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-Tier 1 Talent Tree-

-Tier 1 Talents Cost 1 Talent Point-


  1. Mana
  • - You Regen 1% Mana Per Second While Out of Combat
  • - Spells Have a 50% Chance of Costing 50% Less Mana Upon Casting
  • - Your Summons and Damaging Spells Convert 2% of The Damage Dealt Into Mana


  1. Elemental Magic
  • - Elemental Magic is Enhanced by Nearby Elements That Match the Spell
  • - You Can Use Two of the Same Elemental Spell Simultaneously, Granting Them a 50% Damage Bonus for Half the Mana Cost
  • - Elemental Ailments, Like Burning, Shock, Slow, and Freeze, Lasts Until Overwritten with Another Elemental Ailment


  1. Conjuration Magic
  • - There is a 50% Chance When You Summon Something, You Summon 1 Extra Copy
  • - You Can Raise The Dead to Fight For You. The Stronger They are, The Lower the % Chance The Attempt Will Succeed. Can Only Raise 1 at a Time
  • - Conjured Summons Gain 2% Life Leech on Successful Attacks


  1. Light Magic
  • - Casting Healing Spells Grants You and Your Nearby Party a Barrier Worth 25% of Maximum HP
  • - You Regen 1% of Maximum Hp Per Second While Out of Combat
  • - Healing Others Also Heals You for Half of the Amount You Healed Them


  1. Shadow Magic
  • - Any Successful Attack on an Enemy with Less Than 15% HP is Instantly Killed
  • - Crouching While in the Shadows Makes Any of Your Movements Silent
  • - You are Guaranteed to Strike Intense Fear in The Hearts of Those You Show Your Aura to and are Weaker Than You


  1. Miasma Magic
  • - All of Your Weapons are Laced with a Deadly Poison That Deals 1% of the Enemies Maximum HP Over 5 Seconds
  • - Your Attacks with Magic Lower Enemy Defense By 25%

- Attacks With Weapons Lower Enemy Damage By 25%

  • - Enemies That are Poisoned in Any Way Cannot Heal


  1. Void Magic
  • - Casting Time Magic Doubles The User's Speed and Reaction Time for 10 Seconds
  • - Casting Any Offensive Spell has a 25% Chance of Affecting the Enemy with Increased Gravity. The Bigger The Opponent, The Stronger the Gravity.
  • - You Can Now Cast Time Spells on Multiple Living Things, with That Multiple Growing by 1 Every 5 Levels. Starts at 3 for Level 10.


The sheer amount of interesting passives propelled his focus into an entirely different dimension of concentration. Not even Rune pawing at his thigh was something Shane could consciously notice with what enticing options lay before him. These aren't just dull passives that increase my health or damage by 10%. Good lord! Some of these, when combined, would be absolutely OP!


When Rune's pawing failed to attract its master's attention, it distracted itself by making playful lunges at its master's skeletal minions. When the minions didn't react beyond absently dodging the toned loot pupper's mischievous antics, Rune found a nearby spot in a patch of grass to lay down with a frustrated huff.


Meanwhile, Shane was already coming up with several combinations of passives he could purchase with the two talent points the system granted him already. There are so many great options and combinations, but it may be best to first bolster my ability to cast spells in the first place. Shane decided it best to select the second and third nodes of the [Mana] passive tree.


With spells having a good chance of costing half as much to cast, on top of the damage they do returning mana to him, Shane finally felt like he was in the caster mentality. The role he would always gravitate toward in other RPGs and wanted most in Endless Veil.


Sure, many other passive combinations would have been immediately more potent. He figured it a wiser decision to cover his biggest weakness, the lack of mana conservation, over creating a greater strength. Shane knew that would come in time, especially when he hit level twenty.


In a fit of inspiration and curiosity, he brought up his spear's information and inspected the [Splitting] modifier.





Creates an Exact Copy of Yourself, with HP, Mana, Status Effects, Time, and Stats Reduced to 50% of Your Maximum


Your Consciousness is Doubled and Given to the Clone


The Clone Lasts for 2 Minutes and Cannot be Summoned Again for 10 Minutes After its Duration Expires


"Okay, I can work with this," Shane said with a stress-relieving big breath.


He gripped the spear's shaft tightly and summoned a clone of himself using the [splitting] modifier. Creating a clone of myself like this without any cost feels like a powerful spell. That's what makes Endless Veil's randomized gear so interesting, Shane thought while looking at the bright yellow flash take its familiar shape.


A second later, he was again looking into his own eyes. This time, there would be no mistaking himself for Cain Prime. Shane was now resolute in that fact. It would be the greatest insult to mistake himself for that bastard.

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