Sub 42 is a paranormal adventure tale revolving around our teenaged lead and younger sibling whose parents voluntarily enter their family into a social experiment of the grandest scale. Hans Gherlick is a businessman who capitalizes on the second space-age boom by making the self-contained substations used by space travelers to explore the planets beyond Earth. Turning aside from pure exoplanetary profit motives, Hans embarks on the creation of a new society, here on Earth.

The pilgrims enjoy a renaissance over the following years that tempts mass defection of topside’s middle-class citizens to the liberating Underland. With the economic balance of supply and demand knocked off-kilter topside, economies and whole governmental structures begin toppling.  Knowing the “topsiders” have no intentions of peacefully parting with their most valuable resource, human capital, the Underland citizens are forced to prepare their new country for war.

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