Violet: Overpowered Magic Goo

Violet: Overpowered Magic Goo

by MelasD

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Violet woke up trapped in a dark, dank cave filled with dangerous creatures in a magical world with Skills and Levels. To get out of the Hollowdark and get to the surface, she’ll have to fight through friendly monsters that want to eat her, insane Dark Elves, and a comically evil empire led by a comically evil God King— all that as a blob made out of purple goo.

Well, anyways, I’m starving. Is there anything to eat around here? Seriously, I could scarf down a whole village!

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MelasD more like MelasDluxe

Reviewed at: OMG 6

Aha! And the big reveal of the month goes to...

Do you know that one friend you have that's constantly bouncing off the walls? The one that drags you to all these strange events and then spontaneously flips your plans on their heads? The one that can go from A to B to CDEFG in 0.4 seconds flat? Well, Overpowered Magic Goo is what would happen if that person became a LitRPG novel. 

If you liked So I'm a Spider, So What?, Thor: Ragnarok, or that anime that coincidentally also stars a slime, you'll love this story. They share much of the same tonal style, but the difference is that while movies/anime allow for audio/visual gags, comedic literature only has one medium for execution: the written word. Aside from literally bouncing off of cave walls, the protagonist Violet also has the mind and narrative style of a chipmunk high off of three metric tons of sugar, but in the absolute best of ways. You have no idea what's going on, she has no idea what's going on, and everyone is having a blast (by everyone I really just mean us and Violet, but that can be our little secret).

Prepare yourself for mid-battle tangents, incredibly self-aware tropefests, and the occasional POV shift that can only be described as hilarious contrast. (I realize that all three of those could be interpreted as negative things, but I assure you they're amazing.)

Of course, it has its serious moments too, and the brilliant thing about having a multi-lead story is that you can have tension building in one POV while the other is, well, bouncing off of the walls. The characters compliment and contrast each other beautifully, and even the one-offs like the earth sirens I found absolutely hilarious. #bringbackearthsirenspermanentlythistime

The story somehow manages to balance actual plot with poking fun at traditional tropes, and has some nice power progression sprinkled along the way. One of the most interesting things I found about this story is that the author can shift from exposition to comedy to tension to emotional release in like three paragraphs, and most of the time it works.

There are some minor bumps in pace here and there, but otherwise I think that Overpowered Magic Goo is nearly perfect at what it sets out to do. Come for a good laugh, stay for a good story. With a liberal dusting of action and enough trope reversals that the trope reversals begin reversing themselves, the author has truly set up a... Dlux reading experience. (hehehehe)


OMG! It was MelasD!

Reviewed at: OMG 1

This review is a tranfer from the old fiction, which has now been reposted under the main account.

If I had to summarise this story in one word. Well I wouldn't, because the review requirement is like 200 words. But if you put me at gun point and forced me to, then I'd call it "light-hearted-comedy-done-right." Yes that's one word, there's something called personal dictionaries folks.

But foolish remarks aside, as an author who also writes a lighthearted and somewhat comedic story as well, I was quite entertained and pleasantly surprised to read OMG! (Overpowered Magic Goo). The story has a familiar premise of someone getting reincarnated as an arcslime. Which is all good and nice, but what makes this story different from any other slime story or isekai?

Well, there are a few things. The first is how we don't really know who our MC Violet is. We don't get to see her past life but are instead thrust into the world alongside her and have to explore the world, while also trying to understand just what the hell was happening. The second is how, the slime hasn't immediately taken on a human form or anything of that sort, but instead, continued to remain a slime, but that aspect is a personal preference. The last and perhaps the most important aspect if you ask me, are the characters.

The characters are, simply put, fun. The hilarious undertones, the contradicting views, the juxtaposition of a slime being this strong menacing thing in everyone else's eyes while she herself thinks that she's being friendly all put together makes for a really fun read. I must also give some bonus points for that title abbreviation.

The second aspect is the tone of the story, and the style. The story doesn't subvert too many tropes, so much so that it completely kicks them to the side to go do its own thing. The writing itself is simple, easy to read and fun, with the character voice quite nicely coming through in almost each sentence. I can read stories with poor writing if they're fun, but some good writing and execution is always appreciated.

I have nothing to say on grammar except that it serves its purpose well and you won't find it littered with awkward phrases, sentence fragments of typos everywhere.

The last bit, and the only thing I felt like I could remove some points is the story. Or the plot. The story focuses more on the immediate and the relevant, of exploring and meeting new characters and learning about the world, but I've yet to truly grasp what the story's plot itself might be about aside from the very basics. This is not to say that it's a bad story, just one that I haven't fully had the chance to see.

All in all, OMG is a wonderful story if you're looking for some casual fun and interesting characters. I'd definitely suggest checking it out.


My favorite new story on this site!

Reviewed at: OMG 12

So far, it's amazing! Funny, action packed and sassy, this is exactly what I look for in a good story! 

Now, I get that this isn't going to appeal to EVERYONE, but there's a pretty easy way to check if it's your cup of tea;

If you like  Isekai, Slime, or any of the sassy one-liner heroes of pop culture (Spiderman and Danny Phantom come to mind) then you're going to LOVE this.


Also, you could just.. read it. If you get past chapter ten, and you're just not feeling it, then maybe it isn't for you. I'd be surprised, though. It's REALLY fun.


It is, What it is!

Reviewed at: OMG 11

It is what it is. A funny story that entertains well enough. Beside the Main Character other Characters in the story having the IQ of a Golf Ball or a slice of bread. I think that is wanted. 

First I thought about four stars but that wouldnt be fair for the story! Whenever you rate something you should rate it for what it is and not for your own taste. 

Some people act like they enter a pizza store while they are burger lovers and then... 3 Stars for the restaurant because they serve Pizza and not Burgers. You got it? If you wanna Burgers go to a damn burger fast food. 

It is like a light novel, light entertaining and you dont need one single brain cell to understand it. Its perfect if you come home from a long day and you need something that only entertains you without you have to think about the whole plot. 

Like enjoying your favorite meal inside your favorite fast food restaurant. 

Also the system is simple as possible and still interesting. It feels like a mini season, crossover or one of those animes with a Main Character that always have a joke on his lips. 

The synopsis hold his promises without feeding high expectations. The funny hyperactive blob that explore in her funny way this new reality. 

Everyone who expects after reading the synopsis something different should step away and grab with his hand on his own head. Made the *pongpong* check. Only to be sure it isnt empty! 


Absolute fun time and I totally recomand it. Give it a try if you need something that distract you from the dayly hell of life. 



I like it, it's really well written and the joke in the middle make it really funny without getting to out of track, the system is easy to understand and also the power level, and while I can't write the Gremlin girl name I do really love her, and she and Violet are the best duo, also Lire is a good girl


Fast paced, fun, interesting twists.

Reviewed at: OMG 13

It took 10 chapters, but the fun angles are starting to emerge.  Yes, the plot armor is strong with this one, but it's a comedy!   Sit back and enjoy the ride!  
Characters already have some depth, the rpg stereotypes are there, but with a twist.  
A very nice foundation has been written.   Let's see if it builds into an epic adventure, with a bit of craziness.  

One-eyed Mike

A funny one from MelasD

Reviewed at: OMG 16

I'm a fan of MelasD - I've enjoyed both Salvos and Trace, two very different stories. There's been some comedy with Salvos, as the outsider adjusting to social expectations. Now, Violet is explicitly a parody, and it's also tagged as a comedy.

It works for me.

The basic theme is funny. The isekaied girl is reborn as a slime, which in LitRPG is normally a low level  stereotype monster. But this slime is no stereotype. It's OMG - Overpowered Magic Goo. The consequences of being OMG are followed through, and it's funny so far.

It's not all comedy, and there's an action story in there too. Some authors forget basics when they try to write funny. But MelasD is writing a genuine story, and there are signs of some satisfactory world-building. I'm reviewing at an early stage, and we will see how the story develops.

In the future development of the story, it's important not to lose track of Violet's sliminess, what makes her the OMG. It will be tempting to morph her so that she becomes more humanoid as she evolves. But the internet is full of humanoid heroes and heroines. Violet is Overpowered Magic Goo, and we don't want to lose what makes her interesting and funny.


Lighthearted, happy-go-lucky Goo adventure!

Reviewed at: OMG 24

First and foremost - I love the total lack of Isekai-ANGST in this story.

Reincarnated as a Goo in a video game?  Huh, well that's a thing, isn't it?
Wonder briefly why you aren't freaked out?  No hormones in Goo, right?
Kill a bunch of people?  It was self defence, and they tasted good, and again no hormones!
Everyone staring at you now?  Was that a faux pas in dining ettiquette?

Yeah, our protagonist is Purple Magic Goo with some human memories and NOT some neurotic human bemoaning being  'trapped in goo form'.
Life is so much lighter when you are translucent.

I am also loving the secondary characters including the comedically short lived but still distinctly individualised bad guys. Fissyah took a while to grow on me as I found her a bit too whiny at the start. The brief PoV shifts between some of the more developed characters really add to the story.

There is a big Plot - Drasel, Worldtree of Yige, the Dark Empire of Hollowdark, the thousand year old secrets of the first God King, Tay-Burl the Genocider - all slowly trying to unfold as a hyperactive Purple Goo literally bounces off the walls shouting, "Stop that expositioning!"

All of the high quality writing expected of MelasD and twice the laughs.


A funny take one the isakei troupe

Reviewed at: OMG 19

The story pokes fun of most of the troupes of this story stile and the fantasy genre. Done in a nice fashion. It have an interesting take on some world mechanics while making sure that you don't take it to seriously. 

nice clear lines with bad guys being bad gus and simple folk being just that. All while just having fun with the genre and poking fun of the different classic takes on both races and classes. With some nice individual take on it at the same time. 


Glorious Silliness

Reviewed at: OMG 20

Take the over-the-top, bombastic style of certain xianxia, jam it into an isekai progression fantasy, give it a cheerfully oblivious monster POV, and you wind up with this: some of the most glorious silliness I've seen since the Monty Python fish slapping dance. I'd describe the plot but it scarcely matters; this is just pure sugar-and-popcorn goodness.

Highly recommended.