by Mo the writer

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Moyosore realizes he has no time to waste as he has been thrown into a new world, his current reality has been erased with the coming of the Archailect. with danger lurking at every corner, he has to get strong and fast or lose his life in this game-like reality....

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Mo the writer

Mo the writer

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104 Chapters
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Enjoyable but follows a familiar path

Reviewed at: INTERLUDE

"Into the Archailect" follows the same general structure as "The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound" or other stories in that vain. A overpowered main character who goes from one event to the next crushing all opposition. Supporting characters are raised to extreme levels able to defeat everyone of a comparable stage. Enemies perform their underhanded schemes only to be bested by the brillance of Moyo and company.

Despite all of that this is still a enjoyable story. While I would appreciate more actual danger, there is a certain satisfaction from reading about Moyo crushing all opposition, power fantasies exist for a reason.

The world established is interesting so far with the different powers all quiet unique and hints at greater existential threats on the horizon.

Some of the other reviews already pointed out the African culture woven into this story. My two cents is in line with that, I appreciate unique cultural approach and its cool to see and learn about different gods that I hadn't read about before.

Characters overall are ok. Moyo is getting nicesly fleshed out and isn't the completely a complete idiot in social situation like so many other OP leads. Secondary characters haven't really had a chance to shine. They are given a few scenes here and there but I don't feel like they have been given enough time to actually fully devlop into their own people. I do appreciate how unique all the names have been a lot of stories wil have a bunch of secondary characters with similiar names and not enough fleshing out as characters for me to easily tell them apart.

In conclusion if you enjoy reading about an overpowered lead defeating the bad guys one after another I would recommend this story. I enjoyed it and it is exciting enough that I look forward to reading more in the future.


Exemplary story with a simple structure

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 90


although the author uses tried and true tropes from the best of literary RPG novels, he does it very well. I really enjoy the sense of humor and references used. I especially enjoy the use of cultural African religion and mythology as an American that doesn't see those explored. Only took a star off for the aforementioned LitRPG tropes used.


Doing this one next since it's the lowest score. The grammer is solid where it counts but there are consistent instances of misspelled words or clunky sentences. The pros can also be a bit simple making some scenes and chapters a little hard to engage with at times as well as to clearly imagine. Overall it's much better than even some published works I've read.

Story and Characters:

Doing these both to not repeat myself. I feel that the story and the characters are where Into The Archeilect really shine. Very few time do I feel that important or even side characters don't contribute to the story and the themes. I really appreciate when an author takes the time to make how character interactions matter even when it's many chapters down the line.

I'm looking forward to when Moyo's sect leaders each gain their weapon/artifact from him. I'm also hoping he gets to go back soon after the tournament to get them up to snuff.


I'm enraptured by the story thus far. It's been a while since a LitRPG has gripped me like this one and kept the momentum going. I'm excited for the future of this story and hope the author takes care of themselves to avoid burnout. 


Archailect level Creativity

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 33

The way this book spins the world upside down! 🔥🔥

The author's display a broadening mindset with this work and I'm struggling to keep up, lol! Okay, so Royal Road needs me to write at least 50 words, I don write story be that na..

Anyways, the protagonist Moyosore's just as much beast of a man as the writer is 😅. The human-centric standpoint of this work is one reason I love it, I'd always wondered why most works portrayed Earth's humans as the weak species like we'd actually ever been to Krypton 🤷🏽‍♂️ But M the writer has shown strength in our ability to grow!

Interesting read M the writer, I hope it doesn't get cliché as it progresses, love this work, beast writer.

PS: Personal request to the author - your book attempts to introduce your audience to African mythology on some level, I get the story's set in a dystopian world but can you please get louder on it. Rather than just introduce, intimate them. Be like Burna Boy, Africa to the world!

Bless up🙏🏽

Mute Reader

This book is simply a Goosebump inducing book..

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 33

First I would like to say that as an African, a Nigerian to be specific, I am so proud of this work.. 


The concept of differing paths in conjunction with the classes providea a unique experience yet It doesn't seem so alien that one is forced to try and figure out what the hell is happening at any point, and there's the relations some of the paths have with myths and legends of Local Deities that are not so well known to most of Africa even that just creates a sort of mystery and a need to check out those myths..

This work just has so many things to compliment and rather few to condemn (that is if you are a professional critic or just a plain hater). This book has some really goosebump inducing parts and is just generally a sensation and a thrill to read.


I enjoy these types of novels mostly because different authors can do their world building in different ways. Even when you get a sense of déjà vu of having read something similar, as long as it's still original enough with good world building then I'm in.

I've made a review at chapter 5, however, because of the little issues I've found. While the story never becomes illegible, it is stiff even from the first chapter due to word choice and different grammatical errors that appear. 

Not for nothing, the setup for the novel is good but with enough editing I believe it can become better once an editor can go through it all.