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Marshell's master was long beside the very edge of this particular continent. She stopped with her walk and turned around to face the upcoming disciple of hers.
“Little Marshel. I won't make things difficult for you, as the base massage was not mine. I am a proxy for some mission they tasked me with. We will go in that direction. Is that fine?” She pointed to the left side towards the distant regions. Barren places were stretched towards the horizon around this massive palace and structures of buildings.
The emptiness between the continents and other parts could be seen from this current location. Marshall understood very well what his master meant and where she wanted to go.
Since it was not her who acted on his summoning, there were only a few others who could be the ones responsible for that. Those who are higher in power than his master. That, or this situation, was something specific and outside of his scope of understanding.
Unknown to his wonders and causes, this situation went hand to hand with his fate. Any living fate will be interlocked within this planet.
The cause was the Wisher's massage, and barely anyone shared anything about it.
“Don't destroy the ground too much.” The woman added as she turned back to face the palace. No longer glancing at her disciple, she took a step out of the cliff's soil. This singular step went beyond the border of the continent. Like a gust of wind, this little step caused her to disappear into the distance.
Not even Marshel could keep up with her, but he felt like he was not that far off. Speed was always relative, especially in the extremes of what was possible for the most powerful individuals in the universe. We are talking about the tip... a stage at the far end of the Lord stage.
Senses of motion will become all twisted at the greatest speed. It could become a burden at some point, so the mind had to move according to it. When you move hundreds or thousands of kilometers in singular moments, it was impossible to share the experience with anyone. Even more, it was hard to see the moment from an outside perspective.
To someone, it could seem like she disappeared into the empty air. No longer appearing in the reality. Almost like a ghost who disappeared into nothingness. Though traveling thousands of kilometers in a moment was no issue for any powerful being. It was the matter of perspective that would make it different. The force of the movement could shake the world and cause damage to their surroundings.
The move of such otherworldly beings hardly meant something good for the health of the planets. This was a small, unspoken rule across the Immortal lands. Knowing them was mandatory and could save many troubles. It was also a small price to avoid unnecessary drama.
The motion of the movement was the kind of power that the pinnacle of Immortals never talked about. After all, the strength of the Immortals was encompassing the grand universe, and it was a common fact. Many understood that some could travel from the Central Region of the Universe to the outskirts in a matter of a few dozen days. The days of the Central Region, of course, which was different from the mortal day.
It meant the amount of circulation of the energy that went from the Central Region of the universe. It was never wrong, and the history of the passing of this time was known before the beginning of the time itself. A single day was 30 days of mortal time. The kind that would be on Allan's planet.
Marshell looks at his surroundings with indifference, and so at his leaving master. When it comes to the dangers of such a movement, it meant nothing to him. In the relative sense of things, of course. He knew it was hard to say if one could destroy the planet with a matter of movement.
There were no restrictions after all, but the power necessary for that would be immense. After all, why care about it, when one could wipe the planets if they wanted to? Although, with much simpler tactics than movement skills, of course.
“Huh... Master is a jokester, as always. That's so like her.” he mumbled in meaning and walked to the edge of this continent.
This particular move was so gentle on her part that Marshel fell speechless and furrowed his brows in disappointment. His master left flickering grass from her step. Something that he would never manage in centuries of tries.
So, he took a step as well, but not the same as his master. The force of his step was not as gentle as that of his master. He forced the soil away and destroyed part of the path in the process of his move. He couldn't care about it as his master, and even her words hold no meaning to him. She would forget about her words in a bit anyway.
This part of the border would return to the natural path of the forest, so it was not a big deal.
In a few moments of incredible speed and precision, Marshell landed on many paths on the continent from before. The palace and the surrounding structures were the true purposes of his visit. It seemed that way to him, at least.
He landed in a familiar path he knew from the past. It led to the strange tower in the distance. His master walked towards it so he followed her steps. He was there to follow her, but he couldn't help but watch the upcoming tower. This was not right to call a tower per se, but it was a very wide and low kind of building. Visible was the only floor that could be distinguishable from the architecture. Nothing else but a single one.
It was a few kilometers wide building, with a few dozen meters tall floors. Circular formation indicated it would be a tower if one would build more towards the sky.
Though, Marshell knew this building wasn't a simple one. It was the major place for the rulers of this planet. One where the most important discussions were happening. Any kinds of important or less meaningful tasks or problems were talked about in this space.
His master long stopped in her tracks, as Marshell wasn't in any hurry. She was already waiting at the entrance while looking in his direction. Unhappiness wasn't on her face, since she was always a patient type. Her Little Marshell was the same, so it left a small smile on her face.
The entrance to this wide building consisted of many doors of different lengths and designs. The whole design went to the utmost ceiling of the building, where it ended. Some doors had a more ordinary look, while others blended into the walls themselves and into each other. There were more doors like this in many parts of paths that all led to each respective door. This one was for her, so she waited here to make her entrance.
Marshel looked around, even though he had been here a couple of times. He marveled at how every single one of his visits left a unique expression and experience in his mind. This time would be no different.
“Ready to go inside, or do you want to marvel at this tower for longer, Little Marshell?” she asked, just to be sure.
Marshell nodded and gestured he did not care at all. The usual stuff, which the woman could understand quite well.
She placed her hand towards the many interconnected doors, made of many pillars. A flick of her signature energy ensured the proceeding, and the door began to open up. It revealed shiny stone-like surface floors and walls inside.
Marshell, unmoved by the sights any longer, walked forth with his master, who walked in casual and light steps. One would hardly notice her presence when one was weak-minded.
Marshell of the past had plenty of experience of the Central Region and the universe as a whole. Yet, those feelings and marvels were shattered beyond recognition as he became aware of this mysterious space.
There was only a single hallway of a couple of dozen meters that revealed a massive open space. It appeared as if a brand new and distinct world was within.
It was filled with strange people, with even stranger situations. The Ones, so to call, had no intentions to make their appearances public knowledge. They were always below their care.
In truth, they did not even think the public was worth caring for. Their grand rules of theirs were to make amends for their very existence. A timeless time indeed, where the very existence of the universe was within their fingertips. That was at least what they think they have. Not like it mattered, as they certainly never reached the grand apex.
It was a wandering topic in Marshel's mind of what The One's ideas even were. All of this could be a ploy and time in the lives of the pinnacle of the Immortal lands. Through, he knew the end wasn't here, nor outside of this planet. That, he could tell. Feel.
From his knowledge, any living being wanted to conquer a small portion of their heart's desires. Yet, it wasn't the case for this organization, nor many Immortals. He, as the former demonic figure of Immortal lands, knew this more than he thought.
Even his master told him many things and left out even more of them without any need to know more.
The hallway which went into a white light entered their vision, before Marshell and his master entered this world.
Inside, the pillars supported an enormous round room. They were scattered on the sides, which made this an absolute behemoth of the room.
There weren't many things to see, but many important things for sure. Seating area, lounges sofas, and treasuring things of many members of The Ones. Many tables and libraries were scattered around. In particular, there was a very strange long table of dozens of meters in the very middle of this place. It was a round. A circular semi-world that acted by its own rules.
This table was the table of discussion. Any kind of topic could be told here, with no lies put into this place. To Marshell's surprise, there were a few beings awaiting the upcoming pair of master and disciple. What caught his attention more was the table itself, which he briefly saw only once. This time, he came much closer than before.
Although it seemed unnaturally old. In a sense, it had a certain intention of age in its bark and ageless lines. The wood was looking cultivated as if the time itself worked marvels for its beauty. Marbled chairs were around this table, with what appeared to be cotton cushions on each of them.
Seated there were 3 figures who talked to each other, without noticing the upcoming guests. All of their attention went into their respective conversations, which Marshel could not hear at the moment, even if he tried his best. Words they said fell into empty air as if they existed in their own universe.
Women kept walking the same way with no change of expression. Taking a seat in the further part of the table, and waited.
Marshell, who didn't know what was going on, took the initiative to wait. It was customary in the Immortal lands to follow the etiquette of the elders. The master and disciple relationship was the core belief of many, and it could even be as strong as a familial bond. He stopped and waited behind the chair of his master and waited for whatever was about to begin.
Although, he would rather wait outside than be bothered by the discussion of the lofty people who thought they were better than each other.
His piercing gaze couldn't help but discover one figure who he was familiar with. One who held a similar position as his master and one he had personally never seen but knew about.
As for their names, it was not all that important to him, but he knew them.
This waiting game went on for a long time until one person from the trio noticed the women which appeared out of nowhere.
“Oh, elder sister Rong, how long have you been here? We are already discussing this for a long time. What took you to sit at this table? Any particular reason for it, since we three are already here?” He told as he voiced his wonder.
The rest of the Immortal gowned beings noticed the sudden words that sounded outside of their circle. There was a night of displeasure at the sudden intervention, but it dissipated as the displeasure itself appeared. Lady Rong was much better at discussing any kind of topic against them. Although they would not acknowledge it in front of anyone but themselves.
This hall was a Hall of Discussion.
A true Immortal place of the secret organization. Many secrets or things of wonders were told in this place for countless mortal years. Maybe even longer than some existence of mortal planets. However, such time was irrelevant. The only relevancy would have been the birth of the new constellation, but that wasn't something common to see or hear.
Any related topics which wanted to be recorded or made public could be done besides this table at all times. One particular thing which was true for anyone at this table was that no one held the advantage over others.
If one wished to speak to particular people, their own circle would go for only them. No one would overhear their discussion. Not even the ruler of The Ones.
It was the fairest of the places on this planet, and that spoke in itself, how crafty the old monsters were doing their things.
This was a regular thing for most, as this table in itself is a treasure of utmost value. It was no surprise that even the old members of The Ones would ponder about exchanges and conversations of regular members.
Lady Rong knew they were discussing something for a long time already, but she paid them no mind and waited. It was her personal choice, not wanting to bother them for the time being.
It was unfortunate for this discussion that the one who asked Lady Rong was someone who had an open mouth at all times. More questions flew from him before she even had a chance to respond.
“I'm waiting for something. No need for anything.” She indifferently said to the man who was looking at her.
Even her response made no difference. In no time, another question followed.
“What could you possibly wait for? Is it something that I or we could help you with?” The talkative man pointed toward his partners in the discussion.
“No need.”
“Same as always, elder sister Rong. You will never change this trait of yours.” one man of the tree said. He was wearing the long hooded robe which had intricate metallic parts around his limbs and on top of his body. It looked strange and ineffective as if the primary source of his attire was to look better and strange. Let's call it an Immortal style that could be even stranger than the ways of their lives.
Lady Rong didn't steal a glance at the talking man. She reached into her pocket for a piece of parchment paper that had some symbols on it, as well as an unknown message.
Placing it on the table, she awaited no answer, as this was her way of doing things.
It revealed a few pieces of information to the 3 Immortals, but before they had a chance to see more, it disappeared into the table.
They all acted as if they saw nothing, and retracted their gaze and any words in their mind. The glow appeared from the successful massage transfer, and Lady Rong's purpose was done.
The 3 Immortals noticed something that changed it all. The Crest of The One on the paper. Lady Rong was here for the official business, so they shouldn't interfere with anything. The only ones who could be summoned were those by the orders of the Crest.
It made a bit of an awkward space that Lady Rong made, but she could care less about them.
There was little to be desired from their words. She had plenty of time to talk to them already in the distant past. When one had a long life, certain things will become different or indifferent depending on the context.
In a few minutes, she gestured for Marshel to come closer to the table. She even whispered something to his ears.
The beams of light appeared from the table as she told her words. They went beyond the table and reached the sky-high ceiling, which was strange since the building was barely a few dozen meters tall.
Marshel noticed the rich sky on the ceiling above him. It was a sight that one could see the moment they walked inside. It was a sight of the sunny and cloudy sky, with a partially visible vision of some planet in the distance. He could tell it was the ceiling of some treasure or space method, of something that he didn't understand. He could feel the profoundness of this sight, and the light came from this ceiling.
It was a circular shaped sky, while the many decorations and pillars were around the whole perimeter of this circle. This whole sky was the ceiling of this whole room.
Marshel watched in no shock as a figure appeared from this light. It formed a few meters away from the table, so the figure materialized and walked in steady steps forward. It was a rather older-looking gentleman who looked like any other. The only difference was the odd demeanor of his posture, as well as the hidden power he constantly emitted.
There was no cease of it, as he found no solution for it either. Not like it was a bad thing, since this man for old as many stars themselves. It usually left a strange encounter in his life, as well as unwilling problems. He was bathed in light gray robes, which were loose on his slim body.
“Greetings to you, lady Rong. It seemed the smallest task was done?”
“I didn't feel like it. So I decided to I will let my disciple take my place. Is it fine with you, sir Zhang?” Lady Rong voiced her main concern about the secrets she was long prepared for.
“Oh, we are in the place of all discussions, so all rights are yours. Since you didn't even listen to me at first, you decided to straight-up decline yourself. Should I take it, as your disciple will be better than you?”
“Depends on the sort of task you had in mind.”
“You refused me.”
“I did. I don't want to venture outside of my paradise. My pets will miss me.” She argued without a speck of shame.
A sharp exchange went between those two, which went over Marshell's head. He thought his master never knew the mission. Now, she appeared she did? And who was even this man he had never seen before? It seemed he held a higher position than his master, as well as rather a bizarre relationship with her.
The man sighed from the unmoving words of lady Rong. There was no point in discussion since the opposition was clear on their stance.
He looked at the Marshel who stood with a similar detached stance as his master. His outfit hardly seemed out of place for those people. Some would perhaps even praise the lavish style of being half naked. The only form of cloth on him was of Immortal treasure.
That's quite iconic in their eyes, but they have seen the worse and better things in their lives.
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