Veigo and his gang noticed the two women were well-endowed and quite wealthy as soon as they dismounted from the wagon. To be traveling in such finery meant these women were pressed by circumstance and that made them easy marks because no one in their right minds would dress so well in this lawless land, overrun with bandits, cultists, and demons. The man who accompanied them was a problem, though. Veigo assumed he was just a bodyguard.

Veigo called for three of his best men and the four tailed group through the shanty town. They would strike as soon as their prey booked a room at the only inn in town. They were in league with the owner, so they could sneak in, kill the guard, and play with the women for a few weeks. Then, they would sell them off as slaves. The innkeeper would allow it if they let him have a few rounds.

But their plans were stalled when the guard all but dragged the blonde back to the wagon instead. The four men were annoyed but they continued to follow.

They waited patiently, hidden in the forest until their targets finally split off. The two women went to the river while the man slept in the wagon.

Viego and his second went to kill the guard while his two other lackeys snuck toward the river.

Viego was «Classless», but he was 3rd Level and even had the rare «Deflect Projectiles Skill». He made a name for himself as a skilled adventurer and mercenary in his prime thanks to his talent at killing ranged enemies. That was the reason he chose to personally kill the guard. During their trip into town, he noticed the guard bought a longbow and two full quivers. It was obvious the guard specialized in ranged combat, which meant it'd be an easy kill. If he was lucky, Viego might even reach 4th Level. He’d gain two more «Attribute Points» and that would make him one of the most powerful people in this area.

But a familiar sounding scream and the thick stench of burning flesh shocked them all into inaction. Veigo and his partner couldn't understand how they lost the element of surprise.

Was there a Spellcaster among them?

Veigo didn't have any more time to spare for his thoughts before the guard’s first volley pierced through all of his partner's «Health». No, only one arrow actually did any damage, Veigo realized; the others missed. But the second round of shots finished him off before they could react.

"W-what?! What about his «Health»?!" Veigo was flabbergasted. He'd never seen or heard of a «Skill» that could multiply the number of arrows like that. He knew of «Triple Shot», but that severely reduced the shooter's accuracy to the point where they only used it on extremely large and slow targets. The arrow grouping was far too tight.

Such a powerful «Skill» must have a high «Cooldown»!

He was almost caught flat-footed when the guard unleashed a third volley without so much as a breath.

«Deflect Projectiles»!

Veigo spear spun like a discus and knocked aside the arrows.

He doesn't have a «Cooldown»!?

But Veigo did not know the guard’s «Skill» was derived from mechanics of the US Army’s M4 service rifle. There was no cooldown unless the rifle overheated so much that the barrel melted. Thus, there was no «Cooldown» for the «Skill».

Veigo instinctively knew he was at a major disadvantage but he couldn't retreat or he'd just be shot in the back, so he used all of his «Strength» to lunge forward to kill the guard before the next volley.

"Eat shit!" The guard fired arrows so fast his whole body blurred.

Veigo forcefully activated «Deflect Projectiles» again. He ignored the «Cooldown» in favor of paying four times the «MP», but that only delayed the inevitable. His «Attributes» couldn't keep pace with the guard's incomprehensible shooting speed. Inevitably, one arrow weaved between his defense and blasted apart his stance. It ripped through most of his «Health» and caused him to stumble. Veigo desperately tried to recover his footing so he could continue to dodge and parry, but the deluge of arrows overwhelmed him less than a second later. And without his «Health» to protect him, he was skewered a dozen times over. Veigo fell back and coughed blood while the guard leapt off the wagon and sprinted toward the river so fast he left an afterimage.

Why was there someone so powerful here?

Veigo’s dying question went unanswered by the Gods.


“Seras, your pawn has met with one of my descendants.”

Within the realm of infinite white, a golden dragon the size of a mountain materialized with a flash of fire and lightning. He snorted white flames, but any who could read the flow of Mana knew that was because it was a mix of all conventional elements. In response, Seras appeared in the form of a glowing white orb that occasionally turned black. This was a mark of her role as a mediator.

“The diluted offspring of Renala. I am aware.”

“Did you plan for this?” The golden dragon craned its neck to bare his fangs at the floating orb of light and darkness.

“I do what I must to maintain the balance.” Seras was neither afraid nor offended. The dragon found the True Neutral tone of voice grating but did not press about it.

“In which direction do you seek the scales to tip, Goddess of Balance?”

“Are you not the «God of Righteous Dragons, Bahamut»? Surely, my answer is obvious.”

“How sly. Very well, should he save my consort’s roost and bloodline, I shall grant your pawn a boon worthy of his service.”

Bahamut vanished as quickly as he came. Seras then brought up a screen showcasing Levin’s «Status» and continued to observe his journey through the world of Valeria.
































Communication and Tracking (Unique)


Devotion (Unique)



Comprehend Languages

The user can read, write, speak, and listen to any and all languages with total fluency.

Source: Goddess of Balance, Seras

Select Fire

For any ranged attack, the user may choose to fire in three modes: semi-automatic, three-round burst, and fully automatic.

Source: Marksmanship

Telepathy (Group)

Adds the Squad Chat function to the Menu. The user may designate up to three Squad members to benefit from this ability.
Source: Communications and Tracking (Unique)

Movement and Tracking System

Adds the Map function to the Menu.
Map data can now be shared between Squad members.
Source: Survival, Communications and Tracking (Unique)

Familial Bonds (Special)

Gains resistance to Charm and Fear. Also increases melee damage.
Source: Devotion (Unique)

Designated Marksman

Ranged attack distance is doubled.
The user can magnify their vision up to a number equal to their Wisdom.
Source: Marksmanship.




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