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In a world of heroes and adventurers, monsters lurk in the shadows. And one of the more pathetic monster species is on the rise. Goblins. This is their story.

Currently updates once per week, sometimes once per 2 weeks, sometimes twice a week. Chapters are longer than 1k+. Can be found on Royal Road and Scribble Hub.

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Goblin Story is off to a good start!

Reviewed at: 1-8

A great little tale about goblins and their way of life!

This fiction's off to a pretty good start! I decided to write a review for this, since I found it strange that nobody else has done so.

Anyway, let's go!



It's pretty simplistic, some may even call it clunky. There are also quite a bit of redundancy as a style choice.

It's not bad, though. Rather, I think the style suits a story about goblins really well.

Just imagine the narrator talking in a goblin-like voice, like I did, and you'll like it.

I took half a star off since others might not be like me. They might hate this kind of style.


Story (4.5★):

It's still pretty early on in the story to judge it too much, but in the few chapters I've read, it's been pretty solid so far.

I'm gonna give it a 4.5 for now, but this may improve in the future!


Grammar (5★):

Doesn't really take much to get a five for grammar from me. I pretty much understood everything, so all is well. There were a few minor errors, but none of them are big. Probably just cases of finger fumbling or words getting leftover from changing sentence structures.

As a fellow writer, I know this more than most people.


Character (5★):

This is a story about goblins. So naturally, most of the characters are goblins as well.

If you expect tons of emotional development from goblins, then I don't think you really know what the hell goblins are.

I didn't come here expecting those.

Still, traces of some emotional development is there. Eavh goblin has mini-story of its own.

Their names are also pretty simple, so they're easy to remember.

I remember laughing about how "a goblin picked up a helmet and put it on his head, so he became Helmet Goblin."

Anyway, I liked the little buggers. 5 stars.


Overall (4.5★):

The overall score, to me, isn't really the average of the above four ratings. It's a measure of my reading experience as a whole.

Reading this was really fun. Which would normally warrant me giving a five in the overall, but there were a few minor issues that I found prevented me from doing that.

First of all, this isn't really the only goblin fiction out there. The lack of an original concept isn't a big minus for me though. I'm the type of person who doesnt particularly hate cliches, since I'm aware that cliches are cliches because they work. They're entertaining.

Still, a small minus is still a minus.

Second, the irregular release schedule.

I don't wanna put pressure on the author. One should always prioritize your real life and responsibilities.

But still. It feels just a bit frustrating.

With those two very small minuses, I have to take half a star off from my Overall rating.


With all that said, Goblin Story is a solid Monster fic.

Just trust me on this. And don't forget about what I wrote about imagining the narrator's voice as a goblin-like voice, okay?

= Lire ♪ =