The Periplus of Hanno

The Periplus of Hanno

by DavidDHammons

Considered to be Ancient Carthage’s Odyssey, the original Periplus of Hanno was copied from a Carthaginian temple and taken back to Greece. For two thousand years, it existed only as a copy of a copy, a brief, broken story that only hinted at a larger tale… until now.

Hanno, King of Carthage, has just lost his queen, and the Council of Elders threatens to take his throne. In order to preserve his dynasty, Hanno must take the Libyan citizens of over-crowded Carthage on a journey West, beyond the fabled Pillars of Hercules, and to the uncharted African continent below. There, he will encounter terrible beasts, hidden magic, and legendary titans. But the Council of Elders refuses to just let him succeed, and threatens to unite with the powerful forces of this unknown land, and halt the Periplus of Hanno.

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Table of Contents
39 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: “They Don’t Know Me, Bostar” ago
Chapter 2: The Bargain ago
Chapter 3: The Pillars of Hercules ago
Chapter 4: Nothing Further Beyond ago
Chapter 5: The Winds ago
Chapter 6: The Translator ago
Chapter 7: Harmattan ago
Chapter 8: The Trees of Solois ago
Chapter 9: The Adansonia Tree ago
Chapter 10: Colonies ago
Chapter 11: Nomads ago
Chapter 12: The Lixitae ago
Chapter 13: The Aethiopians ago
Chapter 14: Gorillae ago
Chapter 15: The Desert ago
Chapter 16: The Berber Song ago
Chapter 17: Cerne ago
Chapter 18: Into the River ago
Chapter 19: The Lakeside Cliffs ago
Chapter 20: The Titan of Creation ago
Chapter 21: The Arrival at Cerne ago
Chapter 22: Why Bows have Figureheads ago
Chapter 23: The Labors of Melqart ago
Chapter 24: The Haggle ago
Chapter 25: The Luring Maw ago
Chapter 26: The Living Flame ago
Chapter 27: The Taming of Fire ago
Chapter 28: Harmattan Comes for Her Children ago
Chapter 29: The Horn of the West ago
Chapter 30: Seer ago
Chapter 31: The Return of the Gorillae ago
Chapter 32: A Land of Fire and Shadow ago
Chapter 33: The Chariot of the Gods ago
Chapter 34: The Chariot Erupts ago
Chapter 35: The Horn of the South ago
Chapter 36: Skinning the Gorillae ago
Chapter 37: The Horn Blows ago
Chapter 38: The Hopes of the Horn of the South ago
Chapter 39: The Periplus of Hanno ago

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