by RavensDagger

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Why survive the apocalypse when you can become the apocalypse?

Nature is dying, but perhaps before the world is turned into an industrious machine nature itself can play one final trump card to save itself.

Summoned to a new world, a mushroom loving mycologist needs to grow up and grow stronger in order to accomplish the goal which brought them to this new place: to save nature from the system that the sentient races have created.

Stats, levels, classes and skills are all well and good, but when you’re a Child of Poverty in the slums of City Nineteen, there’s little you can do to change the world. Not unless you’re willing to think outside the box!

This story contains lots of cute stuff, but also some tragedy. If you’re expecting it to be as light and carefree as Cinnamon Bun or Heart of Dorkness, you might find yourself disappointed.

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A bird that likes comfy and happy things, and also knives. Once ate a god’s eye and awakened the ability to see all that is good in the world. Known to steal shiny ideas and baubles. Currently forbidden from writing his own bios.

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Art, Maps, and Maybe Fanart One Day ago
Black Mould - One - Remembrance of a Distant Dream ago
Black Mould - Two - Blessings and Curses ago
Black Mould - Three - Plunging into the Deep End ago
Black Mould - Four - Barriers Crumbling ago
Black Mould - Five - Growth as an Extant Form of Progress ago
Interlude One - A Worried Dada ago
Black Mould - Six - Rewarding Hard Work ago
Black Mould - Seven - Cultivating Friendships ago
Black Mould - Eight - Clerical Duties ago
Black Mould - Nine - A Revelation of Greater Magics and Godly Ties ago
Black Mould - Ten - Farming For a Greater Purpose ago
Black Mould - Eleven - Warding Off Pestilence and Trouble ago
Black Mould - Twelve - Treatment for Some Ills ago
Black Mould - Thirteen - Formulating Steps to Move On ago
Interlude Two - The Seamstress ago
Black Mould - Fourteen - Grafting New Forms of Life ago
Black Mould - Fifteen - Thoughts of Great Risks and Greater Rewards ago
Black Mould - Sixteen - Faithless Prayers for Resolution ago
Black Mould - Seventeen - A Sacrifice of Self to Commune with God ago
Black Mould - Eighteen - Knitting Together Threads of Passing Time ago
Black Mould - Nineteen - Prophecy and Poison ago
Black Mould - Twenty - Greater Threats Rising from Shared Desperation ago
Black Mould - Twenty-One - Where Those Who Have Passed Rest ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Two - Wading Through the Sea of Graves ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Three - Followers and Brothers Unto and Of Death ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Four - Cowled Follower of the Merciful One ago
Interlude Three - An Acolyte who Listens ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Five - Questions Under Duress ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Six - Blatant Manipulations of an Open Soul ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Seven - Experiments with the Result of a Long Winter ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Eight - Stalking an Immobile Adversary ago
Black Mould - Twenty-Nine - The Legend of Worthington Along the Gutter ago
Black Mould - Thirty - The Gutter-Side Market ago
Black Mould - Thirty-One - The Spirit of an Entrepreneur ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Two - Cleaver Dealings Leading to Inflating Profits ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Three - Like a Predator Smelling Blood ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Four - Smile, Nod, and Refuse ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Five - True Magic Awakening Fears and Possibilities ago
Interlude Four - A Mother Who Doesn't Know Best ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Six - Windfalls and Joys Shared ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Seven - The Price of Protest ago
Black Mould - Thirty-Eight - Loyalty ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue ago
Death Cap - One - Great Choices Barring a Greater Future ago
Death Cap - Two - Options Determining Future Paths ago
Death Cap - Three - Testing the Limits of One's Capabilities ago
Death Cap - Four - Ratesco's Union for the Poor and Enraged ago
Death Cap - Five - Passing as Innocent to Hide the Knife ago
Death Cap - Six - Shared Truths as Payment for Trust ago

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[Reviewed at Chapter 20]

Setting : The story takes place amidst the industrialization of a fantasy world, with smog and rattling machinery. Society is portrayed in a very dystopian fashion.

Style : The writing style comes across as gloomy and ominous, which complements the setting well. Prose is impeccable, and descriptions are extremely vivid. 

Plot : So far, the main character has had a decent childhood; with her class being able to grow mushrooms, her family has been kept fed. The most tension that has been provided thus far is the authorities who are extremely paranoid about anything that they don't like, so the main character will most likely be forced into hiding or escaping if they find out what her class is.

Character : The main character was an expert on mushrooms in her past life, and that knowledge has guided her towards a specialized class in this world, though her combat potential is currently low. Her actions and thoughts are understandable; she comes off as a well thought-out complex character, with her own ideals anf motivations. 

Grammar : I have noticed no spelling or grammar issues, syntax and formatting is done well. 

Overall : I have greatly enjoyed reading this so far. I have high hopes for the future of this story, and am confident it will be amazing. I am reccomending this story, and I hope you will like it as much as I do. 


Basic litrpg isekai story with an interesting prem

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The premise of working with mushrooms was an interesting idea. Having a druid/cleric of a shunned god during the industrial revolution is very original.

Including the litrpg elements did not affect the story that much. The other characters never really address the strangeness (behaving like an adult, knowing things that no one taught her, etc.) of the main character except making note that she is strange.

Without the litrpg and isekai elements, this story would be better. The knowledge of fungi could just be explained by the blessings of the goddess and magic.

Other than all that the first book was enjoyable enough to read.

The father's death was not very impactful since we never got to know him other than he wants better treatment of workers and he likes drinking beer.


Writing is really great. Not all of the characters have the most depth, but they all have personality. Chapters have a great pace, lots of nice little warm fuzzy moments. A wonderful smattering of stress to create tension and up the anti if you will. I cried at one point but I'm a softy honestly. Settling now on a hopefully very satisfying quest for vengeance against a greedy industrial revolution esque magical world. 


The pacing is a bit slower than I'd like, but the worldbuilding and characterization was off the charts. This wasn't some edgy teen who wanted to take it out on the world after getting cheated on by his gf. The oppressive world she grew up in made her into its very own executioner. And I'm here for it!


Super early review here but coming from Raven's many other quality stories I'm confident that this will be a story to watch.

So far its a classic reincarnation with gamelike magical elements of above average quality.

Will be updating this review in a few more chapters... why are you still reading this you could have finished the story by now silly.


A bit darker and slower than most of Raven's dagger stories, Sporemageddon seems off to a very interesting start. Despite not being much different in tone than their other stories, nor any darker in terms of world building, the industrial setting is a bit more relatable than the other settings, and hits home a bit more. Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on your tastes, but I would recommend most people give it a shot.

The story is just as well written as their other works, and although a bit on the slower side starting with a infant Isekai character, it reads smoothly and doesn't drag on like some other novels I've read. If you like Isekai stories or just Ravensdagger's other works it is worth checking out.


Who knew mushrooms could be so cute

Reviewed at: Interlude Two - The Seamstress

The story is just getting started, but the world is engaging and the MC (adult scientist reborn in a fantasy world) is enjoyable. The trajectory is good, typical for ravensclaw mixing in slice of life and adventure with an unusual twist in mushroom magic being the focus. Nice work so far, looking forward to how things develop.


Interesting outside a single hickup

Reviewed at: Epilogue

I like how the story is presented.  It is an interesting focus on fungus rather than other form of farming.  Some of the situations make sense and are presented well for the characters age.  However intermixed are situations that only make sense and are written like the character is much older.  Having a literal 3-4 year old take a walk alone around a dystopian city to buy commission things, and setup a business, and making signifigant sums of money.  Its just too much of a covnitive disconnect.  No adult woukd take them seriously.  Having the character be 8-10 years old would be more believable.  Outside of the age disconnect it is well done, and i enjoyed it.
The distopian environment is fairly bleak and depressing.  It is mentioned early on about minor ilnesses but i feel it never really is addressed after that.  Her spending a large amount of time around rotting compost, and large numbers of toxic/poisonous mushrooms and spores, and the literal sewer i feel that health issues would have been more of an issue with her.
The system aspect is fairly light and not blue boxes every other paragraph which is usually a crutch but is handled well.


I'm enjoying the setting and characters very much. We have an urban fantasy setting that seems like a dystopian progression of a high fantasy world.

The heroine herself has been a delight. She's a joy with a supportive, loving family and seeing that turn to true anger will be a sight to behold. 


Feom the jump, you can tell that this is a well thought out story that is properly being cared for.

The MC is believeable and relateable, a reincarnation without too much pretention, and not afraid to be both who they were and who they are now.

The pacing is wonderful, and keeps the readers wanting more.

The bird author has made a name for theirself on great stories, and this is no exception.