As the news of the incoming attack on the town was announced. The people of the town of Agrona started to prepare.


Just like what Tanya said before, an abundance of the citizens volunteered to fight for this town. Except for the ones who couldn't, like disabled, adults, children of course for a very obvious reason, and the majority of women.

And most of the volunteers were from the Fang faction. That for some reason didn't surprise me even a little bit.

That place is full of battle-thirsty warriors!

Temporarily, the ongoing projects to improve the town were halted and for now, we decided to focus on dealing with the incoming enemies. However, there were still tons of facilities that needed to continue the operations. The facilities supplying our basic needs like farms and ranches were still in operation because God knows how long before this battle would end.

As the carriage I was riding on passed through the people, they immediately waved their hands at me. I waved back even though I wasn't sure if they could see me.

As I leaned to the backrest, I shifted my gaze to Misha who was just silently looking in front of her while crossing her arms. Since the day the war was announced, she never left me alone and always insisted on going with me while promising that she would not disturb me on my job.

And she did, she's just following me around for days now without saying any words. She was content by just watching me while crossing her arms and occasionally narrowing her eyes.

I mean, it's adorable of her to get concerned about me. However, now that I have observed it. I am a little bit worried that she's starting to adopt Tanya's mannerisms.

We finally reached our destination and walked down from the carriage. In front of Leal's mansion where the new members of the corps were currently gathered. As we walked towards the open field where they were, we were immediately greeted by the 2 people standing in front of them.

"Mister Casimir." Kuro bowed her head at me.

Next to him was Leal who was giving an instruction to the new members of the corps.


Leal nodded at me. "Casimir." However, his eyes immediately shifted to the person standing next to me who was crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes. Leal narrowed his eyes before slowly shaking his head. "Is this the same girl you brought here before, or you already replaced her and I just didn't realize that you did?"

I chuckled and patted Misha's head. "Don't say that, Leal."

Leal sat in front of Misha and stared at her. "Forgive me, I didn't mean any harm. I just realized that you have changed a lot."

"What do you mean? You met her just recently at the party in Tanya's mansion, do you remember?"

"I noticed it back then, but now I am certain. However, by seeing it now, I highly suggest that you should teach her Mana concealment, it would be best for her."

Now that he mentioned it, I did notice that Misha's mana manifestation really was different from the kids her age, maybe because she's always been with me since I arrived in this world. She's the closest person to me after all.

I slowly nodded. "Yeah, I'll take that into consideration."

I don't even have any idea of how to teach someone a skill, maybe Tanya could help me with that.

He stood up and faced me. "With that said, the new 86 members of the Marionette corps are now ready to be deployed once the enemies finally arrive." He pointed his hand towards the new members of the corps.

All of them were wearing their uniforms, butler suits for boys and maid outfits for girls. Just by seeing them finally wearing their uniforms instead of white t-shirts and pants really put a smile on my face. All of them grew so fast.

It's their graduation day, and as of today, they were now official members of the Marionette corps. And as a business partner, at least that's what Leal addressed me, he invited me here to see the proclamation of the new members. Even though I had nothing to do with the Marionette corps, besides the fact that I am their regular customer.

With synchronization, all of them bowed their heads toward me. "Greetings, Lord Casimir." All of them said with such a formal voice.

Both Kuro and Leal stared at me as if they were waiting for me to say something.

Oh, maybe they're expecting me to say something in return.

I walked toward them and cleared my throat.

Looks like I need to come up with something cool to say.

All of them were looking at me with such delight on their faces.

"I have seen you all grown. I saw what kind of hardship you endured just to reach this point. From being trainees, you are all now official members of this town's main security forces. From now on, you will be my eyes, if I want to see, you will be my ears, if I want to hear, you will be my hand if I want to reach something and you will be my shadow lurking around me. I am fully aware that joining the war as your very first task as an official member of this corps is quite tough. However, for this war, I want to imply my only one rule, this rule applies to all of you. If you fail to follow this rule, it means you have failed me. And that rule is... death is prohibited. Once you realize that you can't take on the enemy in front of you, run. Save yourselves and your allies. I don't need you to die for me, I need you all to live and continue working with me. A dead mercenary can't do things for me anymore. So, no matter what, live." I exhaled and smiled at them. "Are we clear?"

Once more, all of them bowed their heads. "Yes, Lord Casimir."

"Congratulations, new members of Marionette corps. I am looking forward to working with all of you."

As I wandered my eyes through them, I saw Japheth from the crowd. Even from a distance, I could clearly see his ear-to-ear smile.

I mean, look at him now, from 'I am Leo the invincible' to now an official member of a prominent mercenary corps.

He's growing so fast.



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