Climb the Tower: Win Fabulous Prizes

Climb the Tower: Win Fabulous Prizes

by Tridonus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Climb the Tower and win fabulous prizes. Or die.  Death is a real possibility.  For once you enter the Eternal Tower you either finish the climb or die trying. 

Enter Miki, a man with more luck than logic.  He plans to be the first to complete the Hard Difficulty.

Tower Climbing, LitRPG, with a bit of cultivation for fun.


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Great start, but now is slipping into a harem plot

Reviewed at: Interlude 2: Joanne - Tower City

I'm enjoying this story thoroughly,  I like that main characters, they have decent motivations, and Miki seems likeable.  I like the world in the tower, the pacing keeps thing moving, and the MC actually spends time on things, with time jumps happening to allow him to progress.  

A few drawbacks are that the real world is a cardboard stage that doesn't really matter, with a few people who are sort of important, and mentioned, but don't really connect to the book at all, and the growth is ramping up insanely quickly.  On floor 4 he is arguably the strongest human in existence, and there are 100 floors... maybe pace yourself a bit...


We went from a fun adventure story, to a fun adventure story with some sex (fine) to now we are a sex story with some adventure, and look to be slipping into a harem story.  The last several chapters have been very sex focused, and the last one has been a monolog about how ridiculous monogamous relationships are, and how the heroine will marry the dude, and only have kids with him, but have all sorts of crazy sex on the side...

So I'm done. Should have a harem tag in the description.


Nothing like an old school tower climb as a backdrop for a solo introspective story. Miki does a good job advancing through the tower, and the author does a great job of making increased stats actually mean something.

There are a lot of plot seeds in development that some readers may think are one thing, but will surely be another. This may lead to griping. I hope the author ignores those gripes and continues on. This is a good one.

Corrupt Wolf

I like this story, it's a casual read, not very plot heavy. It's a slice of life about a lone tower climber on his journeys with different settings and things happening, I also like op MCs.

This is not a comprehensive or expert review, I'm not competent or skilled in any way in regards to English or literature, this is just a review of my opinions of the web serial from what I've read so far.

One of the only downsides to this story for me is that it feels like the chapters haven't been proofread before or after they were published, there are multiple spelling mistakes each chapter; which to be honest dont detract much from the story for me, and a few chapters have a few words with the wrong tenses sometimes. Also there's a few plot mistakes or bits left out. I'm not sure if I just missed it and being stupid but an example of this is him getting the scan skill, there was no notification for that or even a mention of him gaining it beforehand, it just appeared and there wasn't a great explaination of when or how he got it. I think it's small things like that, just little details that fill some holes that make the web serial stand a better read.

I don't write this to stop people reading or to attack the author, it's just some of the things I've picked up so far. Thanks to the author for writing what you have and maybe one day when you have the time or the inclination you will  go back and proof read and edit it. I really do think it will help the story a lot. And I'm sorry for not helping, I could have been a considerate reader and pointed out mistakes and inconsistencies in the comments of each chapter but honestly I'm lazy and don't want to put in the effort to make your story better.

Thanks for your time, CorruptTree


This is not my usual genre of choice but I am thoroughly enjoying this book so far. It's got a main character that is average and relatable. And most importantly, likeable. There's cliffhangers, unexpected outcomes, and just the right amount of action and time jumps. 

Author has a sense of humor that's appreciated. Can't wait to see what else is in store for Miki and for Author's future works.