Shadow Lord: The Strongest Legendary Hero is a NEET

Shadow Lord: The Strongest Legendary Hero is a NEET

by NEETwriter_

A 25-year-old NEET programmer thought the vision that flashed before his eyes at the computer was just a daydream, but it turned out to be the gateway to another world! One of guns, magic, and medieval villages.

He soon learns that life in another world isn't the relaxing power fantasy he'd seen in anime. Trial after misfortune awaits him as he learns to step out of his shell and survive in a world that has it in for him from the start.

"A wizard? Me? Because of this stick? But it doesn't do anything!"

Will he laugh at the top or give in to the despair that awaits him?

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Great twists on the isekai genre.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3: Fancy Sticks

For context, I have read the entire book ahead of time on Amazon kindle. This review is spoiler free.

Shadow Lord is an above-average isekai series, and very enjoyable to read. (Especially considering this is the author's first novel.) It is very much an isekai book, but the author always puts a twist on tropes and cliches.

For example:
It's a common trope in light novels that the main character's former life, and their former families, become irrelevant after the reincarnation. Not in this book. Jay's family gets transported with him, and his family plays a major part in the series' progression. For the first time in an isekai book, the characters consider the possibility of going back to their old world.

The writing style is very enjoyable, and easy to follow, even if you're reading while drunk (I may or may not have done that). The main character's voice is detailed and relatable. The author isn't afraid of throwing characters into trouble to create interesting situations. Jay is powerful, but he is still human. I like that. 5/5 stars for style.

However, I would have preferred a little more time to learn about the side characters. We spend most of the time in the main character's head, so side characters have a lot less screen time. 4.5/5 for characters.

The grammar is perfectly understandable, but I noticed a couple spelling mistakes. Nothing to ruin the experience, but there nonetheless. 4.5/5 stars for grammar.

Overall, a very enjoyable book, and I will be looking forward to the second book.