King of Fools : Silver Tongue

King of Fools : Silver Tongue

by NoDragons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A certain trickster spirit was fond of saying, 'me and my big fat mouth'. That could be Jasper Stone's motto. There's never been a situation in his life he didn't make worse by opening his mouth, because when he does, ridiculous amounts of trash-talk and overconfidence just spills out. He's never managed to do anything with his wits -- but when the God of Fools tosses him into another world for amusement's sake, he'll need to put them to use. Because there are bandits, dragons, and cultists out there -- none of whom appreciate Jasper's particular gift for insults.

--Cover by the inimitable Vitaly S Alexius.

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The font really makes this story pop. It's easily my favorite part of this story. Open Sans is just such a wonderful font and NoDragons really outdid himself in not changing it as the default font.


Dao of Insults is in NoDragons' typical linguistically rich style, so if you enjoy his other works, you'll find that this one will not let you down any more than you already have been. It is, without a doubt, a luxurious literary linguine made from only the finest shredded thesauruses. Enough to make a librarian weep!


The grammar is impeccable as usual and his innovative use of the period and the exclamation mark is sublime. He has even deigned to treat us with his mastery of the occasional comma and space. There is no higher praise I can give for such grammatical excellence.


The story is just getting started, but the innovative and unique utilization of the LitRPG staples such as skills and magic and tents makes for an engaging read. As usual, NoDragons uses a novel magic system to merge this all together, along with literal "pay to win" elements. It is early days so far, and right now the story is fairly formulaic, but NoDragons will no doubt surprise us with a plot twist. There might even be a dragon, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. There's a clue in his name.


The character is literally a joke, but reasonably entertaining in his own way. There is a slight dissonance from there being a lack of suitable whimsy in the narration to make the occassional wisecrack not seem jarring given the content, but it doesn't detract too much from the story. It is, however, highly honest and refreshing to have a character who is a literal clown, and I can only congratulate NoDragons on his shameless self insert.


Smart, complex and really funny

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Practical Magic

First time I'm reading something from the author but I'm pleasantly surprised since it fits well into the genre; it integrates quite well different game systems into the plot and it's clear that there is much more to discover.

One thing that could cause problems, later on, is the fact that the overall system is so wide and mysterious that it might confuse the reader a little, while I understand that this is no duty of the author I think that a chapter in which is briefly summarised the different aspects of the system would be great.

MC is quite smart but not cynical or inhuman, so I'm sure it'll be nice to see how he develops, however I feel like everyone else in the story gets the short end of the sticks since most characters are not characterized a lot, this is still very early in the story so I will gladly update the review as we get more chapters.

I'm not a native English speaker, but both the style and the grammar seem clean and easy to read, while keeping a very good level of detail to feel the world around the MC. On this note, I hope my English was clear enough but I'll gladly clarify if something is missing or wrong. 




Funniest story since McKenzie Files. I died. 🤣

Reviewed at: Chapter 17: Beyond Our Stars

The quips don't stop, and they are all quality. It's been ages (OK, maybe a month) since I actually laughed out loud while reading a story on RR. Definitely top three funniest stories I've read on this website.

It's astonishing that the author hasn't run out of insults. Will the author ever run out? Hopefully not.
It makes me wonder what the author is like in real life... xD

Spelling and grammar are on point. Maybe one or two minor ones per chapter. As a compulsive proofreader, it is refreshing. 

Characters aren't really developed yet. That's fine though; this is still early days. We have only gotten to know the main character but we're starting to learn about a second... but even if we don't ever get a cast of well rounded secondary characters, that's probably fine.
If you are here for the lols, you probably aren't looking for something with deep character studies and philosophical hand-wringing anyway.

The class system is interesting. It's not typical. It's definitely not based off of your standard JRPG system with XP and levels. It seems to be based more on skills. 
There is a huge amount we don't know yet, but what we do know is completely original. 

Cocop (Cale Plamann)


Jasper is an unappealing chunk of refuse, but that's kinda the point.  It's a weak to strong story, with an emphasis on the main character being weak in fairly amusing ways.  This is an isekai, but the main character is an unapologetic POS, and most of his super secret magic seems to focus on him being incredibly mean to people for magical effect.  Needless to say, it's hilarious.  

Style - It's NoDragons, I genuinely suspect they might have the best prose on this site.  If they aren't number one, they're in the top ten.  If you have complaints about the story's style, the issue may lie in you rather than the book.

Grammar- I didn't notice anything.  That's a good sign.

Story- The story is fairly simple so far but it's dropping MASSIVE hints toward a rich world with a complex magic system that intrigues me.  Also I'm getting hints of Erfworld which is always a huge plus.  In short, the story is good but the worldbuilding is top notch.  Half the time I find myself focusing more on listening for nuggets about the gods and past worlds more than the actual story itself.

Character- Jasper is hilarious.  He's also a jerk.  I love him and hope he suffers in funny ways simultaneously.


Was it worth the time? Yes.

Now, why exactly?

The style is good. Not something out of this world, but good enough that the jokes make you smile and the action keeps you interested.

The plot is, as usual, standard with a twist. Our MC gets benefits out of sassing his enemies exquisitely.

The grammar is spotless.

Although the characters are not deep, they are fun to observe, for now.


This is one of the best novels I’ve ever read

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Stay Frosty

Honestly, I can see nothing wrong with this novel so far. The charecters are great, plot amazing and world building just as good. I know this is early on but, if the author keeps up with this type of quality content, then this will probably become one of the biggist novel on royal road.


And Your Father Smelt Of Elderberries

Reviewed at: Chapter 14: Stay Frosty

This story is surprisingly great and a lot deeper than I initially thought it was going to be. Like, let's be real, "Trash Tier LitRPG"? No, buddy, this has non-one-dimensional characters, actual worldbuilding, quips, people reacting in a person-like way, and sick burns.

This is great. 5/5. Honestly, the only thing that could make it better is if there were more of it. HINT HINT.


I notice a good read with a cool title, an interesting system. Nice cool 

How come every time I read the author title it is NO DRAGONS!!!

How does he do it?


Still, I continue to read from this author. I like writing and world-building. Especially the unique take on a foolish character. 




Dao of Insults starts off strong with the comedic core premise of a mouthy loser of a protagonist hurled into a world of magic and violence because the god of fools thinks it would be funny. Jasper, stuck in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar rules, has to survive on only his razor wit—but that gets him into trouble more often than not.

Style: The story flows nicely, keeping you engaged and interested as you follow Jasper's ordeals. The pacing was good, and I never felt bored while reading. No complaints about structure or POV either.

Story: As of this review there's not a ton of story to comment on, but I have no complaints about what I've seen. The worldbuilding is interesting, and seems to be building towards an in-setting explanation for why there's a system with game logic in place. Likewise, system-related stuff doesn't bog down or get in the way of story-telling—status windows only appear where necessary.

Character: 15 chapters in and there's already a fairly colorful cast of characters. Jasper has a lot of growth potential, with a starting point that feels almost too real, as a man so lost in life that he can hardly work up the motivation to do anything other than follow whatever current sweeps him away. Despite the humorous premise, the story takes a serious and thoughtful look at what makes people tick, and even the most hatable characters feel well thought-out and real.

Grammar: There were a few unusual or misplaced words and questionable sentence structures early on in the chapters, but that seems to have mostly sorted itself out in the current chapters. Nothing that dramatically impacts readability, and by the time I got to the current chapter I'd stopped noticing anything amiss at all.

Overall: Dao of Insults strikes a pleasing balance between fun and irreverent narration, and thoughful and interesting storytelling. NoDragons is a talented author with a number of excellent stories under their belt, and this is no exception. I would easily recommend it to just about anyone.

Azel Robles

I honestly think new inventive and interesting systems are some of the author's strong points, and this story doesn't deviate from this, we get two whole different systems that are entirely new and already look super interesting, with a really unique mc who's exceedingly disrespectful in a universe where face is everything, what could go wrong for him ?


Can't wait to read more !