In a world where superheroes are quickly supplanting traditional law enforcement, Hector Donnell was born a super and wants to call himself a hero. Unfortunately, his power doesn't exactly lend itself to front-line fighting: rather than strength or speed, Hector has the ability to View scenes at a distance, into the past, and in great detail. In his online persona of Delphic, he struggles to make a name for himself as a heroic ally while putting his powers to their best use.

But when the public assassination of a US Super Team member provokes an international incident, will Hector's brains and abilities be enough to find the elusive killer? And as evidence mounts that the government itself sees Delphic as a threat, who can he really trust?

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Table of Contents
63 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Dinner Party ago
Chapter 2 - Polarity ago
Chapter 3 - Missing Persons ago
Chapter 4 - May and Vivi ago
Chapter 5 - Paris ago
Chapter 6 - Work ago
Chapter 7 - Bad Weather ago
Chapter 8 - Meetings ago
Chapter 9 - Peregrine ago
Chapter 10 - Suspects ago
Chapter 11 - Eggs and Seeds ago
Chapter 12 - Canadian Supers ago
Chapter 13 - The Streets of Ottawa ago
Chapter 14 - Interview ago
Chapter 15 - Raids ago
Chapter 16 - Secret Meetings ago
Chapter 17 - Brunch and Betrayal ago
Chapter 18 - Agents ago
Interlude - In re Stevens ago
Chapter 19 - A Problem and a Plan ago
Chapter 20 - Diplomacy and Duplicity ago
Chapter 21 - Iron Rusts ago
Chapter 22 - The Hunt ago
Chapter 23 - Apprehension ago
Epilogue - Group Loyalty ago
Prologue - Now Hiring ago
Chapter 1 - All the Way to the Bank ago
Chapter 2 - A Donnell Thanksgiving ago
Chapter 3 - Not with a Bang ago
Chapter 4 - Malpractice ago
Chapter 5 - Recollection ago
Chapter 6 - Painful Questions ago
Chapter 7 - Senior Management ago
Chapter 8 - Exploitation ago
Chapter 9 - The Tin Roof ago
Chapter 10 - Follow-up ago
Chapter 11 - In Reverse ago
Interlude - Rebirth ago
Chapter 12 - Commitment ago
Chapter 13 - Family Enterprise ago
Chapter 14 - The Hamptons ago
Chapter 15 - A Battle in Newark ago
Chapter 16 - In Transit ago
Chapter 17 - Hot Pursuit ago
Chapter 18 - Power and Responsibility ago
Chapter 19 - Imminent Danger ago
Chapter 20 - Special Weapons And Tactics ago
Chapter 21 - Cold Calculations ago
Chapter 22 - Starting up ago
Chapter 23 - Buffer Overflow ago
Interlude - Tickets Please ago
Chapter 24 - Historic ago
Chapter 25 - Dinner at Vine's ago
Chapter 26 - Opening up ago
Chapter 27 - Awakening ago
Chapter 28 - Resistance Meeting ago
Chapter 29 - In Our Genes ago
Chapter 30 - Deep dive ago
Interlude - The Other Half (part 1) ago
Interlude - The Other Half (part 2) ago
Chapter 31 - Reconnecting ago
Chapter 32 - Go / No Go ago
Chapter 33 - Intangible ago

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D. Redbeard

A well written superhero story

Reviewed at: Chapter 33 - Intangible

I recently binged the entire story on the author's dedicated site, and hardly a week later it has moved to RR with a new chapter.

This is a very well written superhero story, and the main character's unconventional power is utilized in a very interesting way. There is a good balance between the MC's personal and heroic identities, and some rarely discussed issues (for the genre) are explored in depth: superpower-related legislation, racial issues, the negative effects of powers on one's personal life, how the public perception affects those who have powers but choose to remain civilians, and law enforcement accountability.

Grammar is pretty much perfect, and the text flows well.

Most characters have their own goals and motivations which make them feel real and properly fleshed out. I don't recall a case where a character was evil "just because", which is refreshing in a genre where maniacal supervillains are the norm.

The story is told mainly from the lead's first-person perspective, but there are interludes in third-person from other view points which help establish the setting and shed light on certain events or present a side-character's actions from a different perspective.

Updates are somewhat sporadic, but I still think it's a worthwhile read if you're craving something good in the superhero genre. I know I did.


Pretty good Worm-like superhero story

Reviewed at: Interlude - The Other Half (part 1)

I've read this for a while on the author's Wordpress site.

It's pretty good. It adopts a lot of the good points of stories styled after Worm. The author really goes all-in on the MC's superpower, and takes both the advantages and disadvantages to their logical limits.

I haven't caught up in a while, because updates have been a biiiit slow. Still, the author does eventually update, which shows admirable commitment.