"You know the location of the kingdom of Milana, right, Leal? How long do you think before they reach us?"


"If they are traveling on foot and if we are going to consider the amount of break they will take to not exhaust all of their personnel before arriving here. More or less than a month, and I would say, it's more than enough time for us to prepare for the incoming battle."

I nodded. "I see."

"For now, I would suggest that we should stop the current revision of the town, and focus on making weapons and armors for our forces. Although we still have enough as of now, a reserve of them will be much needed." Tanya suggested.

"Right, armors and weapons, we need those. However, we still haven't announced to the citizens that a war will start soon. We don't even know how many personnel we have that would willingly fight against a legion."

"Anyone who can fight will join. Don't forget that we were fighting for this place all those seven years of war, if you who are new to this place are willing to fight, so will the people who were living in this place for longer." She crossed her legs and flattened the skirt of her gothic dress by putting her hands on her knees. "Especially now that this place is much more worth fighting for than before."

"That's good to hear."

"Mister Casimir, I will notify all the blacksmiths to produce the best quality weapons and armors right away!" Karoon said.

I smiled and nodded at her. "Yes, that would be a great help." I sat on the wooden chair. "Now, we need at least a concept of how we could fight back against them. As much as possible, I don't want them to reach the town and destroy things."

"I have a thought." Leal raised his hand.

"Yes, what do you think, Leal?"

Leal is really active in this meeting today. Usually, he tends to keep his silence and just nod at everything.

"It's just speculation, but if the kingdom of Milana have done their proper investigations on us, which I am assuming they did. It's probable that they already know that there are only 2 of us that can demolish those flying destroyers, 3 if a certain someone finally decided to use his wings. Then, if that's the case, I think it only means the Hive mind legion's sole purpose is to eliminate those threats before releasing the Zeppelin bombardment force. That also implies that as long as those threats are still around, the Zeppelin bombardment force will not make a move, unless they want to get destroyed."

"That makes a lot of sense."

Leal flicked his short blonde hair by swinging his head. "It's just speculation though, I only arrived at that conclusion after a few seconds of contemplating, so it will not be a surprise if I am wrong." He shrugged. "Also, we can consider that they are already expecting aerial attacks coming from us, so they will have it guarded. How? I still don't know, but it will be very beneficial especially knowing those flying destroyers can only attack what is beneath them."

Wow, this guy. So quick! Is he some kind of elven general or something?

However, why did every time he was saying the word 'destroyer' he was pointing his index finger at me? Is he trying to say something?

"So they are planning to lure us 2 out and overwhelm us with numbers? And once they get rid of us, those flying vehicles will be launched to deal with the ones who remain." Tanya asked.

"That's what I think," Leal answered.

"Hmph, as much as I don't want to have any form of agreement with an elf, I will say that your speculation is quite dependable."

"You are an elf too, you know?"

"Moving on, what do you think about it, Casimir?"

"Just like Leal said, it's just his speculation, but the fact that you came up with such a thought-out idea with just the information you've got is quite impressive."

"Please don't give me too much credit for it. I was just stating the silly idea I came up with."

"Casimir, even I agree with Leal's conclusion. Although there is a small chance that he is wrong, I would suggest that you should consider it." Mehrad commented.

"Sure, I will take that into consideration as I think of our strategy. And now, we should announce it to the town. It pains me to stop the ongoing projects inside the town, but we have to deal with the dilemma that is on its way towards us."

"The Marionette corps is always prepared for your orders. I will send them immediately to scout the Hive mind legion."

"Good I will count on them. They will be a very huge help for this one."

As we agreed on the terms of the incoming war, I asked them to announce it to the citizens of their respective factions.

As expected, the citizens were very surprised, which was understandable, because I almost jumped out too when Tanya told me about it.

I looked up to the starry sky as I exhaled while leaning my back on the metal chair. I was currently sitting at the backside of the mansion.

"You are still awake."

As I turned my gaze, I found Tanya standing a meter away from me. "Yeah."

She turned her gaze to the person sitting at the other side of the tea-table. "She fell asleep."

I stared at Misha currently sleeping while her head was over her hand over the tea table. Next to her was her empty teacup. "Yeah, when she heard the news, she never left me alone since then."

I stood up and carried Misha in my arms. I heard her groan and put her hand on my shoulder. "Big bro Casimir."

"She's just concerned about you."

I nodded. "I know. Anyway, I will go now." I proceeded to walk towards the door of the back part of the mansion.

"Even you, you seem very worried about this incoming war."

I stopped. "This is the very first war I am going to participate in and to make it better, technically, I am the Commander of our entire force. I would be lying if I said that I am not worried."

"Don't fret, if everything goes worse, I will be there for you. I always will. Just keep in mind that you can always count on me."

I looked at her, her beautiful face was hidden in the darkness, but it couldn't hide the assured smile she was conveying as she stared back at me.

"Thanks. That's a very assuring word to hear, Tanya."



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