Essence Eater (A Super Progression Fantasy)

Essence Eater (A Super Progression Fantasy)

by J Pal

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Gods. Demons. Aliens. Superheroes. Supervillains.
Consume them all for power.

Eighty years have passed since WW2, when Prime took to the skies and ended the war. No one knows what gave him his power, or what birthed the wave of supers that came after. Some claimed the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan cracked the barrier between Universes, allowing alien energies to enter the dimension. Others believed the wars finally triggered what humanity needed to reach a new stage of evolution.

Daniel Das lives with his uncle in post-super London, the League of Hero's primary hub. He's spent all of his twenty-one years pushing himself, training in martial arts and studying supers, hoping he'll awaken his metagene and gain super powers. The cut-off age is close, but he hasn't yet awakened superpowers.

Meanwhile, the League is steadily losing parts of the city to the growing villain factions. Daniel's uncle wishes to keep him away from the world of supers, but with the hot zones closing in, that's easier said than done. There are villains selling unregulated superpowers to gangs and dark days are on the horizon.

Despite his limitations, there is no stopping Daniel. He is ravenous for power. If needed, he will ally with demons if they give him the power to protect his family and home.


This world building is heavily inspired by Worm and The Boys. It features dark, realistic storylines, corporation-funded heroes, and villains who aren't necessarily bad guys. The protagonist's powerset involves the crowd-favourite consuming enemies for power trope, too.

The GameLit/LitRPG elements are super light and takes a while to kick in. The powercreep is slow as well since I don't enjoy overpowered protagonists. 

Chapters everyday until book 1 is complete. The schedule will change once I reach that point.

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J Pal

J Pal

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Table of Contents
49 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Powerless ago
2.1 Post-Super London ago
2.2 Post-Super London ago
3. The Power Merchant ago
4. Meeting With A Friend ago
5. Delivering Curries ago
6. You Don't Need Powers To Be A Super ago
7.1 At Death's Door ago
7.2 At Death's Door ago
8.1 Meeting Under The Mangroves ago
8.2 Meeting Under The Mangroves ago
9. Super At Last ago
10.1 Interlude: Jose the Lizard ago
10.2 Interlude: Jose the Lizard ago
11. Family Secrets ago
12. Essence Eater ago
13. Food For Power ago
14.1 Secret Tapes ago
14.2 Secret Tapes ago
15. Dining With Demons ago
16. For Freak's Sake ago
17. Unlicensed Heroics ago
18. Super Alone ago
WIP artwork! ago
19. Creatures Of The Rifts ago
20. Desert Jackal's Essence ago
21.1 Super Agents For Superheroes ago
21.2 Super Agents For Superheroes ago
22. Power Ratings ago
23. Sidekick or Asset? ago
24.1 Don't Meet Your Heroes ago
24.2 Don't Meet Your Heroes ago
25. Interlude - The Lonely Druid ago
26. Costume Trials ago
27.1 Rats Chewing The Wires ago
27.2 Rats Chewing The Wires ago
28.1 Malfunctioning Machinery ago
28.2 Malfunctioning Machinery ago
29. Valuable Asset ago
30.1 Moral Quandries ago
30.2 Moral Quandries ago
31. Mastering Your Tools ago
32. Heroes Meet In The Dark ago
33. Friends Or Foe? ago
34. Interlude - Youngest Of The THIRTEEN ago
35. Unwanted Visitors ago
36.1 The Court Of Hearts ago
36.2 The Court Of Hearts ago
New posting schedule. ago

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matthew gold

An interesting take on restrained growth

Reviewed at: 36.2 The Court Of Hearts

Overall this story is great. I like that the mc has to some times pick a weaker power and doesn't always go with the most op one due to story reasons. Also the inclusion of different mythos including more non mainstream ones is an awesome idea and a huge plus for me.


Pretty good. While the writing itself isn't phenomenal (it's perfectly fine), the main cast feels grounded and has depth to them. 

Some of the scenes lack some coherency. The foremost example is the unknown ussailent on the Power Merchant. Too much was introduced at once to get a handle on what was occurring. Another is the basement, it's introduction was very underwhelming for the subsequent scenes that took place within.

The discrimination of powerless has a solid veneer, but it lacks depth. There's been no casual actions that showcases power based discrimination.

The story is currently very local, and the lack of depth the world beyond the local community contains is worrying. It suggests that any future introduction to the greater world will be abrupt and possibly not incorporate well to the current story.

The story is still worth a read. But it currently does not have my recommendations for or against.


Just started from the beginning. Enjoyed the story. There are several things about the worldbuilding I like (and may steal for a different story) and the character(s) grow on you pretty quickly. 

The MC's impatience is problematic, but i get the impression it is supposed to be.

I like London as a setting. I even lived in Islington at one time. The Hindu mythology is a nice look at something seldom seen in the west. 

Looking forward to reading more.  


Normally I avoid superhero stories as I'm not a fan of what I call superman syndrome where the main character refuses to kill the villian only for the villian to escape and rampage again.

However this story kept my attention. It's set I'm a alternate London where supers roam on both sides of the law. I'm a sucker for modern fantasy stories and this story fits the bill with a deep world taking into account how modern society could survive with superhumans running around. 

Now for the main character. He starts as a supposedly powerless gym trainer trying his best to force a awakening through getting himself beat up by supers though he is a excellent fighter for a unpowered human. I won't spoil things but he does find power from a rather unique source.

This is another aspect I enjoy about this story. The unique powers. Sure pyros and super speed exists but many of the supers have unique powers that change them I'm strange ways to the point it may be hard to call then humans anymore.

There of course is a heros organization run by the government called the league which the main character wishes to join. At first i was worried about this as it would be quite risky to join with what he is but the author adds a modern twist I haven't seen in a superhero story which may put the main character in a better position. 

Unfortunately the main character is a bit naive wanting to be a hero but he tries to make smart decisions and shows hints of understanding being a hero isn't black and white there is alot of gray in the middle. 

I took off a half a star for character because of a bit of naivety but overall him and the rest of the characters feel fleshed out even characters that are hard to like have multiple facetes to them.

The other half a star off is for Grammer. While overall the story has few mistakes a few spots threw me off making me confused what was going on.

Style is solid though I'm not a fan of the power rating at the top of each chapter but that's just a preference. I would rather have it only shown when he occasionally checks.

The story flows nicely though its still early. There's hints of what is to come and good setup. Nothing feels forced to me which is a plus.

Good job JP you have a excellent story on your hands. 


Great take on the classic superhero/villain world

Reviewed at: 33. Friends Or Foe?

A fascinating combination of mythologies and superpower tropes. There's lots of good things to say about the execution too: I'm really enjoying the world building, the characters are both well developed and unique, the pacing feels good and the writing is solid with minimal errors. Would recommend! As an additional draw, the release schedule is really regular.


Superfiction with power sheets

Reviewed at: 26. Costume Trials

Nice super fiction, with a good take on the branding of supers, their motives to do good or bad. The Gamelit is not a system, but displayed over a device which measures different statistics.


The protagonist feels real and wants to have powers, and would do anything which doesn't go against his Morales to get em. 


Great story, good power exploration, compelling characters and relationships. The writer makes the main cahracters enjoyable to read about and keeps you wanting more. One of the most compelling things i wasn't expecting was a tender and believable relationship between a nephew and uncle, which isn't seen very off in these types of progression based stories, very refreshing.

Caitlin Gibson

Husband eater is best eater.

Reviewed at: 14.1 Secret Tapes

Ignore the innuendo in the title.

Disclaimer: I have access to advanced chapters and am forced to read them due to the vows of matrimony. As a result, my opinion is affected by them(besides general wifely bias)and might refer to events yet to come.

I enjoy imperfect unreliable protagonists and Daniel Das is just that. His narrative voice is brilliant for a sympathetic protagonist. He starts off powerless like the protagonist of a famous anime. It takes a near death experience for him to finally become a super like many of our classic superheroes. What I especially like is the dark source of his power and how it contrasts with his personality and goals. It makes me wonder how he'll progress and whether he'll manage to stick to the light or fall to the dark side.

The characters in this version have much more depth and don't just help potray Danny's character better but assist in world development. I especially enjoy his relationship with his uncle. It's an almost parental relationship built on mutual respect, but they also interact as equals despite occassional conflicts.

I read the previous version and know how the trilogy goes. However, I'm keen to see how Mr Husband Author executes the with several new ideas, characters, and fun incoming scenes story. I love the conversations between Danny and his agent. Discussing sponsors, endorsements, and action figures gives me a Boys vibe. It makes the world feel more real and not silly like most superhero stories.

Virus 23

A fun and interesting superhero story

Reviewed at: 28.1 Malfunctioning Machinery

Like the title says, a good fun read. The characters feel real and relatable. Not knowing much about cultures outside my own, this story was really interesting to me on that front. 

Danny is a cool dude and I'm super keen to see how he develops across the story. The setting is interesting and makes me want to know more about it. All of the characters feel like they have their own goals and motivations which is awesome. The fun take on superpowers and magic coexisting in the same world is interesting and seems to be handled really well so far. Really looking forward to reading more!

The grammar is solid, no complaints at all. I'm not entirely sure what style means but I like how the story feels to read, a good use of side chapters and alternate perspectives. 

I think that covers all the categories lmao.

I don't have any major complaints about the story, a few spelling mistakes or wrong words here or there. Anyone that actually writes can relate to that though, not much of a problem unless you're nitpicky. 

If you want something fun to read, with an interesting world and power system for the main character, without any massive glaring issues, this is for you.



Its an enjoyable story. While its not typical a bit unusual and I can see some plot holes coming and insane power creep but so far def worth a read. If you like a decent read then I reccomend you give it a try.





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