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John and Kyra, two friends who escaped London for the peace and quiet of the small coastal town of Whitby in the north of England, find themselves staying in the town as lockdown begins. With a virus sweeping across the world, growing ever more virulent and dangerous, the two friends decide to ride out the lockdown with good food, plenty of booze and their own company. 

It soon becomes clear that the people who die, don't stay dead. While the government and emergency services fail to contain the threat the two friends find themselves a long way from home as the world collapses around them. With survival paramount, they have to do what ever is needed, no matter the cost. 

This is how it ends. 

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Richard Murray

Richard Murray

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I was just randomly browsing when I stumbled on this, and boy was that lucky! This story sure is grim, but everything about it is done to an outstanding level.

The characters are interesting and developed, the writing is top-notch, and the story has the sort of excellent pacing I expect from a novel, not from a RR story. 

Hope it keeps going! 


Came To See How It Ends

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

TLDR Overall: Came to see How It Ends out of curiosity, pleasantly surprised by the quality and scope. The running joke where I'm from is that everyone has their own plan for when things go off the rails, and in a lot of ways that's what the premise of this book is about. Part Doomsday Prepper, Part Best Friends Against The World. All Very Good.

Grammar/Style: Grammar exists. Words were typed. Words were read, they were gud. The author's style focuses on incredibly specific details of objects at a location, pairing them with dialogue that doesn't sound like the same person with a different name talking over themselves. Otherwise known as excellent prose and great character interaction.

Story Score: The story follows a believable tracking of events, making me nod along sometimes with how the author thinks the authorities, the locals, and the billionaires(hah) would react in a true crisis scenario. I think they are even over-generous but I'm a bitter soul. The characters are driven by circumstance, friendship, and are doing their best. 

Characters: I love certain aspects of Kyra and John, foremost the way they drive each other's character development. That they each have unique traits that I despise makes them all the more real to me. The fact that both are a far cry from perfect make them more real to me, and worth investing into.

I'll likely continue following this and let some chapters accrue.

Edited to Retract the Horror Tag Suggestion, as I see it's on there.