Chapter 24 - New Employee Reports To Work



“You know... You can come up with a better story than that right, Mike?” Said one of the colleagues in the Protector’s Unit.


There was a small audience listening to Mike telling the magical story of his experience a few days ago in the teahouse.


“I’m f*cking telling you it's true! Why doesn't anyone believe me! I’ll bring you guys to the teahouse tomorrow!”


Mike cried out like an innocent man being charged with murder in court. The story of him drinking a single pot of tea worth 5 Bio-Cores and breaking through was absolute bullsh*t to the colleagues.


“I’m a busy man, just bring Elvis, he’s gullible enough to entertain your sh*t. Cya.”


The small crowd that belonged to the other units in Shadow Bureau appeared to agree to that statement and dispersed as easily as they gathered to go on with their daily lives.


Only a single young man with green hair that looked like he was about to cry remained behind.


“Hey new guy, you believe me right?! Those f*cking id*ots will miss out on this good sh*t. Wait for me here tomorrow at 11am! I'll make them regret doubting me.”


Elvis was about to politely decline but Mike had already gone in a jiffy to report to his Uncle Tom, he stood there dumbstruck and sighed with vex.


“Sigh, why is my life so difficult… Sniff sniff.”


Elvis wiped his eyes, he was the new guy in the Protector’s Unit.


Elvis had green eyes like the forest and emerald green hair, a short height of only 1.6m, he indeed looked easy to get taken advantage of as he was too gentle of a guy.


He then walked back towards his room and prepared to study books on healing. For example, the book 'Healing for Dummies', which was written by his seniors and take a rest for the day after that.



The very next day, Elvis woke up exactly at 9am everyday to prepare his normal routine of training a single hour after washing up, and it was soon 11am.


He walked towards the very same spot that Mike instructed him to.


It was a metallic hallway that had a few corridors connecting it, leading to other areas and bunks where the agents slept.


The place seemed like it was underground, with no windows and any sense of the current time.


Elvis stood there awkwardly at exactly 11am with no Mike to be seen but he looked like he was used to it.


He had been told by other colleagues about Mike’s unruly and always late behaviour, and had experienced it first hand before.


Soon about ten minutes later, footsteps could be heard as Mike walked towards the hallway with another person beside him.


Elvis let out a gasp in surprise as he spotted Captain Tom beside Mike.


“Oi! New guy, over here!”


Elvis hurriedly walked over to the uncle-nephew pair and bowed down for a greeting.


“G-good morning Captain Tom and Mike, Elvis reporting for duty!”


“Aiii! Elvis, don't be so formal, it's not a mission, chill man.”


Mike waved his hands to ease the atmosphere as his Uncle Tom gave a nod to acknowledge Elvis’ greeting.


They then hopped into a government-issued car and proceeded to be on their way to the teahouse.



“So, may I ask why is she calling me Master?”


Li Qu looked on at the comedic duo in front of him with puzzlement.


“Mr Li, my Benefactor! I thought you would be interested in her as you chose my daughter to work in your teahouse! S-so I took it upon myself to let her be your disciple.”


Xia Dong nervously looked as he signaled Xia Qiu to kneel down and greet her new master.


“But, Dad! He’s the same age as me, and I don’t have any talent…”


It was obvious that Xia Dong had not told his daughter too many details regarding Li Qu yet as she was still sulking and unaware why she was forced to call Li Qu her master.


“Nonsense! Don't be rude to Mr Li. Qiu'Er, take a look! Haaaa!”


Xia Dong apologized with a small bow to Li Qu and proceeded to summon a small fireball in his palms after concentrating for a few moments, with a few drops of sweat oozing from his forehead.


“Ahhhh! Wow Dad, b-but how! You have tried for so long!”


Xia Qiu screamed out in glee as she saw her non-Evolver father displaying powers for the first time.


She knew how hard her father had tried but she knew after the age of 18, it was extremely hard to even become an Evolver, as they had missed their prime time to undergo the Evolver’s Ceremony.


“It's all thanks to Mr Li, come! Let me tell you…”


Xia Dong pulled Xia Qiu to a corner of the teahouse while smiling apologetically to Li Qu and told her about what happened and a little of Li Qu’s cultivation prowess, but did not mention anything about her ‘curse’ as he left it up to Li Qu.


Li Qu waved his hands to pardon them while he yawned out of boredom.


Not too long after, they walked back towards a scene of Li Qu exploring his phone like how a typical boomer would use it.


Li Qu was simply too bored with the father and daughter duo exchanging words and glancing at him occasionally with glimmering eyes.


He pulled out the phone in his inventory to surf the internet and relieve his boredom in the meantime while they were discussing.


“Are you two done?”


His thumb was busy swiping videos after videos.


Li Qu asked casually while his eyes still remained on the phone.


“Y-yes, sorry for the wait Mr Li. Qiu’Er, go kneel down and greet your master!”


As Xia Qiu was about to kneel down, she found that she could not move her legs.


“Stop. I am only employing her as my waitress. It is not that easy to be my disciple, but I will still help your daughter with her cultivation and 'cure' her.”


Li Qu restrained her legs from moving with a simple glance.


“I understand Mr Li, I apologize for overstepping my boundaries. Qiu’Er, work hard and serve Mr Li and the customers well! Dad will go first! I’ll see you again, Mr Li!”


Xia Dong scampered off, leaving his daughter with her mouth wide open as this was her first time seeing her all-mighty father acting so subserviently.


The mental image of her father had crashed down into pieces, it seemed like she had put him high up on a pedestal.


“Young Maiden, we meet yet again. Are you ready to work? Customers are coming in a few minutes.”


Li Qu gave a charming smile while looking at her after he kept his phone back in the Inventory and Xia Qiu’s cheek reddened as she averted her gaze while she gave a small giggle.


“Y-yes Brother Li, I feel weird being forced by my dad to call you master, hehe. By the way, what do you mean that you'll help me with cultivation?”


“Call me Young Master Li when you are working. I will explain everything after the day is over.”


[Detected that Host has completed the 4th Mission!]


[4th Mission: Recruit your first employee! 1/1]


[Mission Reward: Icy Hellfire Scripture will be sent to your Inventory.]



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