Chapter 10 - Beginner's Pack



In the main hall of the Hu Clan.




The armrest of the chair that Clan Head Hu was sitting on snapped due to the intense force he applied to it when he saw the injuries of Hu Rou.


"So, tell me… Why are your eyes bandaged? WHO HURT MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER?! Aiyaaaaa! Your father, I, will definitely help you seek grievance!"


Clan Head Hu was trying to break through to the major realm called 'Revolving Phase', he was previously at the peak of the Genelock 3rd Phase, and with only a small push, he would break through.


Hence, he entered a closed-door seclusion to focus.


Only now did he exit seclusion to take his first break after three months of meditating and consolidation for his new power, that was when he saw the state of his injured daughter. He did not hear any news about Hu Rou beforehand after he exited his seclusion.


It was explainable that he would be extremely angry when the first thing he saw was his beloved daughter's injured state.


"No one hurt me, Father. It was during the investigation of a case where I suffered this injury by detecting something that was most likely the source of energy left behind from an unidentified entity."


Hu Rou stated without any sort of emotion present on her face. She was too used to handling people that were over-energetic. But if you looked closely, you could see that her mouth twitched just a tiny bit.


Hu Rou then slowly explained what exactly took place to Clan Head Hu, without missing any details whatsoever.




"Hais, Rou'er… Why were you so rash! If there was an unidentified energy, we should never use our eyes before assessing the danger level! And the people at the Shadow Bureau, what the h*ll were they thinking by assigning such a dangerous mission to my daughter without giving her a heads-up! I'll give Anthony a good smack on his head when I see him next time."


Patriarch Hu angrily harrumphed as he put all the blame on the Vice General of the Shadow Bureau, Anthony. He proceeded to instruct the servants in his house to take proper care of Hu Rou.


After Hu Rou quickly walked away to avoid her over-dramatic father before she gets smothered by the sheer amount of saliva flying around from him being too concerned of her injuries, Clan Head Hu slowly reverted back to the calm demeanor you would expect from the head of a successful and powerful Ancient Martial Arts Clan.


'This matter is not that simple. This unidentified 'person' must be extremely powerful, so much so that even Hu Rou at the middle stage of Genelock 1st Phase got injured just from the energy left behind by that person. He's most probably an Ascended… I just hope that he doesn't have any bad intentions. If not…'


Clan Head Hu thought with extreme seriousness as he slowly realized the severity of this incident.



Back at the soon-to-be Celestial Teahouse.


Li Qu looked at the Jade Agarwood Incense in his hands after he took it out from his inventory space inside the System.


It was a rectangle box with the length of approximately half of Li Qu's forearm, the number of incense sticks inside looked like it contained about 50 if one took a quick glance.


The box itself was made out of the exact same wood, the Jade Agarwood.


"This is truly wasteful! Jade Agarwood for incense… If the powerhouses back in Black Heaven knew about such wastage, they would most probably suffer from Qi Deviation."


Originally, Jade Agarwood would most likely be used by Grandmaster Alchemists to concoct Immortal-grade pills for Immortal cultivators to consolidate their realm after a major breakthrough!


What's more, the Grandmaster Alchemists would handle and treat the Jade Agarwood Tree like their little ancestors, taking extremely good care of it and only harvesting a tiny bit before letting it grow more for the next harvest thousands of years later.


That was how precious it was. But here it was, in the form of incense sticks and boxes.


Li Qu shook his head at the wastefulness, and he asked the system for something that he just remembered.


"System, I remember I had a Beginner's Pack that I got previously from you. I would like to open it now."


[Beginner's Pack]


[Time Remaining to claim – 43:24:10…]


[Will Host claim it now?]






[Congratulations! Host: Li Qu has received the following items]


[Gold Spirit Tea Recipe x1]


[ID Card x1]


[Bank Account Card containing 500,000 Mei Dollars x1]


[Satellite Phone + Jade slip containing tutorial on use of daily technology and language pack x1]


[White Traditional *Huatang Suit Set made from Heavenly Silkapillar's silk x1]


[ Black Traditional Huatang Suit Set made from Heavenly Silkapillar's silk x1]


[Host, please work hard to make the Celestial Teahouse's prestigious reputation to resound through Earth!]


The System issued Li Qu a ton of items, but they were essential if someone needed to live on Earth.


Although Li Qu's cultivation can be considered invincible on Earth, without any identification for proof of his identity would make daily life extremely troublesome.


"H-heavenly Silkapillar! System, you are full of surprises. The Heavenly Silkapillar can be said to be extinct throughout the realms for quite some time already. How did you do it?"


The reason Heavenly Silkapillar went extinct in his past life was because the silk threads that they spew out every time they were trying molt, if weaved into a robe, could handle the attacks from Ancient Immortal Realm powerhouses without having a scratch.


Ancient Immortal Realm was just a tier below Li Qu's current one. Which was why the Heavenly Silkapillar went extinct as everybody sought to hunt them down for the usefulness of the silk.


Even Li Qu himself tried to hunt them but was informed that they were regrettably already extinct by the time he wanted a set of clothes made from their silk.


Li Qu was given a very pleasant surprise by the system.


But he realized that he had literally just contradicted whatever he boldly declared a few hours ago and he gave an awkward cough while he stated shamelessly,


"Ahem, Ahem, hmmm. I guess I could live with it… I would bring dishonor to my fellow Immortals and Demons if I let this Heavenly Silkapiller's clothes go to waste."


Li Qu took the white traditional Huatang suit out of his inventory with anticipation.


The white on the Huatang suit was a pale white, similar to Li Qu's hair as it blended perfectly when worn together. The neckline and cuffs of the suit was bright gold in color, seemingly a steep contrast with the white, but still matched flawlessly.


The front of the suit itself had a traditional dragon weaved on it that was a darker shade of white, infinitely nearing the color of gray. That made the dragon design stand out even more while at the same time, not too loud. It was a beautiful combination.


With a wave of Li Qu's hands, the white Huatang suit was instantly worn by him, and he walked to the mirror that was left behind on the counter of the receptionist's table to take a look at himself.


Li Qu was by no means vain, but he was aware that he was handsome, even by the standards of Black Heaven Realm.


He no longer looked like he was cosplaying a cultivator from the legends and was more befitting of the norms of traditional Hua outfits, but he still looked extremely elegant. He would perhaps not get weird looks from passersby anymore, only admiring and envious looks.


Just as Li Qu was admiring himself, Xia Qiu had finally reached home…


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