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“Life’s a big stage, huh? Well wouldn’t you know it, I got stage fright. Go figure.”

Vick's always been a bit of a skittish youth, the type who’s perfectly content with enjoying his games, reading, exploring, and taking long Sunday naps, damned be the consequences for anyone who dares try to interrupt him. Unfortunately for Vick here, he's been cursed to live in interesting times, and he ends up spontaneously generating a superpower--that is, the power to kinda sorta maybe predict future events surrounding him? Possibly?

 This also includes a fluffy, kinda sorta maybe real and rather annoying fox familiar who does most of said predicting thrown into the mix. What makes this bad situation even worse is that Vick's family's only just moved to a whole different city yesterday, the weather is constantly >90° F because summer, and some snitch is probably definitely gonna harass him if he so much as breathes in the wrong direction. Typical.

I’ve been wolfing down all the good superhero stories on here and I felt the sudden, untamable urge to start writing one like some kind of madman high on shredded novel dust laced with speed. This’ll be my first piece of work on here, and I appreciate any and all feedback/grammatical corrections from you wonderful folks. 

Predicted upload schedule is one ~2000-3000 word chapter per week on Monday, maybe another on Friday if I’m feeling generous. As for the cover… yeah, that’s uh… definitely a valid .JPEG file. I can’t be bothered to commission someone for proper cover art. Maybe I might scrape something professional up if this gets off the ground? Also, shoutout to Fluff by RavensDagger for being one of my greatest inspirations, if you've read it, you might notice a few similarities. Finally, keep in mind, this is a first draft and is subject to change at my discretion. With that out of the way, onwards!

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