Essence Eater (A Super Progression Fantasy)

Essence Eater (A Super Progression Fantasy)

by J Pal

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Gods. Demons. Aliens. Superheroes. Supervillains.
Consume them all for power.

Eighty years have passed since WW2, when Prime took to the skies and ended the war. No one knows what gave him his power, or what birthed the wave of supers that came after. Some claimed the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan cracked the barrier between Universes, allowing alien energies to enter the dimension. Others believed the wars finally triggered what humanity needed to reach a new stage of evolution.

Daniel Das lives with his uncle in post-super London, the League of Hero's primary hub. He's spent all of his twenty-one years pushing himself, training in martial arts and studying supers, hoping he'll awaken his metagene and gain super powers. The cut-off age is close, but he hasn't yet awakened superpowers.

Meanwhile, the League is steadily losing parts of the city to the growing villain factions. Daniel's uncle wishes to keep him away from the world of supers, but with the hot zones closing in, that's easier said than done. There are villains selling unregulated superpowers to gangs and dark days are on the horizon.

Despite his limitations, there is no stopping Daniel. He is ravenous for power. If needed, he will ally with demons if they give him the power to protect his family and home.


This world building is heavily inspired by Worm and The Boys. It features dark, realistic storylines, corporation-funded heroes, and villains who aren't necessarily bad guys. The protagonist's powerset involves the crowd-favourite consuming enemies for power trope, too.

The GameLit/LitRPG elements are super light and takes a while to kick in. The powercreep is slow as well since I don't enjoy overpowered protagonists. 

Chapters everyday until book 1 is complete. The schedule will change once I reach that point.

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J Pal

J Pal

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Table of Contents
49 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Powerless ago
2.1 Post-Super London ago
2.2 Post-Super London ago
3. The Power Merchant ago
4. Meeting With A Friend ago
5. Delivering Curries ago
6. You Don't Need Powers To Be A Super ago
7.1 At Death's Door ago
7.2 At Death's Door ago
8.1 Meeting Under The Mangroves ago
8.2 Meeting Under The Mangroves ago
9. Super At Last ago
10.1 Interlude: Jose the Lizard ago
10.2 Interlude: Jose the Lizard ago
11. Family Secrets ago
12. Essence Eater ago
13. Food For Power ago
14.1 Secret Tapes ago
14.2 Secret Tapes ago
15. Dining With Demons ago
16. For Freak's Sake ago
17. Unlicensed Heroics ago
18. Super Alone ago
WIP artwork! ago
19. Creatures Of The Rifts ago
20. Desert Jackal's Essence ago
21.1 Super Agents For Superheroes ago
21.2 Super Agents For Superheroes ago
22. Power Ratings ago
23. Sidekick or Asset? ago
24.1 Don't Meet Your Heroes ago
24.2 Don't Meet Your Heroes ago
25. Interlude - The Lonely Druid ago
26. Costume Trials ago
27.1 Rats Chewing The Wires ago
27.2 Rats Chewing The Wires ago
28.1 Malfunctioning Machinery ago
28.2 Malfunctioning Machinery ago
29. Valuable Asset ago
30.1 Moral Quandries ago
30.2 Moral Quandries ago
31. Mastering Your Tools ago
32. Heroes Meet In The Dark ago
33. Friends Or Foe? ago
34. Interlude - Youngest Of The THIRTEEN ago
35. Unwanted Visitors ago
36.1 The Court Of Hearts ago
36.2 The Court Of Hearts ago
New posting schedule. ago

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The setting is a dystopian alternate reality of Earth, with superpowers, and the heroes and villains who have them. The main character is a fighting instructor at a gym, but he can't match up to anybody with powers, and his efforts thus far to acquire them have been unsuccessful. However, he soon finds out that what he's been desperately searching for was within him all along.

The main character is quite likeable, especially in his determination to do what is right, (or at least what he thinks is right,) which portrays him as persistant to an extreme. He spends his days trying to help superheroes, no matter how dangerous the situation.

The style is comprehensive, weaving Indian mythology naturally into the story. Pacing is managed well, with enough time provided to get a sense of the setting before the plot truly begins.

The only errors I have found are instances where the main character is referred to in first person instead of third person, but there aren't many, and they're fixed quickly. 

Overall, this is a great rewrite, and I am very excited for more. I reccomend this story highly, and hope others enjoy it as much as I am. 


I'm a huge fan of superhero novels, particularly after reading Super Powereds. I'm also a huge fan of just about anything JP writes, so this comes together perfectly for me. 
As is typical for JP, the writing is crisp and clean, the story is enjoyable, and the tension building is perfect right off the bat. I don't have enough time to do an advanced review right now, but I'll come back and do one later. I highly suggest checking this story out, though. It wears its heart on its sleeve, so you'll know if you like it within a chapter or two. 


I've really been enjoying this story. It's a unique and interesting  take on the genre. I like how the mc's acquisition of powers is unexpected. I appreciate the details included in how his powers function and how they make the mc feel.

It's well written with solid character development and good interaction between characters. I'm excited to see where it goes!


So far the story has been legit good with world building, powers and how it works and how fleshed out Kaka is but I also feel like the mc is a bit confusing as he is extremely paranoid of Jose, who he's known for years, and how evil Jose might be since he works under a villain but when faced with evidence of his father's murder, the League's corrupt practices and how Vish betrayed his family and will likely hunt him down if he knows about Danny getting the Asura Veda he just goes 'if the league is corrupt I will correct it from the inside' before attempting to join the League, where Vish has immense influence, with just a couple of days of training. I'm here just going like, 'bruv, you just had your powers for a couple of days and you're classified as being barely above a normal person so how tf are you gonna correct anyone?'. I'm sorry if this seems like a rant(since it is) but other that the random contradictory attitudes of the mc the story is good.

Ashish choudhary

Victor decides the history eh

Reviewed at: 11. Family Secrets

To be fair I've read both versions of this fiction now, the earlier one had its merits and was the best thing I'd say to answer the question "Gods and Demons, whi the good guy, who's the bad one. Are we really sure about that when we get the history written by the victor? What if the Gods are the hypocrites and the Demons are the better ones?" hmm... Tough question right? I had read the complete fiction of the last version It really explored this question alongside the plot of superheroes, magicians, inter planar entities, and more. I loved that.

Now, I see the author writing this fiction again, I'd say it's flowing much smoother this time. The events, and characters are better expressed i think. Although the terms from mythology are used less than the previous one, probably to help readers unfamiliar with it. I can get behind that. 

The stuff picked up from the mythology is pretty accurate and is integrated very nicely with the usual meta gene superhero fics, giving it a unique flavour and charm. I am not a native English speaker so can't say much about grammer and stuff but it's cool, i was able to read comfortably. 

Style? I love J Pal's way of writing so full points there. I am liking the way characters are shown so far.

I'd definitely recommend this fic, should try it out, read a few chaps and most probably you'll find it worth your time. That's all i have to say for this. 


This is the second time I've read this story, and the leagues of improvement since the first draft are a joy to see. It's come a long way, I'll say that, and it always had solid bones. The superhero world present in this novel is realistic without failing into edgyness, gritty without being altogether grim. The unpowered are pushed down and the powerful rise regardless of whether their intentions are as pure as their superhero image would suggest.


Style - J Pal's tight, modernist writing style works wonders here, in an equally modern setting. It conveys action with punch and characters with nuance.

Grammar - No complaints.

Story Score - This is why you should read. The mix of Hindu mythology with modern day superheroes is a truly unique choice, and the zero-to-hero narrative has some wonderful complications via the nature of the protagonist's powers, which I can't get into here. There's a sense of underdog determination that doesn't get in the way of the power fantasy, and a sense of realism that never quite goes as far as suggesting the core myth of the superhero doesn't still have value.

Character - The dialogue is fantastic, full of character, and Danny is intensely likeable as he fights for a place in a world that would rather have him as a silent statistic.

Zach or Zach

I'm always left hungry for moar

Reviewed at: 36.2 The Court Of Hearts

Essence eater is about a powerless guy who wants to be a hero. And when he learns that he almost certainly won't be able to, he turns to less direct methods to help however he can. And when he's presented a chance to do as much as he can, he takes it.

The MC is also about as threatening as you can get as a powerless without being a soldier, being a martial arts trainer. This is nice, as it makes him far stronger and far better at fighting than someone who just got their powers. The trainer part makes an interesting impact on the story, in a a believable way, and creates some early internal conflict in an interesting way that is typically less explored.

The side characters aren't fantastic, but they're pretty much all good, and all of them interact with the MC and the world in ways are both believable and interesting.

The story takes a bit to get going, but its a welcome wait as it gives some time to establish some of the basics of the world. Not even mentioning that the story itself is very good, and I find it to be a great story for teens and young adults. Tackling interesting and heavy questions with the thoughtfulness and uncertainty they deserve. Reasonably, the MC who has wanted to be a hero his whole life sees certain issues, and identifies a method to which he could fix it. The real question being, is it worth it, and is it really moral?

Afterall, what is a hero without his morals?

There are common minor issues with spelling, ie, every chapter might have one or two words that a letter is out of place in etc. The author fixes these at a good pace, and they have a nigh inexistent effect on immersion.

The style suits the MC to a tee, and I have always understood what the author was conveying, and am certain that the emotion, tension, and scenery were effectively invoked.

Overall, massively reccomended if you enjoy progression fantasy, or you enjoy superhero stories. Readers who like stories that ask more difficult questions instead of ignoring them no matter how obvious they are should also give it a shot. If the perfect 25 wasn't a good enough show, than I'll say it.

Among my highest of recomendations, up there with the biggest stories on RR.


As an old fan of Worm, it is really lovely to see its influence evident in great works like this.

And this is a great work. If you want the TL;DR, if you like powers and a well-written story, give this a shot.

Grammar is great, no notes.

The writing is really well-done, and the author does a great job of maintaining pacing/suspense, making things feel impactful and earned.

The story is incredible. There is a lot of worldbuilding that is taken from Worm, but not in a lazy way. They are all recontextualised and used to craft this story. But that is not the strength of this world. The strength is how well London is represented, with how magic and the supernatural and legends are weaved in, and frankly it's just nice to read about mythology that isn't what I'm used to.

In particular, the way karma is approached, and the nuance of the Sur Veda vs the Asura Veda is really lovely. Truly embodies the anti-black-and-white thinking of Worm and The Boys.

The characters are also lovely. They feel like lived in people, and the way they're allowed to be multifaceted and grow and human (supernatural genes aside) is wonderful.


I binged all the chapters so far over a night, and I think the story is compelling, the characters relationships seem fleshed out (I particularly like your choice for going for a defined and respectful relationship between Danny and Kaka. I like the uncle expressing himself clearly and showing how he cares, rather than you going for the "misunderstanding and failed comunications" story, creating stupid conflicts. Instead of being cliche, this story feels really well constructed so far, and I'll be watching this space.

Lord Goliath The Oddball

Interesting story with a bright future.

Reviewed at: 36.2 The Court Of Hearts

A well written story with proper grammar and speech structure. This in addition to an interesting take and twist on the superhero genre. Along with a protagonist who isn't an insufferable Mary Sue, make it a good read for anyone who enjoys superhero LitRPGs. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is the fact it's still ongoing.