The Zergs had not wasted their time.

With their molecular synthesizer, they almost instantly built a city around the ivory tower.

They were there to stay!


The giant drakes also began to produce mana cristals , in small quantities, but they had to reproduce.

Ethernia had lost its splendor and began to look like the Zerg planet.


The inhabitants who could flee the Kanda'ar went north, braving the radiation. They fled slavery

The lizard men also joined the fortress of Xaida.

The Hood was left to be studied in case of a possible battle

The Hood was left to be studied in case of a possible battle.

The Hood's twin brother, the Enterprise was finished with the latest portal technology.

Upon arrival at the Anchorage military base, the Enterprise was to be transported, but I magically reduced the size of the ship and put it in my personal space.

Higgins was afraid to see my true appearance, 6 times the size of a large dragon, 5 heads full of fangs.


The military panicked and fled

then I put my runes on the ground and concentrated on Xaida

The next moment, I was at Horok Castle.


A powerful field of invisibility hid the valley and the structure.

I was received by the witch and she invited me to have a drink to my success for Tiamat.

She told me about the catastrophic situation. The Zergs were worse than demons and were ravaging the environment by forced industrialization.

I asked her, "What about my mother? How is she?"


Xayda : "She is recovering her strength but the troops are hidden. The Zerg army is a thousand times more powerful than the Japanese army. They surrendered and the emperor is tortured by pure sadism.

The Zergs are fascinated by the cult of Tiamat but She is against it. She has no confidence. It is a trap.

Groups of refugees arrive and make offerings to Tiamat, the only remaining goddess of the pantheon.


Me: "What? The celestial ones?"

"All dead, shot into space by the Zergs." They didn't stand a chance.


I took the Enterprise out behind the castle

And the troops crammed inside and then the lizard men boarded with their drakes.

Since the ship was too small, I magically enlarged it and we were able to load as many people as possible.

The others arrived too late and were pursued, hunted by the armored human mantises, the Zergs

The others arrived too late and were pursued, hunted by the Sardaukars

Then I ran into the darkness and jumped on mom's neck.

"Ivan? What's up? "


"I'm so afraid of losing you again."

Tiamat: "Yes, I know, I have seen through your eyes."

I know your pain for Argentrix.


Didn't you bring her here?"


"No, it's too dangerous. She is sick and hysterical and if she escapes, she will go to Zergalor and there it will be a catastrophe, the Zergs will attack the earth by teleporting their squadrons, then they will take back Sahelia and all the free worlds."

I would like you to come with me.

You don't belong here anymore, this is a lost world and sooner or later they will kill you.


She thinks for a moment.

"You're right, you're right. I'd like to visit Earth..."

I jumped on her neck and she incubated me for a few hours...

She took on her human appearance and boarded the Enterprise.

The next moment, we were in Anchorage, the ship having grown 10 times its size.

A crowd of immigrants, fantastic creatures and gator men and lizard men stepped off the ship.


The humans screamed with joy and the pilots were accompanied by their companions Helldrakes.

I hadn't forgotten anyone and I held mom's hand princess-like, to support her status as a Goddess.

The aura was cataclysmic, mine, added to Tiamat...


I spoke in front of everyone.

"Here I present Tiamat, True and Ultimate Dragon Goddess, founder of the universe as we know it. It is through her forgiveness that you are back here, remember that!"


Everyone applauds.

But the dragons didn't hear it that way.

Then I saw the dragons very uncomfortable and very hateful towards me and my mom.


"Don't you dare criticize Tiamat, she's also your mother to all the dragons, the rest is all lies".

We went home and Tiamat moved into a suite that I had specially arranged for her.

The next day, we searched in the abyss after a large cave and found one at the base of a volcano.

The next moment, the black cathedral was placed around the magmatic currents.

It was a palace worthy of a Goddess.

It was a palace worthy of a Goddess

I was impressed by her powers. I still had a lot to learn.

She made a gesture by freeing Navarre and the 3 unicorns.


"You have been punished enough..."

Hirrax went to her mother Tiamat to welcome her too.

Auronne descended towards the cathedral, terrified.


Auronne: "Grandma????" The Hydra appeared from nowhere and its 5 heads surrounded Auronne, with no possibility of escape.

She was trembling, expecting a bite, but she was licked and squeezed by Tiamat!


"How I've been waiting for this moment for an eternity!!!!"

Tiamat knew how to be gentle with her own, but ruthless with her enemies.

They had a lot to talk about and then it was Emerald's turn to come and she got the same treatment.

Darkia yelled "MaMAAAAN!"

And Sinistrar and the other dragons bowed down before their mother and did not escape the slime treatment.

Then Argentrix was presented to Tiamat and she put her paw on her head and her eyes turned red with anger.


Was Tiamat going to tear Argentrix to pieces?


The dragon fainted

She slammed claws and Demodragon appeared.

Shit, I had completely forgotten about that one.


Tiamat: "Demodragon, training is needed to break this drug addict. I'm counting on you!"

And Demodragon took Argentrix hell!

"Ivan, as you know, Demodragon has extreme means, but he is an excellent teacher for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, deserters and traitors."


Aurona was afraid.

Hirrax: "I promise you, mother Auronne, that I will look after my little sister..."



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