The Magic Kings War

The Magic Kings War

by Velocity10

Gods and their Angel servants have been terrorising the mortal race for millennia .....

Until 4000 years ago the Magic King at the time could no longer watch the tyranny and suffering caused by Angels and Gods.
He gathered the armies of every race and nd challenged the Gods.
He died for the sake of freedom.

Now the Magic King's throne is empty.
The world needs a new Magic King. More powerful than the previous Magic King and even more powerful than the Gods .....

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I love the plot . The story is really good. The author very nice and the artist did a good job love how Valoran is designed.

Valoran is a awesome character i like characters who don't hide their powers here this is not the case he does not hide his powers which is awesome . I also like that gods are the evil ones which is something new and refreshing. It is also not an isekai story no reincarnation which i find awesome since its something else.I can't wait for more I was immediately hooked it definitely gets very good after the enrolment exam parts which themselves are good already. I also think it is awesome thay the magic throne chooses the next magic king its also something different and it works for the story well.The grammar is also very good from what I read and so far and you can tell that the author puts a lot of thought into this and is very passionate about his novel which makes this novel great and definitely worth it if you are into this kind of theme which many are. 

I also like that so far it is not a harem story which is also something that is common but here not so much while still having female leads which I think it's awesome.


Do read it it's a good novel if you are into magic,gods,school an over powered Main character.



The Secret

I will want to say that this story is different from how i imaged.The MC is strong and have a huge iq,in the first arc is not so interesting because i can't see his true power and i will give it  4 stars.

The second arc:

There are more informations about gods we even met Artemisa who is a godess and we even see Valoran true power and some feats,he moved with easy when the time was stopped in the underworld with just 0.00001% not even Naruto could do that at full power,at 0.0001% he moved a ore (i will not say what weight it is because its too confusing) that even Goku MUI can't move.This arc was one of my favourite 5 stars from me.

The style:

Its somehow special the MC don't want use all his power because he don't to kill its friends and i liked how Artemsia became a waifu for me.

The grammar:

I am even  learning just by reading its chapters.

The story:

Everyone at begin thought that this story will be a Isekai but MC is different from the other Magic King.

The characters:

Its just the begin of the story so i can't have serious review from latest chapters,i liked the character Artemsia and the others need some developing not huge but need some.

A theory:

I think that there is a god that maked this war to happen and he is one of the strongest and i think that he will make  Valoran use 5% to 10% and we will see some Multiversal feats,this theory was born because Artemsia was suprised what the gods did like someone manipulated them to do this.


5 stars