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A few days before... Somewhere on Ethernia...

The complete fleet of the Baron Zergalor, who had regained his military health, was pointing towards Sahelia.

He wanted to put the humanoid Krulls in their place and exterminate the red lizard men, the Kobolds...


Argentrix was missing him terribly, her power surpassing all that the guild could offer.

He was left with dragons who joined them and especially the raptor dragons under Tania.

Some of them absorbed the spice a little too well.

This resulted in a catastrophic mass teleportation that sent the whole world wandering into another dimension and resulted in the logical "death" of the baron in that dimension.

In fact he found himself like Tiamat in his own hell in a dimension more spiritual than physical.


Tania, ate with Hissa who looked after the children and babies while we were on Goldur's ranch with Emerald who explained to Argentrix how to raise young dragons in a human controlled environment and the complexity that this entailed.


If you put young dragons with humans of the same age, accidents such as severe cuts or missing fingers are very likely. And even though they are born with certain abilities that young humans gain at 1 or 2 years of age, a watchful eye is needed to ensure that the young dragons do not get hurt.

Tristan was really wild. He would climb everywhere and, surrounded by dragons, he would ask his mom "Me big dragon later" and pretend to spit fire.


Hissa: "Honey... We are lizards... We have a lot of magic but we are humans... Like uncle Higgins... You must be proud of yourself!"


NAN NAN and he climbed onto the cupboard, grabbed the bag of candy that was hidden there.

Then, with his hands full, he jumped up thinking he was opening imaginary wings and unfortunately fell against the stainless steel potato tray. One of the corners cut him below the jaw!



He whistled like a snake and contorted himself " MAMAAaaaaaaHH I have painnn"


Tania straightened him up: "If you want, later you can become a dragon like me!"


Hissa looked at Tania and her eyes turned black. She let go of her apron and kitchen utensils. Extremely angry.

Tania was still tolerated and "forgiven" but she inflated her lungs.


Hissa:" TANIA! There is no way you can touch Tristan now or ever!"

Tania: "I wanted to make him happy."


Hissa: "If you talk about one of these things again in front of the children, the door is there! "

Tania: "Sorry Hissa..."


But Hissa felt that something was wrong. Tania's eyes changed color, blackened at first glance.

Tania was sitting on a stool, human-sized, and clutching her ears.

Obviously, she was in pain.


She looked at Higgins, and Hissa and Brutus who were at the table while Tristan played with plastic soldiers and tanks in a miniature base. Dinosaurs and dragons.

Tania then saw a military base and started telling Tristan where to place men and units to defend the base.


Tania: "Be careful, to place the missile launchers there! If you lose, Baron Zergalor will come to visit you. He always takes the losers with him to punish them."

Tristan : "Who is the Baron? Is he nice or is he mean?"


Tania: "He's very smart..."


Higgins put his hand to his face, witnessing Tania's carnage as an influence on the children.

And Tania could not finish her sentence until she was pushed to the ground by Hissa.

Hissa: "Tania! OUT!!!!!"


And she grabbed Tania by the wrist and dragged her outside, but by reflex she turned her arm back and waltzed her over the shoulder.

Brutus caught Hissa all surprised and slapped a punch to Tania.

Then Tania's eyes turned black and her voice changed to that of Hakumen, then Baast and a whole myriad of people.



She heard the voices of all those she had murdered.


Tania: "Stop, I'll kill you all!"


Hissa called me for help. The children were in danger.

Tristan began to imitate Tania, which increased her hysteria.

Then Tania begged for help and all voices fell silent and began to obey one voice, which obviously crushed them all.


She recognized this terrible voice, bad and worse than anything else. But she soothed against all odds and freed Tania from her suffering.

In fact she had been suffering since the departure of the Zergs.


Their dimension where they lost themselves was linked to Tania's mind and the millions of souls were screaming in her head.

Then she turned to my family and the voice of Zergalor Zerg came out of Tania's mouth.


"Oh I see a family reunion... My dear Tania lives here... Well, well, well!"

Hissa shouted: "Who are you DEMON!???"


And she prepared exorcism spells, being a super Shaman.

Higgins was terrified. The Baron Zergalor had spotted them. He immediately thought of the Earth, which would suffer the same fate as Ethernia...


Tristan: "ZERGALOR !!!! ZEEERGGS !!!! SUPER PAN PAN PAN BOOM BOOM, we're playing war? I have my soldiers ready, look at my base!"

Higgin grabbed the little lizard and kept his mouth shut so he wouldn't make things worse...

Tania looked out the window at the stars.


Hissa, her husband and Higgins, who was holding Tristan, stepped back to barricade themselves in the kitchen.

Tania (Zergalor ! ): hahahaha: So this is where in the solar system you are hiding on earth! HAHAHAHA....


So, Tania, are you helping us??? you are still GENERAL ZERG!!!!! I still have your men and your drakes !!!

She went into convulsions and her eyes turned and a light came out of her mouth and she spat out a sphere.


Zerglor always shouted from Tania's mouth: "A little present to amuse you...".


In this sphere, you have a Zerg base that you can exploit and develop to make a front post. Unfold the antenna and if you still know how to teleport, we will be able to arrive...."


I had arrived outside, silently at my hydra size and had my head right behind Tania and I didn't miss a thing from this conversation.

My anger increased tenfold but I had to refrain from crushing Tania. She was a threat to the children, a threat to our world, and she had raised her hand on Mommy Hissa.

It was too much...


I saw red and I grabbed Tania's paw, but I saw that she was suffering martyrdom and that it was not her fault. She was also a friend, a family member, but my decision was made.

Hissa cast exocism spells on her and she came to her senses.


"Ivan??? Where did you come from? Why are you hugging me like that? You're hurting me!!!!"

I looked at Hissa, Brutus and Higgins...


Tristan: "She promised to turn me into a dragon like you and that I could play with Zergalor when he comes here!"

I wanted to crush Tania who screamed in pain caught between my fingers and my claws which must have been about 3 meters long.


Her neck was flexing, she was choking and crying and screaming "PARDON PARDON SORRRRRRYY it wasn't me!"


"It's them !!! they're chasing me !! they're in my head and they're going to come out of my mouth !"

Hissa, pissed off, took the sphere and threw it right in Tania's face and it went into her body!

Tania looked at me and begged me.


"Forgive me, Ivan, forgive me Hissa... I don't know anymore ... they're shouting in my head.... Then Zergalor shut them up... I'm scared but I don't want to die!! I'm scared, but I don't want to die! Pity, Mercy Ivan. You know that I love you...., I love you, I love yooo...


Don't kill me... Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy....

I had tears and I saw Argentrix sit next to me.


Then Tania's eyes turned black again.


Zergalor : "Ahhh Argentrix, My dear friend.... You know that our house is always open to you if one day you want to leave Ivan..."

At that voice, she fell to the ground, crying, and the pain of the drugs mixed with the pain of Demodragon...


She grabbed her horns and yelled "NOOOOOOOOOONNNNN STOP!"

Hissa redoubled her magic and eventually drove Zergalor and Tania regained consciousness and fainted.


I prayed to Mother Tiamat and behind the ranch we entered a dark tunnel dedicated to the goddess and mother of all dragons.

Tania shouted "NOOOONN NOOOONN NOOOONN Please don't do this!!!!! I don't want to be a sacrifice!

Please Tiamat ... Mercy Goddess!"


She scratched the ground but a wall of force prevented her from leaving.

One heard a last sob and shadows, I saw claws of the same size as mine taking hold of Tania who disappeared in the shadows...

We returned home sad and I took back a human size. Argentrix did the same.

And we all hugged each other.


Trisant screamed, excited to see me as a giant super dragon. "Brother, Ivan... You'll turn me into a dragon, too??????"

Hissa locked him in the room, but Higgins went in with him to talk to him and explain.


While we were crying because of this sudden ordeal, and also because of the loss of Tania whom everyone loved despite the ravages of the war.

Higgins told Trisan to come and sit next to him on the bed. He took a hand full of blue scales.


"Tristan, you are a beautiful lizard man. Look, your mother Hissa. She wasn't afraid of Tania who is a dragon. And she nursed her back to health and made the bad voice go away."

Tristan: "Zergalor's a bad guy?"


Higgins: "Of course, he's a monster. He hurt Tania, Argentrix and Ivan and everyone else. Look how he took Tania..."

Tristan: "I'm afraid of the dark now........ he's going to come and get me??? huh? Because I asked him to play????? Say? Uncle?????"


Higgins: "No. Your big brother Ivan took Tania to see grandma and the bad man will never come back! Never again."

He held Tristan against him, his head on his shoulder and looked at the window and the stars, worried.


Tristan had finally fallen asleep and Higgins put him in his bed and covered him.

He went out and everyone, including me, was looking at the old soldier.

"He's sleeping. He won't be afraid anymore."


Hissa hugged Higgins, "Thank you!"

We looked at all the stars. The sky was beautiful, without clouds, but the sky, which was our paradise, became a source of anguish.

Argentrix hugged me, "Ivan... I'm scared!"


Hirrax put herself in the position of a general and stood next to me and looked at the stars too.

"I am not afraid!! And she was holding our baby with one paw and my hand/paw with the other.

Me: "I'm not afraid!"


I wanted to roar but Tristan was sleeping and I clenched my teeth.

Everyone leaned against me and looked at the stars on our doorstep.


"We are not afraid!" all in our hearts!

Meanwhile, a dark tunnel, Tania between gigantic claws ...


She waited for her death...her life passing before her.

She crashed before the throne of Tiamat.


Head down... she looked down at the floor of the infernal cathedral.

She did not dare to say anything....


The five heads leveled at her level. Each of the heads was four to five times her size. A single bite was enough.

Tiamat: "Tania, straighten your head and look me in the eyes....".


Tania burst into tears and her personality broke in terror. She had before her not Ivan's mother, nor the Goddess mother of the infernal dragons, but a judge from the underworld....

Tania: "I'm dead????".


Tiamat, one of her heads began to laugh...


"No, but it can happen immediately..."

Tania swallowed, on her knees, and she begged forgiveness...

Tiamat: "I have seen the evil that afflicts you. You are not responsible.... your soul is wounded. You are...part demon.... You have the heart of a human, a dragon and a demon.... An empty shell of Hakumen that has marked you..."


You are a danger to Ivan, his family and his world...

The Baron Zergalor lives in you with all his army and through your blood which has given birth to wereraptors or weredragons, you are their alpha, a pure-blooded dragon lycanthrope. By their magic and by yours, the Zerg army lives in you. If Zergalor possesses you, he will be able to take out his army and devastate worlds, worse, you will cease to exist and he will have your body".


Tania was short of breath. She was overwhelmed. She was breathing like a half-drowned hen...


Tiamat: "I see regret in you and your willingness to fight. I like it. You have always been a fighter...You are going to join my army now...". I have missions for you!"

Tania felt the pressure easing a little.

But Tiamat made Marise appear as a golden dragon in front of Tania.


"Tania, you have wreaked havoc and carnage, but what is unforgivable to me is what you have done to Marise, your adopted daughter...She will decide your fate..."

Tania didn't dare to look up at the golden drago raptor...


Marise: "You don't know how I suffered from the have no idea how much pain I suffered from your rejection! You abandoned me like a .... " then she collapsed in tears... "Mom...why??????? I never deserved that..."


Tania: "It's because I love you and I continue to love you".

Marise: "You don't love anyone! You ravaged everything around you..... Look what you made me... a monster!!!!!!

I was abandoned by everyone and it was Goldur who took care of me, who saved me by mixing his blood with mine from becoming your were-slave! He at least allowed me to one day get my human appearance back. He received me as his child with Emerald who is my mother now... But you, who are you?????"


Tania: "A mother Assassin... that's how it is... We kill our master as an exam. Each generation becomes stronger ... but you failed ... and I spared you because I love you sincerely".

Marise: "You lie to save yourself once again... you lie as you breathe....."


Tania: "I can't help you if you think that way... but I offered you eternal life and a real murderer's body. You could survive on Sahelia like this, but not as a human..."


Tania: "I can't do anything for you if you think that way....

I rejected you so that you would flee, so that you would live.... "I'm sorry... "


Tania was in a ball.

Tiamat was watching Marise


"Mother Tiamat, don't kill her... Take me with... I will kill her!"

Tania had a smile, hidden.


Marise: "Tania... and this time I will not have tears that will betray me. And it is with this body that I will take revenge..."

Tiamat clapped her paws and the three of them found themselves back in the ship. Then Tiamat growled and Valcor, a huge demon vulture stood before Tania.

Valcor looked at Tania from the bottom to the top, as the instructor sergeants do.


"Not bad for an ex-human...good cultivation work"


Tiamat turned to Tania: "Valcor will be your instructor to join the infernal army. This will be your home and your home here. The earth is finished for you. It is forbidden to you... "

Tania: "Thank you for giving me a chance."


Tiamat "It was Ivan who asked me. Thank him! Otherwise, you would have been in my stomach for a long time. Ah Yes, Valcor is no more tender than Demodragon.... But as feathered demons, you should get along."


Tania, who was angry with me, changed her mind and thanked me for pleading with the Goddess...


"I'm sorry Ivan... I would have liked so much to have your child... sorry..."

The prayer fell into the ears of the Goddess who smiled "poor Tania... Then she thought... Where we are going... There is another me, another Ivan under another name maybe... Marcus???? yes.....

Then she closed her eyes as if to devour the world. And the sphere began to tremble and all disappeared from this world, from this dimension.

"Forward to the Destroyed World!"

A/N : The story continues in "I am a dragon!  Help!" (After chapter 65)

A/N : The story continues in "I am a dragon! Help!" (After chapter 65)

After epic adventures, the dragons are scattered in a world unknown to some while others get nothing. The lost dragons search for themselves and their friends and families.
Some have lost pieces and others have lost the joy of life.



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