Legends of Gods. Tale of Vjaira.

by Caladbolg

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

In the Sarkcente Kingdom, in the south of the continent, the life of the King is nearing its end. The Royal Capital and the entire country slowly grow unstable.

The many Royal Children are amassing power and allies, and shall soon engage in a life-or-death struggle for the crown.

The four Great Families and the three Great Martial Schools will be forced to abandon their long-standing neutrality and choose their own sides.

During the calm before the storm, the leader of one of the four Great Families decides to take in two common children and to the shock of everyone, officially adopts them and treats them with great favor.

However, Tei’ru dies before long, leaving the two kids ostracized and alone within the family.

As the major events in the Sarkcente Kingdom and on the entire continent start to unfold, the ten years old boy, Laien, is about to begin his epic adventure.

(Read the brief introduction before you proceed to reading the chapters, thanks!)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue + a brief introduction. ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part II) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part III) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part IV) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part V) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part VI) ago
Book 1. Chapter 1. It all began that day. (Part VII) ago
Book 1. Chapter 2. Unforgivable! (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 2. Unforgivable! (Part II) ago
Book 1. Chapter 3. First Spiritual Battle. ago
Book 1. Chapter 4. Nightmares. ago
Book 1. Chapter 5. Their Voices. ago
Book 1. Chapter 6. Garon’s Demand. ago
Book 1. Chapter 7. Red Dragon School. ago
Book 1. Chapter 8. Amazing Little Sister. ago
Book 1. Chapter 9. The Might of an Aspect. ago
Book 1. Chapter 10. The Limits of an Aspect. ago
Book 1. Chapter 11. The Bright Future. (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 11. The Bright Future. (Part II) ago
Book 1. Chapter 12. Pulled Around the City. (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 12. Pulled Around the City. (Part II) ago
Book 1. Chapter 13. Schemes and Living Steel. (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 13. Schemes and Living Steel. (Part II) ago
Book 1. Chapter 14. Precious Gains. ago
Book 1. Chapter 15. A Serious Talk. ago
Book 1. Chapter 16. One Year of Time. (Part I) ago
Book 1. Chapter 16. One Year of Time. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 1. The Two Weeks City. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 1. The Two Weeks City. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 2. The Twin Phoenix School. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 2. The Twin Phoenix School. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 3. An Uncontrollable Power. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 3. An Uncontrollable Power. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 4. Invitation. ago
Book 2. Chapter 5. Anatis's Past. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 5. Anatis's Past. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 5. Anatis's Past. (Part III) ago
Book 2. Chapter 6. The Request. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 6. The Request. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 7. Little Accidents. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 7. Little Accidents. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 7. Little Accidents. (Part III) ago
Book 2. Chapter 8. Rendezvous. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 8. Rendezvous. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 9. The Difference in Strength. ago
Book 2. Chapter 10. The Cail Family. ago
Book 2. Chapter 11. The Banquet. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 11. The Banquet. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 11. The Banquet. (Part III) ago
Book 2. Chapter 12. The Fourteen Aspects. ago
Book 2. Chapter 13. Another Evening. ago
Book 2. Chapter 14. The Slave Market. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 14. The Slave Market. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 15. Mysterious Green-Haired Youth. (Part I) ago
Book 2. Chapter 15. Mysterious Green-Haired Youth. (Part II) ago
Book 2. Chapter 16. The Quarterfinals. ago
Book 2. Chapter 17. Fight to the Last Breath. ago
Book 2. Chapter 18. Frightening Power of Martial Masters. ago
Book 2. Chapter 19. After Tournament Celebration. ago
Book 2. Chapter 20. A Bloody Kiss. ago
Book 2. Chapter 21. Overconfidence. ago
Book 2. Chapter 22. The Difference in Strength. ago
Book 2. Chapter 23. Terrible Miscalculation. ago
Book 2. Chapter 24. Negotiations. ago
Book 2. Chapter 25. The Royal Intervention. ago
Book 2. Chapter 26. Friends. ago
Book 2. Chapter 27. The Trial Begins. ago
Book 2. Chapter 28. Sentenced to Death. ago
Book 2. Chapter 29. A Certain Selfish Stupid Idiot. ago
Book 3. Chapter 1. Their Dream. ago
Book 3. Chapter 2. The Feelings in Your Heart. ago
Book 3. Chapter 3. Farewells. ago
Book 3. Chapter 4. Setting Out. ago
Book 3. Chapter 5. The Inn in the Mountains. ago
Book 3. Chapter 6. Getting Ahead of Yourself. ago
Book 3. Chapter 7. Pulling the Tiger's Tail. ago
Book 3. Chapter 8. The Combined Soul Realm. ago
Book 3. Chapter 9. The Golden Rune. ago
Book 3. Chapter 10. The Iron Fort. ago
Book 3. Chapter 11. Do Not Make Trouble? ago
Book 3. Chapter 12. Making Trouble. ago
Book 3. Chapter 13. The Blood of Ishtar. ago
Book 3. Chapter 14. Too Strong, As Expected. ago
Book 3. Chapter 15. Datura Flower. ago
Book 3. Chapter 16. Madwoman. ago
Book 3. Chapter 17. Like a Moth to the Flame. ago
Book 3. Chapter 18. Agnes's Choice. ago
Book 3. Chapter 19. Tragic End. ago
Book 3. Chapter 20. Entering the Anarchic Lands. ago
Book 3. Chapter 21. Slaughter. ago
Book 3. Chapter 22. Overpowered. ago
Book 3. Chapter 23. Monsters. ago
Book 3. Chapter 24. Traveling. ago
Book 3. Chapter 25. The Great Chieftains of the Anarchic Lands. ago
Book 3. Chapter 26. A Hidden Village. ago
Book 3. Chapter 27. The Divine Seal. ago
Book 3. Chapter 28. Sinister Intentions. ago
Book 3. Chapter 29. The Play Sets Up. ago
Book 3. Chapter 30. Greater Good, Lesser Evil. ago
Book 3. Chapter 31. The Nameless Clan. ago
Book 3. Chapter 32. Obey or Suffer. ago
Book 3. Chapter 33. I Refuse! ago
Book 3. Chapter 34. Recognition. ago
Book 3. Chapter 35. The Trial of Strength. (Part I) ago
Book 3. Chapter 36. The Trial of Strength. (Part II) ago
Book 3. Chapter 37. The Trial of Strength. (Part III) ago
Book 3. Chapter 38. Shade. ago
Book 3. Chapter 39. The Demons. ago
Book 3. Chapter 40. Soul Imprint. ago
Book 3. Chapter 41. Heavenly Lightning Martial Realm. ago
Book 3. Chapter 42. Splitting Up. ago
Book 3. Chapter 43. Alen Durash. ago
Book 3. Chapter 44. Vision... or a Nightmare. ago
Book 3. Chapter 45. The Endless Battle. ago
Book 3. Chapter 46. Sarakar Patrol. ago
Book 3. Chapter 47. The Capital City of Palee. ago
Book 3. Chapter 48. Secret Association. ago
Book 3. Chapter 49. Ice and Fire. ago
Book 3. Chapter 50. I'll Do Anything. ago
Book 3. Chapter 51. Infernal Phantom. ago
Book 3. Chapter 52. The One Who Brings Shaari. ago
Book 3. Chapter 53. Infiltrating the Harems. ago
Book 3. Chapter 54. An Early Arrival. ago
Book 3. Chapter 55. Kill. ago
Book 3. Chapter 56. Mustafa's Offer. ago
Book 3. Chapter 57. Dangerous Situation. ago
Book 3. Chapter 58. Powerful Helper. ago
Book 3. Chapter 59. From the Shadows. ago
Book 3. Chapter 60. All Good that ends Good. ago
Book 3. Chapter 61. The Four White Guards. ago
Book 3. Chapter 62. Unresolved Trauma? ago
Book 3. Chapter 63. Please, Help Me! ago
Book 3. Chapter 64. Disagreement. ago
Book 3. Chapter 65. Ulme Village. ago
Book 3. Chapter 66. The Aftermath of the Khatan. ago
Book 3. Chapter 67. Irreconcilable Hatred. ago
Book 3. Chapter 68. The Grey-White Mist. ago
Book 3. Chapter 69. Departure. ago
Book 3. Chapter 70. Creeping Threats. ago
Book 3. Chapter 71. One Particular Day. ago
Book 3. Chapter 72. On The Road. ago
Book 3. Chapter 73. Tuln Village. ago
Book 3. Chapter 74. Makir Turukan. ago
Book 3. Chapter 75. The Weight of a Name. ago
Book 3. Chapter 76. Light and Darkness. ago
Book 3. Chapter 77. Blood Debt. ago
Book 3. Chapter 78. Seeking The Caravan. ago
Book 3. Chapter 79. Zakar's Revenge. ago
Book 3. Chapter 80. Intense Battle. ago
Book 3. Chapter 81. Gambling With One's Life. ago
Book 3. Chapter 82. Struggling for a Miracle. ago
Book 3. Chapter 83. Conclusion. ago
Book 3. Chapter 84. Craving for More. ago
Book 3. Chapter 85. The News of Mustafa. ago
Book 3. Chapter 86. As Good As Dead. ago
Book 3. Chapter 87. Heaven and Earth. ago
Book 3. Chapter 88. Wasted Talent. ago
Book 3. Chapter 89. Magistrate Patrick. ago
Book 3. Chapter 90. Unfair Trade. ago
Book 3. Chapter 91. Inscribed Intent. ago
Book 3. Chapter 92. Mutually Beneficial. ago
Book 3. Chapter 93. Confession. ago
Book 3. Chapter 94. Change of Plans. ago
Book 3. Chapter 95. Nine Refinements of Mortality. ago
Book 3. Chapter 96. What's Important. ago
Book 3. Chapter 97. Karta's Prophet. ago
Book 3. Chapter 98. The Grand Prophecy. ago
Book 3. Chapter 99. Settled Future. ago
Book 3. Chapter 100. A Different Approach. ago
Book 3. Chapter 101. Loser's Mindset. ago
Book 3. Chapter 102. Decisions, Choices. ago
Book 3. Chapter 103. Important Words. ago
Book 3. Chapter 104. Beginning of Negotiations. ago
Book 3. Chapter 105. Samuel's Ambitions. ago
Book 3. Chapter 106. Desperate Attempt. ago
Book 3. Chapter 107. Overwhelming. ago
Book 3. Chapter 108. Admiration. ago
Book 3. Chapter 109. Breakthroughs. ago
Book 3. Chapter 110. Raphael's Resolve. ago
Book 3. Chapter 111. The First Step. ago
Book 3. Chapter 112. Accepting Own Weakness. ago
Book 3. Chapter 113. Wavering Resolve. ago
Book 3. Chapter 114. Simple Reason. ago
Book 3. Chapter 115. Talking and Playing. ago
Book 3. Chapter 116. Naughty Game. ago
Book 3. Chapter 117. Expensive Dinner. ago
Book 3. Chapter 118. Leisure Afternoon. ago
Book 3. Chapter 119. Well, I did promise. ago
Book 3. Chapter 120. Drowning in Pleasure. ago
Book 3. Chapter 121. Sword or Spear? ago
Book 3. Chapter 122. The Sword's Heart. ago
Book 3. Chapter 123. Mikaela's Dormant Potential. ago
Book 3. Chapter 124. Euleanian Nobles. ago
Book 3. Chapter 125. Arrogance. ago
Book 3. Chapter 126. Reporting In. ago
Book 3. Chapter 127. Pride and Worry. ago
Book 3. Chapter 128. Fluffy Feeling. ago
Book 3. Chapter 129. The Battle of Four Elements. ago
Book 3. Chapter 130. Spear Arts, Sword Arts. ago
Book 3. Chapter 131. Profound Mystery of Heavenly Tempest. ago
Book 3. Chapter 132. Opportunity. ago
Book 3. Chapter 133. The Six Prizes. ago
Book 3. Chapter 134. Elder Samuel's Favor. ago
Book 3. Chapter 135. Friends for a day, friends for the life. ago
Book 3. Chapter 136. Precious Knowledge. ago
Book 3. Chapter 137. Warrior-King Azuresky. ago
Book 3. Chapter 138. Arakar's Trump Card. ago
Book 3. Chapter 139. Old Companions. ago
Book 3. Chapter 140. Symbol of Friendship. ago
Book 3. Chapter 141. Unexpected Variable. ago
Book 3. Chapter 142. Hurrying North. ago
Book 3. Chapter 143. White Guard's Lieutenant. ago
Book 3. Chapter 144. Thirty Days Deadline. ago
Book 3. Chapter 145. Chased Down. ago
Book 3. Chapter 146. The Trial of Heart, Complete. ago
Book 3. Chapter 147. One Attack! ago
Book 3. Chapter 148. Sacred Guardian. ago
Book 3. Chapter 149. Incomprehensible Feeling. ago
Book 3. Chapter 150. Designs of the Powerful. ago
Book 3. Chapter 151. Imminent Clash. ago
Book 3. Chapter 152. Blood for Blood. ago
Book 3. Chapter 153. Blossoming Hatred. ago
Book 3. Chapter 154. Breakthrough. ago
Book 3. Chapter 155. Abdain's Setup. ago
Book 3. Chapter 156. One Man's Strength. ago
Book 3. Chapter 157. Unexpected Meeting. ago
Book 3. Chapter 158. Aegis. ago
Book 3. Chapter 159. Bad News. ago
Book 3. Chapter 160. The First Prince's Reply. ago
Book 3. Chapter 161. Fight Against Time. ago
Book 3. Chapter 162. Time Is Up. ago
Book 3. Chapter 163. Reinforcements. ago
Book 3. Chapter 164. That One In Four Chance. ago
Book 3. Chapter 165. Five Seconds. ago
Book 3. Chapter 166. Ony By One. ago
Book 3. Chapter 167. Victory. ago
Book 3. Chapter 168. Dissatisfied. ago
Book 3. Chapter 169. Stay Where You Are. ago
Book 3. Chapter 170. Confidence in Strength. ago
Book 3. Chapter 171. Two Flanks Annihilated. ago
Book 3. Chapter 172. Killing Left and Right. ago
Book 3. Chapter 173. Irrational Existences. ago
Book 3. Chapter 174. Encircled. ago
Book 3. Chapter 175. Repaying the Favor. ago
Book 3. Chapter 176. Sixth Golden Rune. ago
Book 3. Chapter 177. Reckless Trust. ago
Book 3. Chapter 178. Brazen Challenge. ago
Book 3. Chapter 179. Random Whim. ago
Book 3. Chapter 180. Creating a Sword Art. ago
Book 3. Chapter 181. Tempering Their Skills. ago
Book 3. Chapter 182. Phantasmal Essence. ago
Book 3. Chapter 183. Rudimentary Dao Domain. ago
Book 3. Chapter 184. Killing His Way Through. ago
Book 3. Chapter 185. The Domineering Thundercloud Sword Art. ago
Book 3. Chapter 186. Organized Retreat. ago
Book 3. Chapter 187. Confidence and Resolve. ago
Book 3. Chapter 188. Unity Of Lightning And Water. ago
Book 3. Chapter 189. Phantasmal Worlds Evolve. ago
Book 3. Chapter 190. Spiritual Link. ago
Book 3. Chapter 191. Gaining Advantage. ago
Book 3. Chapter 192. Desperate Crisis. ago
Book 3. Chapter 193. High Hurdle to Cross. ago
Book 3. Chapter 194. The Price of the Gamble. ago
Book 3. Chapter 195. Final Standoff. ago
Book 3. Chapter 196. Death's Cold Embrace. ago
Book 3. Chapter 197. The War's Over. ago
Book 3. Chapter 198. Dust Settles. ago
Book 3. Chapter 199. Temporary Encampment. ago
Book 3. Chapter 200. A Glimpse of Past and Future. ago
Book 3. Chapter 201. Breakthroughs and Worries. ago
Book 3. Chapter 202. Sizing Each Other Up. ago
Book 3. Chapter 203. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed. ago
Book 3. Chapter 204. Benefits of Trust. ago
Book 3. Chapter 205. Inheritance of Immortal Blood Sovereign. ago
Book 3. Chapter 206. Unforeseen Trouble. ago
Book 3. Chapter 207. Incomprehensible Result. ago
Book 3. Chapter 208. Emeric's Favor. ago
Book 3. Chapter 209. Heaven's Order Students. ago
Book 3. Chapter 210. Timely Change. ago
Book 3. Chapter 211. Underground Complex. ago
Book 3. Chapter 212. Cultivation Chambers. ago
Book 3. Chapter 213. Bittersweet Revelation. ago
Book 3. Chapter 214. Endless Road of Cultivation. ago
Book 3. Chapter 215. Blatant Provocation. ago

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Expected to enjoy it, ended up loving it

This story truly ended up surprising me more than I thought it would even though I went into it expecting to enjoy it from the start. Now the hard part is trying to convey all these feelings..

First off, this story have everything I personally ever wanted in a story but didn’t think I would end up getting; a slower pacing which allows the author to be detailed, good transitions between the different arcs (also an intriguing story), an interesting and lovable cast of characters with steady character progression fitting the pacing (slow but apparent when you look back), an interesting ‘power system’ with thorough explanations about its workings (I just love when characters train and learn new insights, powers and stuff), amazing world building, OP main characters and gay relationships \o/

I also want to give my respect to the author for sticking to telling his/her story regardless of what people may think/say about it. We truly need more stories like this, it is such a shame it’s so underrated even though Caladbolg puts in so much hard work to update it as often as he/she does.

Now let’s tackle some of the stuff that might put people off from reading this wonderful story; and I can see no better way to start this than with the topic of gay relationships. Let me just begin with saying that this story is nothing like most of other stories on this site tagged with ‘Sexual Content’ where the characters have detailed sex every other chapter (exaggerated, I know); yes, sexual stuff happens, and yes the author is quite detailed when that stuff happens (which I have nothing against) but as of the latest chapter I’ve read which is Book 3 chapter 60 there has only really been detailed sexual scenes 2-3 times during the ENTIRE story as of yet. Everything else is mostly just kisses and light hearted stuff and most of it is not even between guys, there’s a bunch of straight relationships in the story (more than gay ones by a lot I would say) and most of the gay stuff is just light hearted kisses/cuddling/flirting and the author is handling it REALLY well.

The second thing that might be putting people off: the ages of the character who through most of the story so far has been somewhere between 10-12 years old and from what I’m understanding there are people who think they are too young for all the sexual stuff that’s going on and think it’s uncomfortable, and when I started reading the story I was thinking around the same lines and wished the characters would have been like 2 years older. But considering how light hearted the ‘fooling around’ is most of the time I can now kind of see it somehow fitting for their age especially after considering that they are more mature for their age as well as the effects the cultivations have on their growth. I just simple ended up getting used to it and I think and hope you might be able to as well.

The third and last thing I want to talk about which also kind of transitions into one of the things that really made me unsure (and still does) of how the relationships will play out: the incest between Laien and his younger sister. At first I didn’t like it at all, now I just brush it off as some innocent fooling around that won’t lead to anything in the long run, or atleast I really hope it won’t be leading to anything later down the line since I'm really supporting the current ‘relationship’ of Laien which I’m praying will be a stable one.

One of the things that annoyed me the most during the earlier parts of the story is that the sister in my mind wasn’t a character of her own, she only ever really interacted with her brother and didn’t care about anything else which to me made her boring, the story would have been completely fine without her. But thankfully towards to end of the second book the author started to redeem her a little in my eyes, or atleast aslong as her relationship with her brother stay as that of siblings. :)

An other thing that made me enjoy the story less during the first 2 books was the ‘fooling around’ of Laien. Most of it was innocent and pretty cute i've got to admit, but some of it really went on my nerves.. The author did however in my mind fix this problem with the introduction of a single character towards the end of book 2, so now i'm more than happy.

All those things aside, the only thing I see that might need a bit of improving is the spelling, but I’m not a native English speaker so it doesn’t really bother me and I’m usually so into the story that I just don’t care about a few spelling errors, but I can see how some people might think this is a problem.

Other than that I’ll just mention that I’m really loving book 3 so far, which is my favorite arc so far. I'm also really loving how the story and the relationships are progressing right now.


I guess that’s about it for this ‘review’, I’ve never really written one before and it got quite long but I just couldn’t stand how underrated this story is. If you haven’t started reading it yet, then you totally should.

Continue the fantastic work, Caladbolg!
I’ll be look forward to reading more :)

  • Overall Score
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Starting this story i was extremely interested. But a little but later on the characters just seemed to be having many sexual interactions. The mc is only 12! Dont get me wrong i have no problem with the choice in realationships but considering the mc is so young its just too mature for a kid. Everything else though was on point.

  • Overall Score
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This is one of those stories which draws you in and doesn't let go. The story is well laid out and there is no big plot holes that i could find. Characters are well thought of and are consistent and well developed . Grammar is good too . I write this to encourage the author to work hard so the story can be enjoyed by many more people who will find this work and maybe be encouraged to read this story as well. 

  • Overall Score
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  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I have too much time on my hands and discovered this. This was a nice and interesting read.  The characters are consistent just like i like and i understand the mc's personality. My only hope is that the author doesn't go the harem route like many other novels. 

There wasn't many grammar mistakes and it was quite pleasing to read. Keep writing!

  • Overall Score

 Im Liking the story so far and I support it bro the grammar is pretty good and the story so far is amazing as well

  • Overall Score

Amazing Story, Definitely worth a read.

Loved it, picked it up and binged read the whole thing so far in one sitting, amazing story, nuff said.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

For any disclaimers or other preferential problems you might end up having with this story, go read Zenty's review. It addresses all of it, and to be honest, that's not what I want to focus on in this review.

*written as of Book 3, Chapter 207

To begin with, I'll say a little about the cultivation system. I've always been of the mind that the details of a cultivation system should never be introduced all at once or in anything resembling an expositionary manner. This story does really well with, first of all, having an incredibly detailed and interesting cultivation system, and second of all, gradually introducing more details about it as the story progresses through the characters' actual experiences rather than just providing bland info dumps here and there. I've read a few stories where the author plays their cards too soon or in the wrong way and ends up losing my interest. Instead, with Tale of Vjaira, I find myself continuously being surprised, excited, or in some cases amazed by new elements of the cultivation system being introduced one after another--and from the vague hints that have been provided, I can feel reasonably certain that I've barely seen any of it so far. You can really tell how much thought Caladbolg put into it. I'm not a super junky when it comes to cultivation novels, but I can say that I've never come across a cultivation system that's been implemented so well. 

Next, the story. Obviously, I'll avoid spoilers, but I will say I'm very satisfied with the way the story has progressed. It's such a basic thing for an author to have an idea of where they want to take their story and how they want to get it there before they begin writing, but it's unfortunately not always something that's taken to heart. Caladbolg does it very well, in my opinion. The events of the story are comprehensive and well-thought-out, without any signs of rushing or any clumsiness brought about by that. Whether it's the political intrigue, the massive wars, the tests of character, or simply the events of a few peoples' mundane yet tragic lives, they are all done very well and certainly don't lose my interest at any point. Thankfully, the usual cliches that typically run rampant in cultivation novels are not present here or are done rather differently, to the point that I actually end up enjoying them. Admittedly, the pacing of the story might be a bit off, as the many events of Book 3 happen pretty much within the span of just three months. I don't think it's really a problem, but it does inevitably seem strange when you think about it. I personally enjoy the duality of very serious, plot-altering events followed by more lighthearted scenes that get me smiling. I think it's actually very important to the way the characters in the story develop, but I want to talk about that in its own section because the characters are hands-down the best part of this story. 

This is where Tale of Vjaira really amazed me. I almost didn't notice at first how much the characters in this story change. In just the second chapter, the protagonist is already making a major decision about who he wants to be, and it's not just him. Pretty much every major or minor character in the story has at least one such decision to make at some point. Not a single character is two-dimensional, without a motive or an event in their past that made them who they are. Every single one of them has their own problems, their own desires, or their own ambitions. Some of the characters are virtually unrecognizable from one part of the story to the next. Even the villains I find it hard to just straight-up despise because they have genuinely understandable motivations for their actions. It's incredible. Even some minor characters in this novel make more meaningful decisions than some protagonists I've seen in other novels. I never really understood what it meant for a novel to deserve a five-star character score until I read this one. Going back to what I was talking about before, I think the duality between serious decisions and more lighthearted or casual interactions is really important to the characters in this story. Being able to see how these major choices affect a character's interactions with others really puts into plain focus how and to what extent those choices changed that person. Some become more casual, natural, or at ease; some become more respectful and admiring; and some become less antagonistic or scornful--and, of course, this also applies to how others change their perceptions of the character in question. It seems like a minor thing, but I really do enjoy it.

Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I'm having trouble finding any interest in novels that don't have this amazing character dynamic. Most of the choices these characters make are very meaningful, to the point where I actually find myself questioning my own character in response to them. That's something I haven't been able to get out of a novel in a very long time and it reminded me why I love reading to begin with. 

It might be because of its somewhat controversial aspects, (though frankly, I don't think those concerns are significant in any real way) but this novel is criminally underrated. Reading up to this point has already been an incredible experience, and I really look forward to the rest of the story.

  • Overall Score

Worth it. Hands down one of the best on RR imo. Nothing else to say.

  • Overall Score

Love this story 😁👍 alot very good read 👏

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Hmm not much to say...

If I had to give your a rating, I would place this novel amongst the top 3 of RRL.

More people need to read this, and it should get the popularity it deserves...


Now for a proper review : 

Style : I can't see any reason not to put 5 stars, as I like the way it's written, and I think most will too ( Though dont take my word for granted, as people have different opinions for the same stuff, some good for good, some bad for good and so on. Even though I say this, I highly doubt anyone would rate this below 4 stars )

Grammar : I aint a person that cares that much for perfect grammar, though I do understand that some specially unreadable cases are an exception. From what you see grammar is again 5 stars, and it really shouldn't be, but with how many grammatical mistakes we've already fixed, now it is. 

Character and story : both 5 stars again. Someone might think I am a bit biased towards this novel and so on... yeah... I like this novel a lot, but this doesn't mean that it is the same for everyone. In my head both are worth 5 stars, but someone else could rate it 4 stars, and still be pretty accurate.

I should write a review more based on facts and not feelings, but I guess seeing is believing. Read some of the chapters yourselves, and see what I am talking about