The Ruined Monks of Rothfield Monastery

The Ruined Monks of Rothfield Monastery

by Leon S. Waid

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Erin is the youngest member of the dark monks; a supernatural brotherhood whose ultimate mission is to improve the dire circumstances of poor, war-torn villages using powers unique to each member. Or so he was led to believe. Erin, like his brothers, does not age, and that is, unfortunately, the only trait he shares with them. He cannot charm or compel like Woodrow, he cannot cast illusions like Knox, he was not swift like Swithin, not powerful like Blake. He was barely an assistant to his dear brother Wilbur, with his herbology and alchemy. He was told to lie low and make himself scarce. That is what he did.

The dark monks temporarily reside in abandoned monasteries scattered around the country, feeding the poor and healing the sick, nurturing the monastic lands until it was fertile enough to raise crops and rear animals. As the years passed, they would leave these reformed, repopulated, self-sustaining monasteries and venture froth to help the next settlement.

Yet, after years of toiling and quiet servitude, Erin notices that people and the country itself are declining. The villagers look gaunt, the once-lush soil now barren and cracked. He begins to feel disheartened, thinking that their mission is proving futile. Still, their leader Blake is steadfast and charges onward, and lately has his eyes set on a certain monastery in a thick, thorned forest that seems to diminish, even nullify their powers. 

A thick forest that Erin somehow has a connection to. A thorned glade where an ethereal voice calls his name with one simple request along with a promise:

Heal the land, child. Heal the land and I promise to give you sanctuary so long as you stay. I promise to nurture you as you nurture me.

As Erin cultivates the land, the land, in turn, gifts all its caretakers with new, enhanced skillsets on top of their unique powers -- skills of protection, healing, and magic.

Magic. Erin had long wished to see the world fill with it again. The people, regardless of common or noble blood, still believe that magic will enter this world again. Magic to bless the king like it did the Saints. Magic to dispel the miasma befouling the world. 

Magic to bring back the fae folk and their many forms. 

It is up to Erin to forge the many paths leading to a bright future; to build a prosperous paradise that welcomes all races and bloodlines, by mastering the rewards gained through agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry, smithing, crafting, and fishing. 

Erin may also find a lifelong friendship and romance with his neighbor, Claude, if he decides to pursue him, and may even join him in the military campaign outside the monastery. The darkness still lurks outside, after all, and the mastery of his skills, along with a few good friends, may finally be enough to turn the tide in their favor.

Most of all, Erin wants to keep the vow he set for himself:

to protect everyone and everything he loves until his dying breath. 

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Not your normal royal road book, very nice world building and an intriguing backstory that is slowing being revealed.

 I am loving the characters and the mystery, we have a likeable protagonist and a hateable villain, potentially with a reason he may be both evil and simply trying to spare the good guys the horror.

Overall a very polished and well written story.

I am selfishly hoping that you have a pre-written plan of how the story will progress and wrap up, (or be separated into story arcs of a normal and publishable length) simply because I am not a fan of the standard rambling million plus word monoliths people favour on RR.

Kudos and thank you for the story!