The Slightly Late Show (Comedy, Late Night Talk Show Progression Fantasy)

The Slightly Late Show (Comedy, Late Night Talk Show Progression Fantasy)

by JMWebb

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

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A kobold learns about the art of late night television and the world is never the same.

Clckja’djzx was your average kobold - cowardly, loyal to his abusive dragon master, a lifelong union member, etc.

That all changed when he found a Zune, filled with episodes of The Very Late Show. Now, Clckja’djzx will stop at nothing to meet his idol - TV host, comedian, and interviewer extraordinaire, Guy Blanco. Clckja’djzx, newly christened Zune, soon finds that the wider world is far more treacherous than the warrens of his youth.

Denounced by the dragon he formerly served, hunted by a vengeful gunslinger from Earth, and in a dire search for better ratings, Zune has his work cut out for him. But not even the fated apocalypse, the gods trying to stop it, or a lack of electricity can get in the way of an enthusiastic kobold’s mission to share the beauty of the late night television with the citizens of Absurdia. Or can they? Find out on this episode of The Slightly Late Show, with your host, Zune!

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I like to think that many stories on this site has an original idea.

Then I get to hecking stuff like this and it makes me wonder why people haven't done it before. This is stupid but in a good way. Fun at times. Face-slap worthy at others. Again, in a way that keeps the reader interested.

Cabbage-man is my fave.

5/5. Go read it.


-are too long and troll-like for readers to click on. They're funny, definitely, but probably not the greatest for drawing in potential followers.

But otherwise, this is a hidden gem. The writing is solid and the comedy is gold. You definitely should have more followers on this.

Story: A kobold runs off to find a talk show host by forming his own late night talk show. I love the idea! The story so far is light hearted and comedic, following a kobold, Zune, and his attempt to find Guy Blanco while talk showing his way through his problems. There are dragons, kobolds, rat sacks and dramatic tension, making for a wacky adventure.

I wonder how the rat sack works. Is it rats tied end to end, or rats stitched together, or is it, simply, a rat sack. Genius.

Style: The style is smooth and easy to read. The narrator in particular is pretty funny, adding in joke after joke that has you smiling at the page. Fourth wall breaks are added in smoothly, further adding to the comedic factor of the story.

Foreshadowing is added slyly in between the jokes, making you go, “Oh so that’s how it happened” and tying the whole story together neatly.

Grammar: A few issues, mostly instances where two words are stuck together with no space in between, but nothing that breaks up the flow of the story too much.

Character: Zune is a charming character. His innocence and misunderstandings towards how the world works is makes for an entertaining read. Although he’s a bit dense, you never feel annoyed by him simply due to how endearing he is.

Other characters are funny as well. Especially Rebecca. Funny how lacking a sense of urgency can delay your prophecy reading so bad.

Overall: If you’re looking for a light hearted comedy with talk shows and fantastical creatures, this is the story for you.


This story is completely hilarious and fun. I can't wait to read more. I was laughing pretty much all the way through. There is unions, and Zunes, and disturbing late night interviews. It's definitely a story you're going to laughing throughout. 

Style: It's great. There's 4th wall breaking without taking away too much from the narrative. The reading is funny and doesn't get in the way of itself, just letting the reader enjoy the story. 

Story: The adventures of a kobold discovering the late night show and his journey to make one is filled with misunderstandings. It's just a joy to read the viewpoint of Zune compared to everyone else. The Kobold is just fantastic and helps drive the story on its comedic journey. 

Grammar: It looks good to me. No obvious issues with grammar. 

Character: I adore Zune. The kobold  is just so naive and determined. I'm completely rooting for him. He definitely makes the story worth while and I'm looking forward to continuing reading about his adventures. 

If you are looking for a hilarious adventure or just want to sit back and smile, I would definitely recommend reading this story. It won't let you down and I for one am looking forward to seeing what the slightly-late show has in store. 

Gabriel minoru

This is brain melting and amazing, there is so many twists and turns that SOMEHOW form a half coherent story, its so utterly bizarre yet so familiar in some way it has strange and and often conflicting vibes, and the worst part is its good, very very good, its entertaining reading about this strange and Majestic world.