The Merge - Frisks Impact

by LethalDogFart

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
After the turmoil of the merge, the battle for survival in a new merged world has ended and the world has receded into relative peace. The races, gathered in alliances and pacts have had time to develop themselves and get used to their new habitat. The aspects of the God have come to balance.

Frisk, the only aspect to be excluded from the game, found out about the Merge. Determined to leave his mark on this world, Frisk creates his own life-form, with the only goal to destroy and enslave his kins creation.

The last aspect of the god , Frisk, has finally finished with the evolution of his race. Without being noticed his race has entered the world and are preparing to cleanse the world of any of the other dominant life-forms.

__ Disclaimer:

This is my first work ever written. Any kind of feedback is appreciated. SPAG, content wise, style.. anything really!!

Please be aware that some parts aren't finished yet and I just put it here to keep it updated for myself :)

As long as it's slightly constructive, it will be appreciated.
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