War of Divinities

War of Divinities

by DA_Origins

Heaven is at war!... and the Gods are losing.

In a desperate bid to fend off the demons hordes, the Gods, in their infinite wisdom have conscripted mortals to fight.

Joe, a 23 year old fresh college graduate had barely finished his shift at the local gas station when the Heavens arrived to conscript him and millions of others to the Empyrean Tower. A place where conscripts are sent to hone their skills in preparations for the darker horrors that await them.

Brought to the Halls of Beginnings with only a towel to protect his dignity, Joe must get strong enough to climb the tower or die trying. 

***** Authors note *****

WoD is my first attempt at writing. It's a little story I've been mulling over for the better part of six months. It brings together elements of litrpg and progression fantasy with a dash of xianxia. If you enjoy a story where the MC must overcome challenges to become strong then you've come to the right place. 

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Edit as of chapter 18: At some point lack of progression becomes a problem. A problem this story has encountered. Now don't get me wrong; the numbers are going up. But that's it.

There has been no meaning full story progression for the last 80ish pages: no character growth, no interpersonal relationships — he is purely alone — and no world building.

Now don't get me wrong, some people might enjoy this. I don't. I'm leaving the rating, as I see potential in the story, and truly hope that the author continues.


This story just screams potential. The world makes sense, no grammatical errors, characters with personality, and the list goes on. If the author keeps this up,  I do not doubt it will be on trending before long .

And + 1 for alien smart phones . That dude knows what is going on.


Started strong but losing its originality

Reviewed at: Chapter 29 - Montage

The original concept is interesting, giving the main character only the power to 'respawn' is a nice twist on a time loop mechanic but the fact that this is the authors first attempt at a story is starting to show through.


The feels more like it is being planned on the fly rather than considering the long term impacts of decisions and heavily focuses on chapter by chapter action rather than taking the time set up the world and character building this fiction desperately needs. The MC's personality is nonexistent 29 chapters in, and his power probably shouldn't keep levels and stat gains from elixers (really anything beyond his knowledge and perhaps skill levels).


Sadly, recent chapters haves also felt less 'inspired by' and more 'ripped wholesale' from the admittedly awesome fiction "The Tutorial is too Hard".


The spelling and grammar is good, and the author has a talent for writing action scenes, they write well on the whole and I think they should 100% continue to hone their craft! 


This novel is still on my read list as I am curious to see where it is going and whether it will become something unique or just a plagurised clone of existing IP. However, the book in its current state is not one that I would recommend to a new reader.


The story is a very interesting concept and the lack of classes hasn't detracted from the story at all. The training montage has kept me engaged, cant wait to find out what the rest of the Tower floors have to offer. Also looking forward to find out why Heaven has set up the Tower the way it has!!


It's all cool and fun but magic syatem is weak it seam like using spells and skills don't have cost. Even silver and higher level skills cen be used continuously. It's absolutely ridiculous that you cen use higher level skills while being LV 1. The MC is boring and bland with no soul, sadly this discrptiontion applies to the whole story. 

For 19 episodes we didn't learn a thing about MC character. No world building and weird discriptions that venture beyond what MC knows. Plus absolutely boring fights. The only highlight is the old man that meats death at the beginning of the story.

Sad an pitiful quality (recent ch 19). But hopes up. Maybe some of the missing world building will be crafted and magic and all supernatural stuff will be expected and writing quality will improve and storytelling will improve.... Maybe.

The only advantage is that the story doesn't have any Int requirement.

2.5 star review what a generosity :P

PS. Don't get discouraged.



When you walk in golden halls

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Respawn

This is an isekai story with a system, based on the War in Heaven. 

Style: The story begins on a strong note after the Prologue, with a grandiose presentation of the system and the War in Heaven. The might of the angel is aptly displayed, and gives a sense of the kind of power which is at play here. After this beginning, it settles into a more familiar isekai territory. The theme of War in Heaven is interesting, but after the first few Chapters the sense of setting is less pronounced. It feels like the religious and moral dimensions of the setting could be used more as a source of imagery and themes. Religion has plenty of striking imagery and iconography associated with it, and this feels like it could be sprinkled through to enhance the story.

Story: The setting is interesting, and the slightly SAO-like ascent through floors allows for plenty of material. The MC's respawn 'golden finger' gives the story more longevity, but the way that he obtains it is slightly mysterious and will hopefully be expanded upon later.

Grammar: The grammar is generally solid, especially in the first few Chapters. However, soon a few errors creep in, including the lack of commas at the end of quotation marks. There are also a few minor slips, such as, "A risk he couldn't afford to take the risk," where it's fairly clear what the writer was trying to say. All in all, this could be improved slightly, but the novel is still generally readable.

Character: The angel near the beginning is an interesting character, and Joe is a decent isekai protagonist. However, several of the other characters are represented only as archetypes, and it might be interesting to have some more complex characters in the supporting cast for this kind of story involving a war.


Potential for the future

Reviewed at: Chapter 31 - Amplify

The premise of the story is interesting enough, but there is not much meat too it after 31 chapters we still know very little (too little).

The characters were pretty one dimensional, especially b/c the MC is the only one given any space and he's not particularly interesting. His growth doesn't feel realistic or earned and his determination comes mostly out of nowhere since his feelings and thoughts are not well explained. There is an attempt to create a MC that starts as the weak undergod and becomes a confident hero, but it's not a very successful attempt. I disagree with those who say the cheat skill the MC get 'respawn' is too OP, since it has many limitations and other people started with way more points that allowed them to get overpowered skills. So the MC is still incredibly weak compared to other people. 

Still the grammar is good enough and the style, while dry, is easy enough to go through.  

Overall an above average read, but - as I said at the beginning - it all depends from where it goes from there. I'd say the problem lies exactly there, after 31 chapters we have little idea of the world, conflicts, side characters and factions of the story. A few chapters that would give a few sneek peaks and hints to the larger plot would have been nice. 
If the author is able to make his MC act more natural, introduce interesting secondary characters and create and interesting plot this could become a very good novel, but for now we have no clue on any of that. 


War of Divinities is quite typical isekai where the protagonist dies in the robbery that went wrong. Just instead of going to another world, he is forced to serve as a footman in the Heavenly Host (or how are you going to call Heaven's army). That’s slightly atypical, but whatever works.

Style - Story is well written and some effort has been put into the individual chapters. Though instead of the rapid dialogue, this story mostly focuses on action, with occasional protagonist’s musing, especially about skills, nothing I wouldn’t expect from LitRPG. I didn’t find anything I would consider a glaring flaw here. 5-star. 

Grammar - All stories I review receive 5-star for Grammar by default.

Story - Very little story progression happened during the 10 chapters I had the chance to read, and nothing was done to actually build the characters aside from some skill choice. Actually, most characters have been killed off very quickly (assuming they didn’t pick up respawn mechanic as the protagonist did, we didn’t know). The attrition rate in this war is high, it seems, better to get some more souls quickly. 

I also find it amusing that heaven works like MMORPG with a horrible pay-to-win shop, but fine, this is LitRPG, this is expected. Worth a giggle though. Though, it is expected from LitRPG, so I’ll give the 5-stars here.

Characters - Story didn’t put much effort into the characters it seems, it kills them as soon as it introduces them, with the only protagonist being the last man standing. And that’s thanks to the respawning skill he picked. What does puzzle me is how come they were able to work as a coherent, trained unit in their first battle until they were overwhelmed, but fine. No one can blame Joe to be a Gary Stu, since pretty much everyone in the story is roughly the same. I’ll give 4 stars here - the very low effort has been put into the personalities of people who are supposed to have personalities

Overall, it is decent, business as usual LitRPG, and would work for people who enjoy the genre. 

Stories With Billy

If you ever read "The tutorial is too hard" you will probably like this. Same concept of climbing a litirpg tower of death. I really like stories with someone taking on a challenge on their own, so I can only hope that continues.

The grammar is good, and the pacing is pretty solid. Not much characterisation, but the story honestly doesn't need it.


It is still too early to give a final opinion on this story, but i found myself binge reading this in an hour or so. 


Simple and smooth. It focuses on exposition and description. The author has a casual style that makes it easy to lose yourself in the pages.


There were some typos and mistakes, here and there. I wouldn't say it was too annoying, however.


An average joe gets isekaid with a thousand or so people into heaven's waiting room (i assume?). They were tasked by an indifferent angel to climb a tower and gain powers to fight in a war against hell. As you can tell, it isn't the most orginal of premises but it is not boring either. 

There are some graphic aspects but i would definitely not call this novel heavy on gore. (the author even sensored the word shit). In fact, i found it kind of lighthearted and fun. It's system is one that you usually see in Litrpgs with stats, Exp and levels. 

Fights are fun and not too long, so you don't get bored. 

Like I said before, it is still early to tell much about the novel but I do like the skill obtained by the MC. (You'll know what i mean when you read the first few chps)


Not my favorite part but not bad at all. Joe is average in every way. What surprised me was the fact that he was fat. 200lb fat. Anyway, we get glimpses of other characters like an old veteran and mean villains, but that was that.

TLDR: If you're looking for a lighthearted and fun monster fighting, number crunching Litrpg then look no further. 


A 'lucky' young man who just survived an armed robbery, his third one in the same store, goes home to rest when he is suddenly chosen to join the heavenly army alongside thousands of other people from all over the world.

Style: the author sets the mood well and you find yourself going through the chapters and following the main character without noticing. The pacing is good and the writing was fun. I liked the fights and the struggles the mc went through with his group, you can clearly see that they are under a lot of pressure and barely holding on, all in all, it's well written and I have no major complaints, the only thing that comes to mind is that some of the paragraphs were way too long to my liking, but that's a personal opinion.

Story: as I said the mc gets sent to heaven to join their army in their fight against the demons, except that first, they have to go through a training arc inside a tower. Before entering the tower they are given points that they then need to spend to get special abilities and weapons. Here, the mc finds an unranked skill that seems too good to be as cheap as it is, and he gets it, I guess that the ability will be a major plot point later on and we will get to know more about it then. Till now he seems to be going the usual tower climbing theme which is enjoyable if done well, and I like the way it's going, so nothing else to say.

Grammar: good, nothing to say here. I saw nothing that made me want to stop and drop it.

Character: gotta say that characters isn't the thing that the story is focusing on, and that's alright, the mc is distinct enough to like and he makes the novel entertaining so no complaints here.

That's all from me then~ all in all, an entertaining litrpg that you can enjoy and get into easily. And finally a big thank you to the author, keep up the great work~🎉