After I finished reading through the books that my maid, Leila, brought me, I learned a lot of things.

  1. Most humans can't use magic
  2. Humans who can use magic are usually scouted into the royal guard, regardless of title
  3. Most humans have "Talents"
  4. Monsters and Demi-Humans exists
  5. Most monsters and Demi-Humans can use magic
  6. Most monsters and Demi-Humans don't have "Talents"
  7. Alchemy exists as the Human Race's counter to magic
  8. Alchemy can create a variety of tools, one of which is a scroll that can check for Talents and Magic
  9. My terrifying reading speed might come from my "Talent"

Magic, they're exactly what you expect what magic is in a fantasy world. Only a few humans can actually use it though, and for those that can use magic, most can only cast basic spells like [Fireball]. Monsters and Demi-Humans also exists in this world, monsters like Kobolds, Goblins, Skeletons, etc. And also Demi-Humans like Elves, Beastman, Vampires, etc. They can use magic in far greater capacities than humans. 700 years ago, there was a vampire who attacked the Kingdom. The vampire was able to cast spells like "Inferno Wall" or "Great Extinction". Both of which, caused damage so great, the effects of it's destruction can still be seen to this day. The vampire was slain after a long fight by a group of adventurers who possess "Talents".

Talents, they're basically passive skills, or perhaps buffs. Rarely does a Monster or Demi-Humans have one, but almost all humans have at least 1 Talent. Talents consists of things like [Spatial Awareness], [Enhanced Hearing], [Enhanced Regeneration], etc. There also exist "Unique Talents", Talents that hasn't yet been recorded on any media and is rare to find. The adventurer group leader that subdued the vampire 700 years ago is said to possess his own Unique Talent. While I was skimming through the book about talents, I managed to catch a glimpse of a particular Talent


[Enhanced Sight]
A talent in which the Talent Bearer has an enhanced sense of sight. They would be able to react to things faster, be able to see in complete darkness, be able to process visual information faster, so on and so forth.


I assume this is my Talent, since my reading speed is physically impossible for any normal humans to do. I recall that my father, Kyrat Sareid, has [Enhanced Agility] and [Spatial Awareness]. Using both of his ability, he can literally defeat any enemy with his eyes closed. My mother, Peyna Sareid, has [Blood Drain]. With that ability, she can heal her wounds by using her enemy's blood, scary.

Every noble has their talent checked by the age of 10 using a scroll made by alchemy. But for some reason, both father and mother never told me my talents. I recall in Carine's memories.


"Father, Mother! What's my talent!? I wanna know~!"

My father and mother is reading the scroll after using it on me.

"Th- This is..."

"Oh dear"

They both looked worried for some reason, I asked them again, curious.

"What's my talent? Tell me, tell me!"

"It's... nothing dear, uhm..."

"What do you mean nothing mother? I don't have any talents?"

"No, it's not like that, but..."

My father interrupts

"Listen Carine, we will tell you your talents once you are 15 years old. Until then, we won't talk about it, understood?"

My father seemed intimidating all of a sudden, I know I shouldn't push more than this

"Understood father"


15 years old huh, that's 3 years from now. Was there something strange with Carine's Talents? Why didn't they show it immediately? Isn't my talent [Enhanced Sight]? Or was there something more?

*Knock* *Knock*

"My Lady, dinner is ready"

Leila said from behind the door... When did she leave my room? Was I that engrossed in books that I didn't notice? Anyways, I need to head for dinner.


Wait a minute, if I walk as Carine, won't Feyt walk too? That's a problem... How will I solve this...

As I was having a deep thought on how to move to the dining room. Leila came to my bed, and then carried me on her back.


"Your Mother's orders, My Lady. She assumed that you might still be dizzy, we wouldn't want you falling down the stairs. Hang tight My Lady"

"Uh... Sure..."

I was carried by Leila to the dining room.



"Feyt, here's some soup, careful, it's hot"

Said my mom, Teffa, as she put down a bowl of soup on a small table on top of my bed.

I am currently sitting on my bed in a upright position, in front of me is a small wooden table with a bowl of soup, a wooden spoon and a glass of water on top of it.

Problem is, I am ALSO sitting in a large dining room. In front of me are steak, a cup of tea, and a tray full of silverware.

"Carine, what's wrong? Are you not hungry?" asked my father

"No, it's not like that" I replied

"What's not like what Feyt?" my mom said confused

I forgot, Feyt and Carine share the same mouths at the moment, this is awkward. I decided to just eat to avoid any further questioning. But how do I eat a soup and a steak, at the same time?

I grabbed the knife and fork from the silverware tray.

"What're you doing Feyt? Stretching?"

While i was grabbing the silverware as Carine, Feyt's body was basically grabbing at nothing.

"uh... yes..." I whispered, hoping that only mom would be able to hear it

"Why are you shy? Come on, I made your favorite!"

I do recall that Feyt liked this soup, it has carrots, spinach, and an alluring scent of spices.

I grab the wooden spoon from the table while being careful not to drop the silverware I'm also holding as Carine

I then start to cut the steak using the knife and fork, bring it up to my face, and blow the heat away and then put it in my mouth.

"Hm? The steak's not that hot though?" My mother said

In actuality, I was blowing away the heat from the hot soup in front of Feyt. My mom who is watching me, seems confused as to why I was mimicking a cutting motion while scooping the soup with my spoon.

I continue this process until both steak and soup are done. I got a lot of confused look from both of my perspectives. I really need to learn how to control my bodies.

My mom pulled the wooden table away and left the room

"Sleep well, okay Feyt?" she said before closing the door.

While Leila carried me to my room and laid me in bed as per mother's orders

"Sleep well My Lady"



Now that we're alone again, I fell into thought.

It has only been a day since I got reincarnated here, are Luke and his girlfriend safe? Hopefully, since I literally died for them. How about my previous work though? Will Luke be able to handle it? Wait, since I died, wouldn't that be enough for someone to sue the boss? He did neglect the safety of the building after all. If that did happened, there's a high chance that our boss would be replaced with the secretary due to backlash, he's only a branch boss after all. That would mean, Luke would be able to fix things! Luke always has a big heart, so I know he would make the right choice, maybe invest more onto hiring more employees, work safety, and stuff like that.

While i was thinking about my old world, I felt sleepy all of a sudden, and fell to sleep almost immediately...

Or rather, only Feyt fell asleep, most likely due to the calming warm soup.

I wonder if I will be able to dream as Feyt while being awake as Carine, that would be weird. I stretched my arms as Carine and tucked into my bed and closed my eyes, hoping for a sweet dream...





I jerked up from my canopy bed.

I just moved Carine's body while Feyt is sleeping still... That might be the key on controlling both bodies separately!

I can't force one of my body to sleep whenever I want, sure. But, maybe it's about the concentration, if I loosen my focus on one body, maybe I would be able to control the other freely. Why didn't i think of that?! I want to try this immediately! Come on Feyt! Wake up! We need to try this!!

It seems I cannot wake myself up, talk about a deep sleep. There's no choice but to do it tomorrow then. I can't wait!


I was so excited about the thought, that I didn't manage to get much sleep as Carine.

A note from Zinless

To avoid confusion, i decided on something :

Mom and Dad, would be used for Feyt's parents, Teffa and Fayn

Mother and Father, would be used for Carine's parents, Peyna and Kyrat

Hope you are enjoying the story so far! I already planned the story a couple steps ahead, but any suggestion is welcome!

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