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Argentrix wandered in the limbo of the cathedral and tac tac tac, Tiamat arrived near Argentrix.

She collapsed and lay flat on her stomach, not daring to say anything out of fear.


Tiamat approached and put her snout on the neck of the dragon, which was strewn with bruises and wounds.

Tiamat said, "Do not be afraid, my child," and she licked the wounds that closed.


The little one trembled and felt that the goddess was healing her.

"PPardon grandmother Tiamat... I don't know what I was thinking about... I beg you... I love Ivan..."

She was lifted up by one of Tiamat's paws which brought her to the level of her heart.


"My little Argentrix, I am really happy that you are getting back on your feet. And I love you a thousand times better as a nice dragon than as a drugged-up piece of garbage."

"Do you like nice dragons? Do you like Ivan?"


Tiamat: "Of course I love you all. Tenebrion, Sinistrar and all Tiamat like you... You are a Tiamat and you should be proud to carry this name as Ivan is also a Tiamat. But come sleep with me, we have thousands of things to talk about and you must have many questions."


Argentrix calmed down and a dialogue between Grandmother and granddaughter began.

The next day, a meal was served in the presence of Hirrax and me and of course Tiamat. I was in a black dragon so as not to crush her from our presence.


Hirrax had also come to be cuddled by Tiamat.

"You see, little sister, Mama Tiamat adopted me when I had my father murdered. She has been more than a mother to me and when I'm scared or in distress, she has always come to my rescue. Ivan too has been saved many times.

"Then Hirrax hugged and kissed her little sister who accepted her.


Do you want to play something?

Argentrix: "I apologize for my hysterical attitude."

"You were sick, but you're still not cured. We're here to help you too, but you must also be part of the infernal army. You must love your Grandmother but also remember that she is a goddess that you must venerate. Who cares about the theme or the motto, it's to respect her and love her as she loves you. The rest is inventions by priests.


On the other hand one of the missions is to go collect offerings through the darkness in the temples and dedicated holes. This is the work of the 60th legion but it is also a lot of fun.

Come, give me your paw and we'll collect the treasures, letters and petitions."

And so argentrix went off to have a good time.

Tiamat stroked me like a mom and we shared the meal.


"I won't harm this world that has been our ally, but I have rage against the factions of Sahelia, except the Kobolds.


The infernal army must modernize like the army of darkness. But what Argentrix has done is a catastrophe. She has done worse than me. She really destroyed a world and the troops are deeply resentful of her.

She's going to have to work hard to earn respect."


She's going to have to go through the same ordeal as you did to heal from sexual hysteria. That's the price you'll pay to get your old Argentrix back."


"Mom, it's horrible!"

"Her spirit has to grow up just like you did."


During this time.

"Hahaha, how fun... "

Hirrax:" You see but don't forget that we are in hell here! You see other worlds, other landscapes, we receive reports, requests and unfortunately sacrifices. That's why it's my secret... If I wanted, I could be at the head of the first legion, but when the twisted ones send children, it's me who saves them. Otherwise they would be devoured by demons."


Argentrix: "And then you have demon blood..."

"My father, Ambrosius, was always weak but never ate a human soul. Animals, yes, not thinking beings. Neither did I, and that was my strength.

On the battlefields, purifying spells did not work against me and I was several times spared as a model by the celestians.


Did you know that the earth is hollow? There is a world inside and a temple for Tiamat. Look!

You could see temples and great Jurassic valleys...

Then another planet. Other worlds...


The universe was full of worlds.

Hirrax put the missives back in a pretty red and golden box and the golds, jewels, gems sorted and arranged in appropriate boxes. A huge register book kept the accounts of places, dates, names and value and the real percentage of the due offering (fraud).


Sometimes a couple would beg for a child and Hirrax would put the sacrificed child to them. Tiamat caught her several times but it was her only sin and Tiamat would forgive her each time when she hugged her... "Mommy", also adopted.


So the day went great between sisters and they rested together.


Then Hirrax screamed and called me "Ivan...". Help me!"

I understood and ran to the door, panting.

"Ivan, our wings and thighs hurt terribly. Give us one of your massages with your five heads."

Argentrix was all pink!

Hirrax: "Shut up and let it happen"

And I complied.

I salivated and chewed the muscular edges of their wings in symmetry, the dragonnes lying on their bellies.

They groaned with pleasure.


Then a little hot, cold, oily and electric breath (mini impulses that made them tremble).

Then I stretched their wings and coated them with argan oil.


They purred with pleasure.

Then it was the massage of the thighs

And soon, the desire invades Argentrix abnormally and I have to cut it short. She was not yet ready.

She began to get excited and beg and I had to cool her down with ice between her thighs.

"Don't you love me anymore, Ivan?"


"Of course we love you, but you're not cured yet. The drug still has a strong hold on you. But I promise we'll get back to our old happiness."

"It's Hirrax, isn't it?"


Tiamat intervened:

"Argentrix, Hirrax and Ivan and all are here to heal you. They're doing their best for you, and you accuse them, which is proof of the hold the drugs have over you."

"Sorry, grandmother, sorry Ivan, sorry Hirrax."


Tiamat: "It's good that you recognize it, you're progressing like that".

"Grandma, Grandma, how do you get out of corruption?"


Tiamat:" By an atrocious suffering disproportionate to the pleasure or enjoyment received. There is no way to get toxins out of the soul except by twisting it. You must be prepared to suffer and accept your suffering as salvation".


Tiamat disappeared in the shadows and argentrix found herself alone in her room. She felt like crying.

When she looked out the window, swirls of magma and ashes were falling like snow into the furnace on either side of the main bridge.

"That drug, what got into me? What madness..."


What was the reason for that? Tania?

She took a walk alone in this immense infernal prison.

Auronne and Hissa were watching her through a screen, to see her progress, but Auronne knew the horrors she would still have to endure to grow up.

The little dragon girl was over.

She had to grow up and think about becoming a mother herself.


Hissa :" I think it's time, but I can't watch this. If it's like with Ivan, poor little..."


They went outside to change the air

In the sky of the cave, we could see a cylinder appearing silently.


Argentrix slept peacefully on a rock, staring at the lava bubbles and geysers that appeared regularly.

Demodragon awakened her with a horrible kick in the lower belly.


She was breathless.


"Then bad soldier. You have a rank of the academy but not the infernal army.

Look around you...everyone has been massacred! Your friend, Zergalor is here and he ravaged the earth in a single night. Look at his squads.

Gundams were landing


The cathedral was on fire.


Argentrix was looking after everybody, nobody...

A hole gave access to the outside and she flew in.

The ranches were razed to the ground and smoke covered the town in the distance and everywhere you could see Zerg ships landing, dropping troops and bombing military bases, but it was all over in a few minutes.

It was a nuclear furnace...

Then she saw in the distance a horrible monster heading towards her, followed by Zergalor floating in the air.

Then she saw in the distance a horrible monster heading towards her, followed by Valdimir floating in the air

Zergalor :


"Ah, how we meet again darling... You really helped me and saved me but I see that you don't want to eat your super space cristal anymore.

I don't want to introduce you anymore to my Servant, Demodragon, who is here in his true form.

The earth is now part of my interstellar empire. So join me and reign by my side as a tele-carrier or I'll leave you with your mentor.

Since he replaces Tiamat, he is now the God of the infernal army.


Argentrix fainted and woke up in a spider cocoon.

Demodragon: "You are a wreck as a soldier. You didn't watch out at all, you were fooling around and when you could have warned your sister, you were sleeping like a lizard on a rock.

You dared to masturbate in front of the other dragons, you made trouble with the food while you delivered children and orphans to the horde without really fighting.

And you criticize the way I feed myself. But I always wanted to taste the fallen golden dragon.

And he stuck his chelicerae in the lower belly of the argentrix who screamed when she felt the digestive juices melt her genitals.

Deodragon ripped out her ovaries and gobbled them in front of her.

She could not faint.


Demodragon: "You stay alive and conscious until the last piece... This is my power".



"Demodragon bit into her belly. "The liver or the pancreas?"

And he tore out her pancreas.

He closed it with a cocoon.

She oozed blood from everything.

Demodragon: Many of my troops dreamed of having descendants and you made fun of them. You made love like a beast without any restraint and they all swore revenge on you.


Argentrix shouted "Ivan help me !".

She tried her powers, but everything was sealed by the magical silks.

Then Demodragon came out of her personal space:

Ahhh eggs from Ivan and You...

It looks appetizing. Snakes love eggs!


DADDY! MOTHER! Sinistrar?


But nobody answered.

"Sorry Demodragon... sorry, I'll do whatever you say..."

Demodragon: "Too late... they're all dead because of you..."

And he swallowed the eggs which burst in his mouth, leaving a trickle of golden blood...


Argentrix: "Nooooo"

She let herself go, lost.


Then Demodragon continued to inject her juices until her wings fell off and broke off.


She trembled and stared like me at a saving spot that would never come. And she lost her tail and one leg.

The torture was atrocious but she said nothing more, resigned to die.


Then a bright flash of light and a voice cried out: Enough!


Tiamat stood before the battered body of Argentrix, who didn't even notice that Tiamat was there.

She snapped her fingers and everything disappeared and she found herself in a sleeping position on the rock.

But Argentrix was shocked. The astral had wounded her.


We took her out of the cave and laid her down in the barn surrounded by her sister, me and all her family.

I shook her and kissed her. You had a horrible nightmare...

She collapsed in tears and we hugged each other very, very tightly.


"It's over... It's all over. We're all together. It was Tiamat who pulled you out of that psychic attack...


Demodragon was chased away... He won't hurt us anymore. I promise...



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