm as Feyt.

And I raised my right arm as Carine.

At the same time.

IT WOOOOOORKS! I screamed in my head.

I can control my bodies together while doing different actions now! The movements I can do in this state is minimal at the moment, even lifting separate arms like before took a whole lot of concentration. But I can train it! It would seem that complex movements like working at a farm is the key to train my control. I'm excited to learn what other things I could do once I got further control of my bodies.

That said, my second life is truly enjoyable... I could enjoy the modest relaxing life as Feyt, sure I need to help work at the field, but it's leagues better than having to stress about deadlines 24/7. Plus, the scenery around my house there is relaxing. And I could also enjoy the luxurious noble life as Carine, eating luxurious food and having all the money in the world. Sure I need to watch my etiquette, but that's a small thing compared to working day to night everyday with barely any sleep. It's the best of two worlds! I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest!



In a room, somewhere in the capital city of Setus Kingdom. A secret meeting was held with 7 members attending

"So, any new targets?"

"Forgive me! I only managed to get one!"

The man placed a scroll on the table, written on the scroll was :



Carine Sareid

Magic : -

Talents : [Enhanced Sight]

Unique Talents : [En#%#[email protected]]



"Why is it blurred?"

"Forgive me! The file was hidden quite deep, I heard someone was coming and I didn't managed to copy enough information with my magic!"

"That's fine, I guess... By the way, how old is this information?"

"Forgive me! Around 2 years sir!"

"Stop saying 'Forgive me! Forgive me!', It's annoying"

"Forgive me!"


"So she's 12 years old now huh? That would mean we have around 3 years before she enters the academy"

"That's plenty of time"

"But why is the scroll hidden in the capital though? If their kid has a Unique Talent, shouldn't the parents flaunt it?"

"Sareid is not stupid, he knows that we've been capturing kids with Unique Talents, which might be why he decided to order the capital to hide it until she's old enough to enter the academy"

"Yeah, He's right. But now that we know that this girl has a Unique Talent, can you bring her to our side Sato?"

"Of course, nothing my [Natural Lies] can't do"

"I believe it will be hard though, she's raised by Sareid, I doubt she's greedy like every other noble kids"

"Ugh, I hate it when parents raise their kids right"

"If Sato fails, we'll be forced to bring the kid to the Boss"

"Hey, no worries, I won't fail!"

"I heard that it's about time for her to visit the country side, noble's tradition and all. I believe her father wants to head to the village of Elie"

"We could use the bandit group near there to capture her then. No need to dirty our hands"

"By the way Sato, I've always wondered. Have you ever used your Unique Talent to get laid? Shouldn't be hard to use to get some right?"

"To get laid huh... Why didn't I think of that!?"

"How can someone dense like you get a crazy Talent like that?!"


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