Death Drive

Death Drive

by Lowhale

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In the near future, most work has been relegated to machines and people are content to spend their time immersed in virtual reality, something they cannot get enough of. Thomas Walker, an ex-racecar driver who blames the hidden algorithms that run society for losing everything that is important to him, finds himself at the center of a string of bizarre vehicular attacks and becomes assured that someone is out to get him. Meanwhile, Lucas Bennett, an anxiety-ridden software engineer, is contracted by the leading artificial intelligence corporation in the US to decipher the inner workings of their flagship AI that have become incomprehensible even to themselves, a job that he is very invested in since he considers technology the solution to his personal as well as mankind’s timeless problems. Unknown to the public at large, the CEO of the company is bent on unleashing the full capabilities of that AI to handle every single aspect of society and individual lives. When all hell breaks loose, the two men and those close to them team up to survive and fight back against the horde of vehicular attackers and the Intelligence behind them while also clashing together over their views: is artificial intelligence a way to humanity’s salvation or doom? Betrayal abounds, nothing is as it seems and the traffic is a real killer.

The story is finished and I will be publishing a new chapter every Friday. If that seems too slow for you, you can get the book at Amazon

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I Am Taking Off (IV)

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