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In TRANSCIETY, people live their lives in a way not unlike our own. Everyone has grown accustomed to being videotaped and surveilled—so much so that they willingly wear electronic wristbands that chronicle their every move. Drones peer down from the sky at all times, while doorbells and streetlights watch and record. 
It's a small price to pay for the near non-existence of crime, and the Big Eye happily provides society with a life that's free from harm. 
Those who do harbor ill will are no longer treated as criminals. Instead, they are fitted with an electronic mesh that rests gently atop their brain. When this 'brainboard' is turned on, a behavioral therapist links their mind directly with that of the patient, offering professional guidance on how to behave.
Brainboards are achieving remarkable success. A newly sanctioned use for them is in couple's therapy. There, while under professional guidance, a husband and wife can temporarily link their minds together, saving themselves from the disgrace of having to get a divorce. 
Every good idea, though, has an unintended consequence. 

This story is written for The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest [June Edition]

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Sci-Fi Action Adventure, propelled by a little Romance.

Ferryman Art
Word Count (13)
2nd Anniversary
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Chaos Jester

An absolute masterclass on surreal psychological sci fi, this story manages to find its stride in mixing a bit of humor in an otherwise dystopian world. Taking a note from some great literature, this story takes place in a world under consented constant surveillance, for better or worse.

The pacing is very well done, giving the reader a good idea of not only the world, but the individual characters and their own bubble. There are moments where darker plot threads start to poke through, reminding us that they can be pulled at any moment and adding a level of intrigue that I personally enjoy. The shorter serialized chapters definitely add to this, not leaving the reader bogged down and always wanting more.

I saw no word choices, typos, errors, or syntax confusion that pulled me out of the story. Descriptions seemed deliberate and well done without either becoming an info dump or leaving me confused or lost. 

The story itself is well executed to start with, gaining forward momentum with each scene. It doesn't become too dry in the plot, and the humor woven in is effortless in its approach. The synopsis hints at darker things coming, and truly it comes with the territory in a big brother like story, especially when you add in brain manipulation. I'm left wanting to back and read more.

The characters are the linchpin that hold this story together. As much as the surrounding cast each has their place, the characters of Seas and Bob are the focal point, their relationship being on the rocks, and them putting in all the effort to fix it and re-realize the love they have for each other. Executing this in the way the story does is a great take on romance, allowing the reader to see not only their individual personalities, but who they are as a couple as well.

Overall, this is a fun read. I tend to shy away from this level of sci-fi shenanigans, but I found myself wanting to continue on. Well done.