Single Mother Cultivator: Determination to deny her naïve son a terrible destiny

Single Mother Cultivator: Determination to deny her naïve son a terrible destiny

by Vnator

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Lucia Martinez had to fight for every little victory in her life, especially when she was responsible for raising a teenage son by herself. But when the teen gets summoned to another world by a dysfunctional martial sect as their would-be savior, she’ll have to fight harder than ever just to get him back.

Brought along to a world of Eastern fantasy, Lucia finds herself face to face with obscure magical creatures, various rich cultures, and a familiar yet unique chi-based magic system that every faction has their own way of looking at.

Single Mother Cultivator is as the title suggests, a Cultivation novel. Unlike other Cultivation stories, this one focuses on multiple Asian mythologies rather than just Chinese myth, and isn’t just a generic power fantasy. It explores the very nature of strength itself, and how it could and should be used. The foundational power system is the same for both major factions, with differences in their philosophies on how to pursue it.

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Oh how marvelous! I have alwasy known plenty of other-wordly travels. This was the first time the main character was a mother and her son, plus the personality is different from a usual main character. The choice of words are also astounding. A completely out-of-the-box story! Splendid in every way!

Icarus Jaadi

The start wasn't that captivating, especially on how the world or theme of the story was introduced except for the unique and interesting MIL- I mean... cool mother protagonists. But the more you read it, you will be invested in it. Maybe for the upcoming chapters, we will get to see more of Lucia's past and why her son is like that towards her. I hope he wasn't just some angsty teenager for the sake of the plot.

Style: I really liked how the author writes the atmospheric monologues. It creates a vivid image when I read it. Good style writing and I can say that I learned a lot from reading it.

Story: There wasn't much to say about the story because it was still in its early chapters. But it was decent and fun to read so far.

Grammar: I am not keen on this matter but It was easy to read and I don't see any major grammatical mistakes so far.

Character: Lucia is a fun character. But I wish to see more of her past to fully understand how her personality and traits work. Her nonchalant and tough persona doesn't seem convincing to me for now at the least.

Overall this is a fun read and still want more of this. I wish the author to continue writing this story.


I’ve read a couple of cultivation stories, and I gotta say the more down to earth beginning is refreshing.

Starting with the story, I think it’s a more unique premise and is laid out well in the first chapter. The only reason I took a bit off the story is due to the fact I’m uncertain if the actions of certain characters are completely believable in the beginning. But it’s not a big deal and the story itself needs to get going one way or another and I didn’t find the same issue afterwards.

The characters themselves are written in a good manner. They have their own voice and communicate with each other well.

The style itself is plain and to the point. Nothing much to say there. The conversations flowed well, there was adequate descriptions of the environment, not too much but just enough to imagine the terrain, and the emotions of the characters were shown, but not dramatized.

The grammar is good as well. I didn't find any grammar mistakes, however, one or two sentences per chapter felt off/didn’t flow well. But that’s minor.

All in all, it’s a good beginning to a novel and I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

Pickle Hurlant

I'm not a big fan of Cultvation. And I don't really understand all its codes. However, I have so far greatly enjoyed this story. It's very original, even if on Royal Road we are used to many facetiousness. The main character is endearing, and we can't wait for his rise to power! The relationship between mother and teenager is interesting, especially in this context. The style is simple, uncluttered. We can easily follow the dialogues which alternate with efficiency to the phases of world building. 

A good beginning that promises good things!


Story: A pretty good idea. I don’t read many cultivation stories but this seems to be an interesting start so far. A single mother and her teenage son are thrown into a cultivation world that summons heroes from other worlds to train in their sect. The teenage son is currently stuck in the sect while the mother is trying to get back to him. I’m interested to see how it goes. Personally feel that the start of it was a bit abrupt and could use a bit of buildup.

Style: Style is a bit simple for my personal tastes, but it still flows well and is easy to read.

Character: Lucia’s vibrant personality is very easily seen through her dialogue and in the narrative. There hasn’t been enough chapters at the time of writing this review for other (not fodder) characters to show up and display their personalities, so I can’t form a solid judgement on those. One quip I have is that despite how much Lucia is supposed to care about her son, she doesn’t seem to talk a lot about him beyond the idea that the sect will treat him like royalty. I’d expect a caring mother to worry incessantly about her son if he were snatched away from her like this, regardless of her own dire states (maternal instinct and such). Stuff regarding his wellbeing like “is he adjusting well” “I hope he’s not causing trouble for himself” “I hope he has the sense to play along and stay put till I get there”, instead of the main concern being about how the sect will treat him. Of course, this lack of worry could also imply that her son is fairly competent and doesn’t need to be worried about, but there’s not a lot of info to suggest that. There also hasn’t been a lot of descriptions depicting what the son’s like, so at the moment he just feels like a plot device. I’d suggest adding small mentions at the end of Lucia inspecting stuff to imply what personality he might have. If we’re using the examples I raised earlier, “is he adjusting well” could imply that he usually has a hard time doing so, “I hope he has the sense to play along and stay put till I get there” could imply that he might be impulsive. Of course, the story is still in its early stages such that the son, and other supporting characters could shine further on, so take this section with a grain of salt.

Edit: Characterisation for the son has been added in Chapter 6. I've got no more complaints regarding him.

Grammar: No mistakes I could see.

Overall: A fun and interesting read! I’m excited to see more.

Drew Royston

I have read a lot of cultivation stories and this is one of the most original that I have come across.  I mean, the clue is in the title! 

The somewhat potty mouthed MC is entirely relatable: What mother wouldn't do what they had to in order to save their child? However, she starts off weak and vulnerable in a strange world. As a reader you just want to know how she does it.

From that premise we have a 21st century mother navigating what appears to be a classic cultivator set up. A lot of the fun and the drama comes from the clash of cultures.

It's early days for this story, but this is well worth checking out!

Detailed scores

Style: Good balance of dialogue and action. Neat transitions between scenes. What’s not to like?

Story: The reader is thrown in head first to the story. It is immediately clear what the stakes are, what the MC has to do, and what is stopping them doing it. No unnecessary backstory or set up. Great job.

Grammar: Nothing at all that jumped out at me here. Good job

Character: This is where the story shines. The MC is drawn distinctly with just a few strokes right from the start. In addition the other characters even the monsters have personalities of their own.


While the writing is really good, not only does this story try to get a laugh out of you in a really inappropriate situations, the pacing of the story feels like a LSD trip. For example, ripping out arm of main character was a wonderful drama setup, but author simply brushes it off as no big deal