The Mook Maker

The Mook Maker

by beast_regards

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

There are many possible fates that can await those whisked away from our world to another.

Some became heroes or villains, given the right power to forge their own destinies as they wished.

Others, the powerless, became victims, doomed to perish, at the mercy of the cruel world filled with mystical powers they are unprepared for.

A lone man that woke up alone under the alien sky was neither of those.

He didn't get to choose what he was going to become - a disaster, an unwilling source of intelligent, yet violent monsters, rapidly rising in numbers. Stranded in a foreign land, without even knowing the language, his creations may be the only company he would ever find. 

He wasn’t powerless. But was he really that much better off? 

It just took one wrong power.

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Table of Contents
47 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Go Forth and Multiply! ago
Chapter 2: The Root of All Evil ago
Chapter 3: Crush and Burn ago
Chapter 4: Rip and Tear ago
Chapter 5: Economy of Answers ago
Chapter 6: Of Names and Numbers ago
Interlude 1: The Princess ago
Chapter 7: The Ambush ago
Chapter 8: The Master of the Horde ago
Chapter 9: The Great Devourer ago
Interlude 2: The Landlord ago
Chapter 10: As Night Falls ago
Chapter 11: The New Dawn ago
Chapter 12: Path to Ruin ago
Chapter 13: Attempt at Peace ago
Chapter 14: Return the Favor ago
Chapter 15: Common Tongue ago
Interlude 3: The Sage ago
Chapter 16: The Green Hell ago
Chapter 17: Failing at Humanity ago
Chapter 18: Of Death, Love and Wolves ago
Chapter 19: Cycle of Violence  ago
[Bonus Content: Major Characters] ago
Chapter 20: Putting Down Roots ago
Chapter 21: Burnt Out Acceptance ago
Interlude 4: The Princess ago
Chapter 22: The Last Denial ago
Chapter 23: The Price of Man ago
Interlude 4.5: The Purifier ago
Chapter 24: Howling With Wolves  ago
Chapter 25: The Secret of the System ago
Interlude 5: The King ago
Chapter 26: Slayer of Champions ago
Chapter 27: Foundation Must Be True ago
Chapter 28: The Rage That Binds ago
Chapter 29: Further You Fall ago
Chapter 30: Point of No Return ago
Chapter 31: No Rest for the Wicked ago
Interlude 6: The Landlord ago
Chapter 32: Before the Storm ago
Chapter 33: Declaration of Intent ago
Chapter 34: Strategist’s Shadow ago
Chapter 35: The Corruption Spreads ago
Chapter 36: Prisoners of Our Own Device ago
Chapter 37: Each To Their Own ago
Chapter 38: To Start Anew ago
Interlude 7: The Sage ago

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The Mook Maker is a fantasy isekai with LitRPG elements written around the premise that in order to be a generic isekai protagonist, you need not only to be powerful, but you also need to have the correct power. 

Character:  This has been the most impressive part of me. One of the strengths of this story is the mystery around the main character and the world in general. The mysterious main character setup can promise an interesting character story and development. The mystery should entice the reader to proceed to the next chapters to solve that mystery. However, there should be crumbles and hints mixed in regularly, left behind in the chapters, to create an interesting trail to follow. The story is progressing fast and lots of questions are still unanswered but the answers are coming at just a fast enough pace to keep you invested in the story.

Style - This is a first-person perspective keeping the prose light and quick. The pace does start quite quickly (which I enjoyed), with the main character being dropped right in the middle of a fight whilst still coming to terms with his predicament is a great way to connect the reader (again, I would argue is a good thing because the reader can connect with the main character).

Grammar-there was nothing that took me out of the story. No major grammar issues.  

Overall: The story was fun and refreshing. The Mook Maker is an excellent litRPG novel that is sure to delight. The story is well-written, the characters are well-developed, and the world is fascinating. I would recommend The Mook Maker to anyone searching for a fun read plus one that tweaks the classic hero's journey framework.

J Nelkins

A Summoner's story in an Isekai world

Reviewed at: Interlude 3: The Sage


From the very first chapter, this web novel immediately draws you in with high-stakes action and a relatable protagonist thrown into danger. While the MC's understandable shock at his situation slows the pace a bit in the opening chapter, the story quickly picks up and hooks you in. The author does an amazing job of conveying the environment and sensory experiences of the MC, and the action is fast-paced and well-explained. Though there are occasional sudden elements that seem to come out of nowhere, the overall style is engaging and immersive, with the MC's first-person narration adding to the reader's feeling of being right there with him. The author's writing skills have clearly improved over time, and the earlier chapters are a bit rougher than the later ones. However, the story remains consistently enjoyable, and the relatable characterization of the MC keeps you invested in his journey.

Overall, I'd say this web novel is a must-read for anyone who loves action-packed, immersive stories, especially for fans of furry monsters..


The story begins in media res with high stakes, as the MC is immediately thrown into danger when a group of warriors attacks him.

The understandable shock the MC is experiencing slows the pace of events in the first chapter, as he is unable to fully grasp the situation he's in or what is happening around him.

The story immediately hooks the reader, and by the end of the second chapter, you're still waiting for an explanation of what has happened, unwilling to abandon the suspension of disbelief the author has created.


The story follows the typical "MC wakes up in another world" scenario.

At times, sudden elements are introduced that were not present before, possibly only existing in the author's mind. However, overall, the author does an amazing job of conveying the environment and the sensory experiences of the MC, including what he smells, hears, and feels. In every chapter, the reader is left feeling just as confused as the MC, making for an engaging and immersive read.

The action moves quickly, with the MC immediately forced to acknowledge his status in this new world and the system that rules it, all while being attacked without any context by armored fighters. The action is well explained and flows smoothly from page to page.

The story is narrated in the first-person style, with some moments where it narrowly edges on omniscient first-person, but these few areas are dealt with through the MC's guesses.


The first few chapters I've read are quite a ways behind the latest ones available, but it's clear that the author has worked to improve their writing and continue to progress the story.

The author is skilled at using different verb and phrase structures to prevent the flow from feeling repetitive.


The MC's actions are relatable, as he is suddenly thrust into a new world and promptly attacked by monsters. He then summons some creatures and witnesses bloody combat, all while worrying about committing mass murder or hiding evidence of a crime. The MC acts like a real person and struggles to understand the situation he's in, including how the creatures he's summoned behave and if they pose a threat to him.

Hisstory Haven

The Mook Maker is a spell-binding story from a gifted storyteller, whose words conjure up a world filled with ascending layers of understanding woven into its finely-textured tapestry. 

Story - We experience this novel world from its inception through the eyes of a bewildered man upon his initial entry into that world. From the author's own words, "There was a certain discomfort from having the affection of violent monsters, but they were paradoxically providing a certain level of safety in this strange, unknown world." Monsters are both violent and affectionate. Nothing is black and white. It's a story of discovery, adventure, and evolution, as we learn simultaneously with this confused man who tries to unravel his newfound environment and make sense of his purpose in this foreign place.

Style - The author's style is imaginative with rich descriptions, such as, "There, almost swallowed by the surrounding forest and nearly forgotten to anyone but the most knowledgable sages lay the ancient ruins of the Broken Temple, and within their strange carved stones slept the forgotten force. Hiding in plain sight, people in the nearby village didn’t even dare to speak its true name."  The style draws the reader immediately into this extraordinary world; I was hooked from the beginning.

Character - I was intrigued by the evolution of the relationship between the "monsters" and the "master,"  the master being the confused man and the monsters being spawned by the man's actions. The introduction of the princess provides a new angle on the story from the start. It's a brilliant revelation to comprehending the story from her perspective, answering many questions that arise along the way. The developing relationship between the master and monsters is poignant, because it's a reflection of two diverse species getting to know each other at the same time as coping with an unusual world.

Grammar - The grammar is impressive with passages such as, "Some symbols, possibly letters I couldn’t read were torn away while others still remained, the statue looked like someone took the potato peeler to once gleaming scales, with remnants of the gold plating still holding on some spots, and the statue’s empty eye sockets gave it a creepy visage."

Overall - The wand of the writer's words sweeps the reader into this mysterious land of the author's breathtaking vision. 


The Mook Maker; I didn't know what I was getting into from reading the title, but from the images provided, a certain group of people come to mind.

Is this going to be about...? —I started chapter one influenced with that thought. But by chapter five, there was nothing I'd read that would turn me away. This was a surprisingly pleasant read.

Style : It's not something new that you see status windows in writing nowadays, but it is always appreciated if they are kept simple and organized, no walls of text that we have to skim through non-commitedly. I hope in the latter chapters, this positive is kept. 

Story : The first six chapters were mostly packed with action. I honestly wasn't sure where the story was going. The first interlude was like the custard cream in an action pastry—eating solely the bread ain't satisfying, but when you get to that custard cream, the taste elevates.

Grammar : There were a few things that could be solved with a round of proofread, but nothing jarring enough to be worth commenting on. I believe the latter chapters would have been improved on.

Character : Perhaps being from reading too many titles with heavy handed characters, one gets desensitized from blood and gore. The dismay and horror the protagonist portrays in the earlier chapters was written well, showing what the normal reaction should be to the situation he experienced. I'm sure he'll grow out of his apprehensive personality going forward, but it's always nice to see a mc that isn't immediately edgy.


This story is definitely a very fun and very interesting read. While it's definitely a humorous, action isekai, there are some parts that it does fall a bit short.

Style: The style is short, descriptive, and very easy to read. This pairs really well for this sort of story, and I definitely think it's the strongest aspect of this work. A reader could easily binge this given the style, and also the simplicity of the blue boxes.

Story: I am only a couple of chapters in, so it's not like there have been any crazy plot twists, but the story is entertaining engaging, and still shrouded with mystery. Given how well written the first few chapters were, I'm certain the author will be able to take the story further plot-wise.

Grammar: The author's first language isn't English, so I'm not going to dock this score down much. That being said, there are a lot of grammatical errors, but with such a brief, easy to read style, it doesn't ruin the narrative.

Character: While it is still relatively early, there has been 0 character development so far. There isn't much of a character personality that makes the MC likeable or unlikeable, and their reactions seem a little unrealistic. The MC hasn't had much interaction however with other people yet, and that is most likely where we'll see the most growth in the future. 


A bamboozled MC’s adventures with an army of furry murderers. As another review said, I had to look up what mook meant to make sure I understood what I was reading. (Perhaps a single definition in the synopsis/First chapter wouldn’t go amiss?


The story is written in first person which I usually do not enjoy. However the author does a good job at conveying the MC’s emotions and general confusion and I was able to look past it after a few chapters.


At Chapter 12 and I am sure that everything is going to go sideways. Even worse and crazier chaos. If the author has taught me anything, its to expect the unexpected and to not know what to expect until the dust has settled on the unexpected. If that read like a fever dream, and you enjoyed it then that's exactly what the story feels like sometimes. It’s perfect.


No major grammar issues. My immersion was not disrupted at any time.


We don’t know much about the MC yet at this point in the story. Not even his name. While their reaction to the carnage and insanity of the world around them makes sense, I’m left wondering more and more about the MC. Who are they, and what have they changed into within this brave new world? I certainly hope that we learn more soon as I think this story had a very long road ahead of it.


Slapping the Portal Fantasy Genre Into Evolution

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: The New Dawn

The Mook Maker is the bane of classic portal fantasy genre. It’s unsettling, it’s frightening, and boy, how it makes a very fun read.

The story challenges the genre which usually gives an unrealistic, peaceful start for the MC to develop a story. The Mook Maker throws the MC directly into a battle royale with monsters. No explanation given. Highlighting that a portal fantasy should be a freak accident by nature, not the start of a quest to save the world.

With just a small dose of realism, the story shows how portal fantasy is inherently a nightmare. Without a common language and with ridiculously powerful monsters & magic, logically, there would be a unique world order, not the typical medieval kingdom.

Anchoring this story is one likeable MC. A bit on the neutral side, but what can he do if surrounded by monsters and non-human? The MC is a beacon of sanity in this adventure that only has two goals: to survive and to find a reason, the core of the portal/ isekai genre.

The story is thrilling, immersive, and meaningful. The characters are charming. Their interaction may be silly, but powerful and satisfying. Style is almost perfect, just a bit of a technical issue with the double spacing.

Grammar is of no issue. I found no glaring issue and found none that bothers me from reading. Overall, this is such an enjoyable and fantastic take on the genre. What’s not to like? It’s light, easy to read, but has enough punch to give it a meaning.

Have you ever watched/read a slice of life where an adult suddenly adopts a child and the adult tries to keep the child from breaking everything around the house and they slowly learn to live with each other?

This story is this except instead of a child we have numerous fox and werewolf spirits and instead of breaking things, we have carnage, blood, pyromania, and death.


Style: 5/5 the author knows how to tell a story and express themselves in a way that is simple and keeps you reading

Story: 5/5 Not much shown so far in terms of plot, but there is big fight after big fight, which is always cool, especially with a cool concept like the spirits in this story, and there are a few hidden bits and pieces that show there are interesting things coming up

Grammar: 5/5 No issues, everything was pretty good, no reason to cut any points

Characters: 5/5 The few characters that are in the story so far are well written and they are fun to read, especially when the smaller spirits go "Master! Master!" and drive the MC crazy


Overall, it's a great story, a unique approach and something I would definitely recommend

Sickened Fanfics

Okay, this is a harem story that I can get behind. Not that I’m an expert on harem fiction or anything, but I have heard things…Yeah. So, let me jump into my ratings


Style (4.5): Excellent flow. This story moves on fluidly, page after page. It’s not rushed or hurried even though it is action-packed. That is really unusual. I really have a hard time with action-packed stories because they move too fast and lack meat and potatoes meaning details and character development. It’s filled with great imagery that is shown through the main character’s eyes with his limited understanding of the world he has been dropped into. I sincerely think that litrpgs and gamelits do better written in the first person. It just feels right to me. It kind of makes you feel like you are behind a game console navigating a character with a controller. In my opinion, it’s not easy to do first person and I have to say that it is done expertly in this story. A lot of times a first-person can read like someone just rambling on and on about absolutely nothing. However, in this tale, it feels as if the main character is right there telling you an engaging tale of his life experiences. The language and diction are clear and easy to understand. The reader can see the characters, their appearance, expressions, body language, clothes, surroundings, and gore in their minds as they move through the adventure.

The only thing I have to say is that the note at the bottom of the page about commenting and reviewing doesn’t have to be on every chapter. When you update, just put it in the last chapter and remove it from the other chapters. It’s a bit much for a new reader to see that every chapter.

Story (5): I honestly have nothing bad to say about the story itself as in the storyline. It is definitely a harem story I don’t mind reading and will continue to read. It has something more to it. A purpose. I feel that there is a reason why this harem is forming and not because of the usual sexual desperation. I have to say that I am happy to see someone call the status screen something besides “status screen”. Overview is pretty cool. This is evident that the writer is creative and thinks outside of the box.

Grammar (3): Now, the only real problem that I saw with this story is grammar. First, let me say that I was taught American English. Therefore, some of my suggestions might not apply to people in other countries.

All right so, I notice that the paragraphing changes from chapter to chapter. This gives the impression that the story might be written by two different people. I don’t know if that is the case and I’m not trying to imply that it is, but it’s something that I noticed. It seems to alter every other chapter. It starts with the first chapter where there are a lot of short paragraphs, one and two-sentence paragraphs, and double spacing between the paragraphs. In the next chapter, this disappears but it comes back in chapter three and keeps alternating throughout the story.

Next, the sentence structure needs a lot of work. I’ve seen run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, words added to sentences making them jumbled, and words missing from sentences that would make them clearer. In some areas, the author uses the wrong words and the wrong forms of words. I notice that they have issues with knowing when to use “the” and “a”, as well as “or” and “and”. Also, single quotation marks should only be used for quotes inside of quotes. Titles do not need to be inside quotations at all.

I also noticed that the writer had issues with writing dialogue. In a lot of areas, the dialogue tags weren’t on the same line as the dialogue but were in the following paragraph. Some dialogue didn’t have tags at all. Lastly, the punctuation around the dialogue was incorrect in some areas.

However, with all of the grammatical errors in the piece, it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story and the reading experience. The writer does have a good vocabulary and makes some great word choices that keep the narrative fresh.

My recommendation for the writer is to use MS Word, Grammarly, and Google Docs spelling and grammar checker.

Character (5): The characters are so believable, unique, and exciting. I used to roleplay as a Neko on a 3D chat site and this story took me back to my furry days. The way the beasts were described was expertly done and I felt like I could reach through the screen and stroke their fur and faces. Though I think that would be a bad idea. So, yeah, I want to keep my hands. Their personalities are depicted well. They have this innate desire to please and protect along with a pure innocence that you can’t help but fall in love with. When the creatures speak, you automatically hear their voices in your head. It is just so cool the way the writer has given the she-beasts all this personality and energy and life. It is truly amazing.

Now, the writer didn’t skim on the main character either. This is his story and we, the readers, are getting it firsthand from him. We can hear, see, and feel his stress, horror, discomfort, loneliness, and bewilderment. It’s like what the H - E double hockey sticks, I just woke up. Like, wow…It’s real, the reader can feel it all. The reader is literally inside the main character’s head throughout the whole story. This is the best first-person web fiction that I have ever read. beast_regards gets all of my respect.

I also like that the main character is an antihero and I gotta read on some more to see just what he’s gonna get up to. I’m intrigued. Now, I’m usually picky about stuff like not knowing the main character’s name or what they look like, but honestly, it really works in this story. Given the circumstances, I completely understand why the reader doesn’t know these things yet and it really works.


If you are wondering if this story is good for you, I’m telling you now to give it a try. If you are looking for an alternative to other gamelits and litrpgs or a harem done differently and in a fun way, check it out. It will blow your mind away. I promise! This story is very much approved!


Do you like furries? Do you like a transmigration story with an OP MC. Then you've come to the right place. This is another take on the Isekai genre where the MC awakens in the ruins of a forest with a strange blue box asking them to select their first element. Who would have guessed that the ability would give the MC a veritable army of elemental and summoned furries to command at their will

Story 4/5: Still a little early to comment on the story. The author leaves us in suspense as we follow the MC in this strange new world. Why are they here, for what purpose, and what will they do? We'll have to wait to find out. I've no doubt that whatever happens. The MC will end up building a legion of elemental furries to achieve great things.

Style 4.5/5: The style of the story flows fine. The pacing is good and the scenes are described in good detail. Detailed but not overwhelming. I enjoyed the fight scenes as the MC unwittingly unleashes his summons on bandits and other enemies.

Grammar 4/5: Could use a quick once-over but doesn't take away from the story at all.

Character 4/5: It would be great to know a little more about the MC. What their name is, whether they're male or female, or what they look like. To be fair, the author could very well be keeping the MC as an every-person troupe while focusing on the supporting cast. Still too early to say. 

Overall 4.5/5: It was a fun read that was easy to follow. Great for any fans of isekai's out there who enjoy a good wish-fulfillment series. Best of luck to the author